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May Your Wildest Dreams Come True


The weekend was filled with hockey running, carpool chasing and lotsa errands. I decided it might be a good idea to fill the fridge with groceries… It is amazing how they disappear.


Then it became a pot roast, vegetable soup, and sautĂ©ed mushrooms & noodles kind of day… Add in some time to create and everyone was happy! When it comes right down to it, it’s the little things that count!

This Week is tech week for Boys on Broadway, so it is going to be a crazy week for Sawyer with rehearsals every day this week and performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I made a necklace using one of my favorite phrases…

May Your Wildest Dreams Come True! I wish this for you!

With a sad heart, I share that the past few weeks have been filled with family and friend’s and diagnosis’… {my heart hurts}.

My heart goes out to each of you that are struggling with life altering diagnosis’. After having our Grandparents and my Mom fight cancer, it is so painful to hear each diagnosis…

Life seems so unfair that bad things happen to good people.

From my heart, I wish for your wildest dreams to come true…



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Confessions of a Jewelry Junkie


Good Morning, Morning!

It’s hard to call you morning when it’s pitch black outside.

I admit, I am fueled purely by excitement after only two and a half hours of sleep.


I can’t believe I am showing you this photo… My dilemma of what jewelry I should wear today… Would it shock you further to know that I already have a cosmetic bag of jewelry packed? Well, jewelry junkies have to stick together, do please don’t judge…

As long as I am sharing my soul today, I may as well bare it all…

My suitcase is looking a little black…


Twenty five years of black and not even a teeny pop of color… Don’t be sad for me, I really am happy this way! Everything matches… Spills don’t generally show. I do love black.


I wanted to share a photo of my Chick-a-doodle that was in the paper this week… When she was seven, she saw other girls donate their hair to Locks For Love… She decided that she wanted to donate hers. She grew her hair for two years determined to donate her hair. During that time her Grandma, my Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer… Kya’s donation was incredibly meaningful… The memories, pride and emotion of that day still tug at my heart. It amazes me that two years have passed. My Mom is doing well… And we are so thankful.

With that it is time to sign off… I am sitting at my gate with plenty of time to make a little jewelry before boarding my flight.

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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2010 Bloomer’s Christmas Tree Tour- An American Cancer Society Fundraiser

We would love to invite you to the 2010 Christmas Tree Tour in Paynesville, MN on Saturday, November 27 from 10am to 3 pm. Our core team consists of my Mom, my sister Karlene, our friend Tracy and myself. We have many friends who help us and support us.

All four of our grandparents had cancer and last year our Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She is doing fantastic thankfully! We are committed to finding a cure and have had amazing support from our community. Last year our team was able to donate $14,000 to the American Cancer Society.  

The Christmas Tree Tour is an exciting tour this year. There are so many giving friends who have generously opened their homes for the day for the Christmas Tree Tour. You will tour a wonderful selection of homes in Paynesville, receive a free brewed coffee at Bloom Coffee & Floral where you can pick up your map and tickets… lunch is included and will be served at Ron & Judy’s restaurant this year. A ticket raffle is ongoing at Bloom this week with a fun selection of prizes including a brand new ipod touch donated by my Mom and this necklace I donated. So stop into Bloom this week for tickets!

The Christmas Tree tour info is

Our Bloomer’s blog is www.bloomers4life.wordpress.com




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Workin’ On A Chain Gang…

So creating my funky chunky chains were a bit challenging with my impossible thumb so my dearest husband was kind enough to measure, cut, attach the clasps, and help put the completed pendants on chains for me on Friday. As he is working away, singing to some great oldies… we had to laugh out loud… Workin’ on a Chain Gang Song comes on…

That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang, huh
That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang
That’s the sound of the men
When they’re working on the chain gang

All day long you hear them, pooh
I’m going home, just one of these ole days
Man, i’m going home to see my woman
For my love’s so dear
But that means why
I gotta work right here now, huh

It just seemed so funny! and here is his work (not sure why I didn’t snap a pic of him! I will next time!(next time he says!))

He actually cut about 300 feet of funky chunky chain for me… whataguy! Just gotta love him! I am thinkin’ this thumb thing is going to last quite a while, don’t you think?? He also scrubbed the floor, on hands and knees with a bristle brush! Isn’t he amazing?

So I took quite a few photos as he was pampering me… with my sore thumb, I will work on showing them over the next couple of days.

A couple of floral themed necklaces with wire floral effect created by me… I love the focal bead… the blue is intense and joyful.

And a cancer awareness ribbon funky chunky necklace. My Mom discovered she had cancer in March, 2009. She has finished her treatment and is doing great now. – All of my grandparents have had cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is very important to our family. This necklace just kind of happened, I added the pink beads because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I am in love with the hearts made out of coke bottle bottoms… I love that they are repurposed, recycled and I love the dark wire and the funky chunky chain with them.

Bottoms Up! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kris

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Feeling a lot of Love…

I hope you had a great weekend filled with sunshine!

We enjoyed a slower pace this weekend than most. Sawyer had camp week for the St. John’s Boys Choir, so we enjoyed their performance at Mass at the St. John’s Abbey. I downloaded a new app for my iPhone. I love the simplicity of the operation but the images I just saved, saved in a very low quality… I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to post two of the same images, the first one I created from my iPhone app, the second the old-fashioned more time-consuming way on my computer… Just want to compare quality on my blog.

Keegan and Sawyer


A word about the boys… Keegan on the left is 12, going into middle school (7th) this year. He was irritated with me because I wanted to take a photo! Actually disgusted with me… He is not “into” photos right now! Sawyer is on the right, he is going into 5th grade this year. He was sweaty but happy. I believe it was about 90 degrees in the church and they had t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, ties and their choir gowns on. Whew! Amazing concert though! Love my boys… Kya was at a friends cabin for the weekend.

Keegan & Sawyer (edited on my computer)

I got to spend the rest of the day yesterday creating jewelry, filling orders and preparing for The Handmade Market.  I will have more photos later of the jewelry I made this weekend.  Here is a peek at some jewelry I made at the Art Crawl.

This necklace really exudes Love…

Vintage Love

This pic is also from my new program… hope they look okay. See why I love the frames? I love this necklace… I really needed to do very little with it… wire it so it could hang on a long chain or short. The intricate detail on this vintage piece is amazing!

Hope… thinking of a friend and her family today as they wait to find out what stage her Dad’s lung cancer is. I am so tired of hearing of friends and family who have cancer. Sending lots of hope their way!


I hope you have an amazing day filled with Love and Hope!

Hugs, Kris


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