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With Joyful Hearts: We Thank You!

I am trying to find perfect words to describe yesterday. Tom’s brother was truly humbled by the support!

I keep erasing the words because they do not appropriately define the emotion and overwhelming gratitude that I have for our incredibly generous friends!

So many of our friends donated amazing items: gorgeous handmade scarves, baby blankets, gift cards, handmade stools, stained glass garden stakes, artwork, blu-ray players, hair care services and products, books, baskets and more. Many of our friends that could, took time out of their day to join us… I find it hard to find words to thank you! Some of you even brought along extended family! We are so very touched!


With Joyful Hearts…
We Thank You!!!
Tom and Kris

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A Higher Purpose

Today is a gorgeous day! Hopefully the snow will stay away through the end of the fundraiser for my brother-in-law today.

The day is filled with anticipation and gratitude. So many people have been incredibly generous with their time, money, and dynamic donations. We thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have so much to share from my week at the Creatives Retreat, but no time today! Today is reserved for a higher purpose!


Have an incredible day!


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Joyful Days: Giving So It Feels Good!


What a great couple of days for swimming! Sawyer has been steadily improving his diving skills and got to dive Varsity Thursday night, pretty fun for a seventh grader.

He finally nailed his inward dive and I must say his reaction was priceless as he saw the scores from the judges… His highest score ever… crazy that he would get it on his most challenging dive.

He took 4th overall and broke one hundred points with a score of 100.3.

I really have enjoyed this sport as they are so great at cheering each other on and applauding the winners as well as the last swimmer in every heat. Love that!!


I have not had much time creating the past few days…

Yesterday we started working on a fundraiser for Tom’s brother John who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in the fall. He is very brave in his battle… He just received his Doctorate Degree in Psychology a few days before getting his diagnosis. Sadly he is uninsured and along with fighting for his life, he has a major financial battle ahead of him. His family and friends are pulling together to host a fundraiser for them and I will be coordinating the silent auction. Let me know if you know of anyone who would like to donate.

As we were planning yesterday, we started talking about what each person would do in our group… Not everyone is comfortable in every role. I responded that we want people to Give so it feels good, not until it hurts. This is something I have been trying to teach my children. Giving should make you feel great! We want everyone to feel Good about helping, but not to be in a role that they are uncomfortable.


We are off and running to hockey today. I hope your day is filled with joy!
ūüôā Kris

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Kozef√≤: In A Loud Voice!


{If you are looking for my Bead Soup Party Post, please click here.}

My friends Lori & Sara are planning a fundraiser fun run & silent auction for this Saturday. They are doing amazing things to help the people of Haiti.

I am so excited to donate, not one, but two necklaces to their amazing cause!


Here is more information about their event! I am so excited for the amazing work they are doing and super proud to be a small part of their awesome fundraiser!!

Kozefò 5K Fun Run/Walk


Ticket information click here.

Saturday, August 18th, 2012
-5K Fun Run/Walk: 9:00 am

Kozefò is a mergence of two Kreyól words: Koze and Fò, meaning, to speak in a loud voice.

Kozefò, as an organization, believes education is not only about learning to read the words on the page, but also learning to read the world. It is only by understanding the world that we can change it and we can only change it together. This is the true meaning of Kozefò, people together, hand in hand, speaking in a loud voice for change.
The goal of Kozefò (formerly Partners In Education) is to give quality and accurate educational programs to children and adults and work to improve the socio-economic and political conditions that can affect education. To provide shelter, clothing, food, water, and access to education to the students in their care. Visit them online at: http://www.partnersineducation.us


I hope you can join them if you live in the Twin Cities area! I wish I could join them! Good Luck my friends!!

ūüôā Have a great day! Kris


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A Sneak Peek… crossing my fingers and toes

This is the week I have been waiting for since September. I am nervous, excited and filled with¬†anticipation and a little dread.¬† My fingers and toes are crossed. I am sitting on pins and needles.¬† I am so honored by the request and giddy by the potential. If Christmas comes early, you will hear me screaming from the mountaintops (& we don’t even have mountains!) I will post right away and share the news with you. I should know by Friday.

I am going to show you a sneak peek of my submissions by request…

¬†Sorry they are close-ups…¬†

I know, you can’t see really what they are.

I am sorry about that.

Truly I am.

You will understand soon enough.

Sorry to tease you, I just can’t stop thinking about it!

I had to write about it.

 This could be big.

Really Big…

But it could be just an extremely honorable moment in my life… Either way, I can’t wait to tell you about it!


Is it intriguing to you?

I hope you like peeks…

The next one looks kind of vicious!

It kind of¬† looks like a claw… but it’s not, I promise!

I can show you a picture of my little chickie helper this weekend at the Firefleyes Holiday Marketplace.

(she’s a tad blurry! sorry ’bout that!)

She really liked the hat, but she chose an adorable headband instead.

She had an offer to buy the necklace that I made for her that she is wearing.

She debated most of the day.

It was a bit painful for her.

In the end, she just couldn’t let it go.

I am proud that she thought about the decision so carefully!

And here she is getting ready for hockey… Pretty tough lookin’ chicklet. They won their first game too! 10-0, it was so exciting. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the sweet little goalie, she was shorter than the net, but she sure handled it well!

Her friend Carlie brought the tough girl face paint. So cute!

