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Tangerine & Bubblegum Pink?

The spring fever continues…


How do you feel about Tangerine?
This funky vintage element was transformed into a funky statement necklace for spring and summer!


Let’s add some bubblegum pink, I know, try not to be shocked with the bright funky colors I have been using! This bird nest necklace has three tangerine crystals wired within. The upcycled file cabinet bird is a combo of tangerine and bubblegum pink. I wired another tangerine crystal and som fantastic vintage tangerine lace onto the chain.


Add some complementary spring clothing and head out for a spring extravaganza!

🙂 have a FUNtastic day!
Kris 🙂

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Creative Inspiration


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of creating a custom design for a friend of mine who has been an incredible supporter of my jewelry. It is always fun to design a unique necklace for her, often customized specifically for a gift.


I created the design on my computer. She suggested a few words and verse and I was able to incorporate everything including the subtle verse on the bottom of the pendant. I also added the separate funky little dangly cross that can be worn with the pendant or layered separately.

It is so satisfying to create a touching design that has such meaning. I love my job!

(I’ll have you know that yesterday I actually wore real clothing rather than pajamas! Well, I had to because I needed supplies!)

I had an amazing day being creative in such a different way! I have been designing specific items in my head, but never had the time or energy to figure out how to bring those designs to life. Yesterday, I got brave with my supplies and just went for it! It was a pretty big high to see this work come together! I wish I could show you, but I can’t put it online yet. Soon, hopefully soon!

May today be filled with creative inspiration! 🙂 Kris


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Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program


I am amazed that the holidays have passed so quickly…

The past few weeks were filled with fantastic memories with family, an abundance of cooking, cleaning and even organizing! A much more relaxed schedule and even a nap on New Years Day!


I had some fun creating a series of necklaces with sea glass…


I have always loved inspiring words… They


Inspirational words have always helped me persevere through challenges.


So today we resume our regular schedule… Keegan’s progress has been amazing, he is walking without crutches, still favoring his left leg, but I am amazed at his improvement. I worry about his first day back to school, but he insists that he does not want to take his crutches along even if he gets fatigued. Determination! 🙂

I hope your day is filled with terrific memories of your holidays and you enjoy resuming your life before the hustle and bustle! 🙂 Kris


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Silver Bella Preparation…

I feel like this necklace really exudes Silver Bella… It’s Very Grande… It made the sparkle all by itself too!

Wish you could see it in person… the crystals wired around the exterior add a touch of magnificent bling. 

And I have the best husband in the world, he has been making the bases of the bracelets for me… he took a pic and sent it to me to ask me how they were looking. He is truly the best! The will look similar to this when they are complete!

Looking forward to Silver Bella… and thankful for my friends who are taking care of my booth in the Dollars For Scholars Women’s Expo in Cold Spring on the same night!



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Cross My Heart

Do you remember the days when you had a secret… and you really trusted someone, like your best friend to not spill the beans… It used to go something like this…

Me: I have a secret

Friend: Tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

Me: Are you sure?

Friend: I promise

Me: Cross Your Heart

Me and Friend: Cross My Heart,

Hope to die,

stick a needle in my eye!!!

It never worked did it… secrets are just too hard to keep. I am not good at secrets… It’s not that I don’t trust you! I know you can keep a secret…

 I am really looking forward to the end of November when I can share how honored I am… even if it doesn’t work out… There is a chance, wish I knew the odds, but I am not much of a gambler…

 I will know then and I can spill the beans. I really don’t want to stick a needle in your eye… really!

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed… It is difficult to walk with your toes crossed!

Here is a new necklace… I paid a gaboodle for this brooch… I adore it… I am calling it Cross My Heart … well, you know why! ($125) Is is featured on the funky chunky gunmetal color 18″ chain… I wrapped, distorted, looped, twisted, curled and manipulated the wire to keep the integrity of the vintage brooch, yet protect it and allow it to be hung by my signature large handmade bail (all of my bails allow you the versatility of switching your chains with almost any chain, chunky or delicate that you have and adore- I just love to have more flexibility with my jewelry, sometimes I double wrap my chains… sometimes triple wrap…so go to town and have fun!) 

I am a sponsor for Silver Bella. I am so excited to be a part of it, again thank you to my sister for encouraging me! I decided to create some complimentary cards for my gift to the Bella’s…  I really wanted to make a little something with wire for each of the Bella’s but as you know, my thumb is NOT Cooperating… so after doing a little brainstorming, I thought some greeting cards would be nice… You always need an encouraging card!

 This is the front of one of the cards… I think it turned out okay… for creating with 9 fingers… Too bad I am already Cherish Designs, 9 fingers designs has kind of a catchy sound! But I guess it would only be temporary anyway!

 I am a little rambly today… sorry!

I hope you have a fabulous day today… If someone tells you a secret, cross your heart!!! Kris

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Dreams Come True

I am honored to be part of a treasury created by walkinstudios called Dreams Come True.

It is a a great treasury and features my keychains & bookmarks listed in my etsy shop…

The listing is here.

You can view the treasury here. It is a great collection of fantastic products and very cute  inspiration items! Please check it out! We all need the encouragment that dreams do come true…

The timing of this treasury is so heartfelt to me because for a few weeks I have felt so scared in my heart for a family, and fellow girl scout and school family. Laken is a first grader this year who is currently in a drug induced coma at the Children’s hospital for life threatening seizures that they could not get under control. The next couple of days are critical for Laken and our school has created a Prayin’ for Laken site on facebook and we are selling window signs to help raise money for her family. I was with Lakens two older sisters this weekend at girl scouts and they are just such sweet girls. So please pray for Laken and her family.

Here is the sign I created for Laken… The theme is based on her Mom telling her to just keep swimming Laken…

I know dreams come true and all of my wishes are for this family to have their sweet Laken back.

I hope all of your dreams come true! Hugs, Kris

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“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”  – Audrey Hepburn

Believe is one of my favorite words, a subtle reminder to keep hope in your heart and don’t give up. Believe was my focal word through 5 years of infertility and challenge… I love the quote from Audrey Hepburn…. Happier girls are prettier too!


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