Dreams Come True

I am honored to be part of a treasury created by walkinstudios called Dreams Come True.

It is a a great treasury and features my keychains & bookmarks listed in my etsy shop…

The listing is here.

You can view the treasury here. It is a great collection of fantastic products and very cute  inspiration items! Please check it out! We all need the encouragment that dreams do come true…

The timing of this treasury is so heartfelt to me because for a few weeks I have felt so scared in my heart for a family, and fellow girl scout and school family. Laken is a first grader this year who is currently in a drug induced coma at the Children’s hospital for life threatening seizures that they could not get under control. The next couple of days are critical for Laken and our school has created a Prayin’ for Laken site on facebook and we are selling window signs to help raise money for her family. I was with Lakens two older sisters this weekend at girl scouts and they are just such sweet girls. So please pray for Laken and her family.

Here is the sign I created for Laken… The theme is based on her Mom telling her to just keep swimming Laken…

I know dreams come true and all of my wishes are for this family to have their sweet Laken back.

I hope all of your dreams come true! Hugs, Kris

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