Cherished Treasures

Do you ever pick up something vintage and just know that there is a history, a story or many stories behind that item. I created this necklace with vintage beads that I know have an amazing story. The white beads have so much charachter, I believe someone wore them out they wore them so much Add a cool scalloped vintage bead and a little sparkle crystals wired in a loopy scallopy fashion and I believe this piece really came together on it’s own. This is a statement necklace, with winter whites and a variety of tones of white. No need to worry about matchy matchy!

The pendant is created using my signature bail (which allows you to wear on just about any chain or necklace you might have in your closet! I love versatility!) It arrives on a funky chunky 18″ chain. ($89) Just post or email to purchase.

The bottom pic is not as clear, but I like how it shows you a totally different view of the necklace.

My jewelry schedule is filling up… I am so excited for the fall!

October 16th      Women’s Showcase in St. Cloud

October 29th      Ladies Night Out in Paynesville (helping my sister at her store)

November 5       Ladies Night Out Sauk Rapids

November 12     Silver Bella, Omaha NE

November 18     Girls Night Out Fall Gathering, Pillar Inn, Cold Spring

November 27    Firefleyes Fundraiser, Sartell

I have a few more tentative dates that I have not included yet… But I am very excited about the fall potential!

I hope your day brings you cherished moments to treasure with your loved ones! Kris

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