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Dirty Hands, Happy Heart

I am loving creating with my new tools, but they sure create dirty hands!


I don’t mind, my heart is happy!



I have more custom orders to finish up so I better keep going!

Have a dynamic day!

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Live To Inspire.

I have been working on this custom order for some time and something kept hanging me up. I knew I didn’t have the exact elements needed to make it perfect.


Finally the other day, I discovered a vintage watch face that completed my search!!
I finished the set today!


I am showing the necklaces individually but they are meant to be worn layered too.



And finally, one of my favorites… Live to Inspire.

I love the message and my sweet friend perfectly matches the inspired message!

I hope she likes them!!
Have an incredible day!

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4th Annual Ladies Night Out, Sauk Rapids

I am looking forward to Ladies Night Out in Sauk Rapids on Friday Night. It is such a fun night with prizes drawn every half hour, a fabulous selection of vendors and great holiday shopping. There is a bake sale too!

The Details:

Friday, November 5th


Sauk Rapids VFW (Backroom)

901 North Benton Drive


Lots of great shopping and pampering opportunities.

Door Prizes given away every ½ hour!


Come and pamper yourself and get some early holiday shopping done!!!

Hope you can join us!


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Joyful Fall Days…

Wow, the weather in Central Minnesota has been amazing this week. We almost hit 80 degrees the other day. The colors have been amazing. Tom and I enjoyed a beautiful drive to Minneapolis to meet with some amazing women in a special studio that felt like home. (More on that in a month or two! Sorry, hope you can wait! I am giddy by the honor, but not ready to let the cat of the bag, because the future is still only a possibility!) We then drove to Stillwater to meet with Tonya Fricke of Restore At Home, who is now carrying a great selection of my jewelry.  She has a beautiful store on the main street in Stillwater. Terrific location, beautiful variety of home decor and gift items… Hope you can stop in and visit her, Stillwater is such a beautiful place to visit. It was so much fun spending the day with my husband. After 17 years, I love every moment I get to spend with him. I have to admit, most of our moments go by in a blur…  in passing while we are running our three children (almost 10, 11 & 12) to hockey, St. John’s Boys Choir, football, choir, girl scouts and play dates! Friday is a day that I will treasure for a long time, one of those times that will be cemented in my memory… so filled with potential for the future. So thankful!

This necklace started as I was creating a base for a different necklace. It had a totally different look and it morphed into something totally different than I originally planned. That happens often! The swirly curling wire wrapped around the pear shaped base with a few glistening crystals… simple yet ornate. Swirls of Blue ($49 free shipping) available by emailing me cherishdesigns@live.com or commenting and we can connect!

I hope you had the best weekend ever and your Monday is filled with sunshine and smiles! Kris

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Cherished Treasures

Do you ever pick up something vintage and just know that there is a history, a story or many stories behind that item. I created this necklace with vintage beads that I know have an amazing story. The white beads have so much charachter, I believe someone wore them out they wore them so much Add a cool scalloped vintage bead and a little sparkle crystals wired in a loopy scallopy fashion and I believe this piece really came together on it’s own. This is a statement necklace, with winter whites and a variety of tones of white. No need to worry about matchy matchy!

The pendant is created using my signature bail (which allows you to wear on just about any chain or necklace you might have in your closet! I love versatility!) It arrives on a funky chunky 18″ chain. ($89) Just post or email to purchase.

The bottom pic is not as clear, but I like how it shows you a totally different view of the necklace.

My jewelry schedule is filling up… I am so excited for the fall!

October 16th      Women’s Showcase in St. Cloud

October 29th      Ladies Night Out in Paynesville (helping my sister at her store)

November 5       Ladies Night Out Sauk Rapids

November 12     Silver Bella, Omaha NE

November 18     Girls Night Out Fall Gathering, Pillar Inn, Cold Spring

November 27    Firefleyes Fundraiser, Sartell

I have a few more tentative dates that I have not included yet… But I am very excited about the fall potential!

I hope your day brings you cherished moments to treasure with your loved ones! Kris

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LOVE PINK, Believe in Miracles, Live Every Day!

On Fourth of July weekend this year there was a tragic accident that changed the life of a local family & community. Kristyn Osterhaus was thrown out of a jeep and broke her neck and is currently recuperating in Atlanta. She is paralyzed and is one inspiring adorable 18-year-old. She loves pink… believes in miracles and is living life to the fullest everyday.

You can follow her progress on her caringbridge site. 

The community of Paynesville is holding a fundraiser for her. I wanted to donate a necklace to the silent auction. When I was making the necklace, I had an idea. What if I donated two necklaces that are sold as a set. One for the person who purchases the necklace and one as a gift to Kristyn from the purchaser. So I created a set, each a little different, yet with the same inspiring message.

KG Fundraiser Flyer

Here is the website for the fundraiser.

Here is the duo of necklaces for the silent auction.

Cherish Designs Necklaces for KG Benefit

The KG necklaces in “real life” are a very vibrant pink color, they seem to show a lot of red in the photos.

Duo in Pink!

The courage that this family exhibits is amazing. The fundraiser is to help them prepare their home for Kristyn to come home.

I believe in miracles! Have a FANTASTIC DAY!



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I do! I do! I LOVE Rusty Junk!

I really enjoy a good time-worn rusty patina. Is there anything better than finding a rusty metal sign, basket or sweet vintage item? Our husband’s think we are crazy, but sometime beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

I Love Rusty Junk!

I created this necklace first on the computer. Then I printed, protected, glittered & glazed it. I allowed it to dry for 48 hours. I found the cutest little vintage washer, wired it with some copper swarovsky teeny crystals, made it into a dangle and then wired the pendant and washer together with 19 g wire and finished it off with a chunky copper long chain.

Do you love rusty junk???

Hope it is a great day! Kris

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