I am getting ready to deliver my inventory to the ‘Tis the Season Upscale Boutique in Chaska… The sale is a two weekend sale, I am only working¬†the boutique¬†on Sunday of the final date. Such a fun concept! We have a hockey tournament this weekend and more running the following weekend, so it is great to participate in a boutique that you don’t have to be there for the whole two weekends! Hope you can stop and shop!

Have a great week. I hope it goes quickly! Can’t wait to fill you in and to know what the future holds! ūüôā Kris

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2010 Bloomer’s Christmas Tree Tour- An American Cancer Society Fundraiser

We would love to invite you to the 2010 Christmas Tree Tour in Paynesville, MN on Saturday, November 27 from 10am to 3 pm. Our core team consists of my Mom, my sister Karlene, our friend Tracy and myself. We have many friends who help us and support us.

All four of our grandparents had cancer and last year our Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She is doing fantastic thankfully! We are committed to finding a cure and have had amazing support from our community. Last year our team was able to donate $14,000 to the American Cancer Society.  

The Christmas Tree Tour is an exciting tour this year. There are so many giving friends who have generously opened their homes for the day for the Christmas Tree Tour. You will tour a wonderful selection of homes in Paynesville, receive a free brewed coffee at Bloom Coffee & Floral where you can pick up your map and tickets…¬†lunch is included and will be served at Ron & Judy’s restaurant this year. A ticket raffle is ongoing at Bloom this week with a fun selection of prizes including a brand new ipod touch donated by my Mom¬†and this necklace I donated. So stop into Bloom this week¬†for tickets!

The Christmas Tree tour info is

Our Bloomer’s blog is www.bloomers4life.wordpress.com




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Cherished Treasures

Do you ever pick up something vintage and just know that there is a history, a story or many stories behind that item. I created this necklace with vintage beads that I know have an amazing story. The white beads have so much charachter, I believe someone wore them out they wore them so much Add a cool scalloped vintage bead and a little sparkle crystals wired in a loopy scallopy¬†fashion and I believe this piece really came together on it’s own. This is a statement necklace, with winter whites and a variety of tones of white. No need to worry about matchy¬†matchy!

The pendant is created using my signature bail (which allows you to wear on just about any chain or necklace you might have in your closet! I love versatility!) It arrives on a funky chunky 18″ chain. ($89) Just post or email to purchase.

The bottom pic is not as clear, but I like how it shows you a totally different view of the necklace.

My jewelry schedule is filling up… I am so excited for the fall!

October 16th¬†¬†¬† ¬† Women’s Showcase in St. Cloud

October 29th      Ladies Night Out in Paynesville (helping my sister at her store)

November 5       Ladies Night Out Sauk Rapids

November 12     Silver Bella, Omaha NE

November 18     Girls Night Out Fall Gathering, Pillar Inn, Cold Spring

November 27    Firefleyes Fundraiser, Sartell

I have a few more tentative dates that I have not included yet… But I am very excited about the fall potential!

I hope your day brings you cherished moments to treasure with your loved ones! Kris

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Dreams Come True

I am honored to be part of a treasury created by walkinstudios called Dreams Come True.

It is a a great treasury and features my keychains & bookmarks listed in my etsy shop…

The listing is here.

You can view the treasury here. It is a great collection of fantastic products and very cute¬† inspiration items! Please check it out! We all need the encouragment that dreams do come true…

The timing of this treasury is so heartfelt to me because for a few weeks I have felt so scared¬†in my heart for a family, and fellow girl scout¬†and school family. Laken is a first grader this year who is currently in a drug induced coma at the Children’s hospital for life threatening seizures that they could not get under control. The next couple of days are critical for Laken and our school has created a Prayin’ for Laken site on facebook and we are selling window signs to help raise money for her family. I was with Lakens two older sisters this weekend at girl scouts and they are just such sweet girls. So please pray for Laken and her family.

Here is the sign I created for Laken… The theme is based on her Mom telling her¬†to just keep swimming¬†Laken…

I know dreams come true and all of my wishes are for this family to have their sweet Laken back.

I hope all of your dreams come true! Hugs, Kris

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LOVE PINK, Believe in Miracles, Live Every Day!

On Fourth of July weekend this year there was a tragic accident that changed the life of a local¬†family & community. Kristyn¬†Osterhaus¬†was thrown out of a jeep and broke her neck and is currently recuperating¬†in Atlanta. She is paralyzed and is one inspiring adorable 18-year-old. She loves pink… believes in miracles and is living life to the fullest everyday.

You can follow her progress on her caringbridge site. 

The community of Paynesville is holding a fundraiser for her. I wanted to donate a necklace to the silent auction. When I was making the necklace, I had an idea. What if I donated two necklaces that are sold as a set. One for the person who purchases the necklace and one as a gift to Kristyn from the purchaser. So I created a set, each a little different, yet with the same inspiring message.

KG Fundraiser Flyer

Here is the website for the fundraiser.

Here is the duo of necklaces for the silent auction.

Cherish Designs Necklaces for KG Benefit

The KG necklaces in “real life” are a very vibrant pink color, they seem to show a lot of red in the photos.

Duo in Pink!

The courage that this family exhibits is amazing. The fundraiser is to help them prepare their home for Kristyn to come home.

I believe in miracles! Have a FANTASTIC DAY!



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