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Angel Wings & Etsy Updating


This necklace I made for my friend who really needed it yesterday. I bought the charm last weekend not really knowing why I bought it. Now I know, she needed the angel wings… Sending love today!

Sawyer and I were making one of our summer favorites yesterday… Tomato sandwiches. Yum!! Sawyer was cutting the tomatoes when he said, look Mom! Hearts!! I love that he finds beauty in everyday moments!


I am working on my neglected Etsy shop today…

I have been reviewing and relisting items…


Here is the link to this necklace.


Click here to buy the necklace above.


Click here for the link to the Believe in yourself necklace.

More to come! Have a great day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Vintage Buttons & Swirls


I had fun with this necklace… I found this unique large button at a sale a few weeks ago and I knew it would look great in one of my designs.

I sure wish I had more to play with! I am going treasure hunting in a few days so I will be searching!

I hope your day is filled with happiness!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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The Birds are Singing!


I can hear the birds singing…
The sun is shining… For the first time in what seems like days.


We have had 21 days of rain in May…
Celebrating the beautiful day, the last day of school.

Have a joyful sunshiny day!

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Vintage Brilliance Button Necklace


I have been coveting this vintage button for quite a few months… The brilliance of the sparkle is unmatched.


It is tricky to capture the brilliance in a photo…


Wish u were here to see it!
πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a FUNtastic Friday!

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Vintage Luggage Tag Cuff


I love the contrast of the dark vintage luggage tag with the grungy silver cuff. Wire in some funky bling and the result is a fun adjustable cuff that can be worn with a multitude of finishes.


Have a happy day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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New Cuff Bracelet & The Elusive Camera Charm

Oh my gosh… I have been looking for days for a camera charm hidden in my inventory. I know I ordered it a year or do ago… In fact I have a photo of the charm within my orders placed and I remember touching it.

I have searched through my 70 plus containers of beads and elements so many times in the last couple of weeks. After a few days, I ordered another one because I did not want to keep my sweet and patient customer waiting. I figured it would turn up as soon as I placed the order, but no such luck! The charm finally arrived yesterday and I created her necklace in a snap trying to make it to the post office before closing.


Drat, but I arrived a few moments too late. This photographer’s necklace is finally enroute to it’s incredibly patient owner in Wisconsin.

I have another cuff bracelet to show you. I am building up my inventory for the upcoming Olde Depot JUNKtion. We are going to have so much fun. I hope you can join us!


I believe I have created about 8 new cuffs recently.


I am soon off to another track meet. This one should be a joyful experience. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is a happy day in Minnesota.
I hope your day is happy too! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Go Pro Gone

Keegan begged for a GoPro Camera for about six months. For those of you who are not familiar, the GoPro is tagged as the world’s most versatile camera. It is an action camera, and has a helmet mount and a variety of uses including underwater.

Keegan looked at them in the stores, searched online and could not wait to get one. He mentioned it often. Right after Christmas he bought the newest version, the Go Pro Hero 3. He was so excited and started videoing immediately with his friends. They had a blast with it… Especially snowmobiling.

Less than a month later, Keegan got the opportunity to go snowmobiling with his best friend at their cabin in Northern Minnesota. He lives for snowmobiling so you can guess that it was a dream trip for Keegan!

Halfway through the weekend we found out the Keegan hit a deer carcass that was hidden under the snow, he flew off the sled and rolled it. Thankfully he was okay, no injuries. Whew! He got up, brushed off and they drove on down the trail. Can you guess where this is going?

You are correct, a little ways down the trail, they took a break and Keegan realized that his brand new “most prized possession”, his GoPro was gone. The mount had broken off his helmet and his GoPro was gone. They returned to search for it but in all the fine powder, the world’s most versatile camera must have settled down in the snow, hidden from the human eye. Despite multiple searches that weekend, they could not find it. Keegan was devastated. This teenager has some pretty tough luck. (Reference to his door slammed finger before Christmas and of course his multiple surgeries.)

Yesterday our friends were at their cabin and decided to go for a walk to see if they could find Keegan’s GoPro now that the snow had mostly melted. To say it was a long shot would be understating the obvious. They rode on miles of trails through the woods, and when the snow melts, it all looks different.

Can you even believe that my friend texted me totally AMAZED that after digging in the melting ice and snow they had found his beloved camera!! They had guessed the location!!! Keegan called me. He could not contain his excitement.

I was so happy for him! I did of course, as any Mom would, gently remind him that his camera may not work after being buried in the snow for three months. He replied, “But Mom, it was in it’s waterproof case!” Oh Keegan, I know, but three months in the frozen snow, in below zero temps laying in a ditch?? So much optimism.

Fifteen minutes later we get the news that not only does it still work, but that it has three bars remaining on the battery. What??? Now that is incredible design, isn’t it? Very few products actually do what they say they will, but when they said waterproof, they meant it. And on top of it, waterproof when a teenager places it in the case! And can we talk about the battery design? Seriously, to hold its charge in below zero weather through snow, rain, sleet & then warmer temperatures! That is downright dynamic!


It is truly an incredible story with a very happy ending!! Other than the mount, everything is in perfect working condition! What a testament to a well designed product!! Isn’t that a cool story?

Yesterday Kya and I went to a few estate sales, garage sales and a new little occasional vintage shop. Sadly we only discovered a single broken vintage necklace… But we had a fun day.

Here are a few cuffs I created the other day.


They are so comfortable and are adjustable.


The bases are in copper and vintagy silver…


I hope you are having a happy Sunday! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the gorgeous weather!!



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Sunshiny Day & a New Bangle


I have been a little worker bee lately… And yes I have been creating in my PJ’s! Gosh, they are just so comfy!

I created this bangle yesterday. I think I like it. Still need to experiment a little.

Our current temp is 54 degrees!! Finally spring shows her sunshiny smile on us!!

I hope you have the sun streaming in your windows on this gorgeous day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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What’s That Noise?


So much to do, so little time.


Five nights of waking every couple of hours makes a Mom feel like curling up for a nap! I have so much to accomplish tho.

Keegan is sleeping. Even putter is snoozing!

What’s that noise, oh I think my pillow is calling my name! Hmmm, I may have to cave.

Have a restful day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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It’s a Beautiful, Sunshiny Day!


The sunrise is absolutely gorgeous as we drive a couple of hours to the cities. It has a way of warming you up from the inside out.

I was searching for my fast forward button this morning but couldn’t find it!


Oops, hit a bump and published too early! Lol!

Have a beautiful day!


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Vintage Lace & Swirls


I feel like this week is being consumed by details, organization, and packing… With so many balls in the air, I hope I don’t drop one!


I guess I better run and keep them in the air today! Have a fabulous day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Good Morning Stormy Monday!


Good Morning Stormy Monday! No school today! My kids are happily waking up with a full snow day ahead of them.

There is a winter storm warning until 1am with hazardous travel on many local roads.


I can hear the wind whipping in the trees and know that the fresh snow is creating blizzard conditions. I am so happy to stay home and work in my PJ’s today!


If you live in this frozen land of ours, please stay safe! Have a happy day!
Kris πŸ™‚


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BeadSoup-a-licious: Meet Sandi

I am excited to introduce you to my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner Sandi Volpe.

I am thrilled to meet Sandi! We have a lot in common!


I am mom of three boys, 15, 13 and 8 living in a soccer obsessed household in Northern Virginia outside of DC.

I have always collected interesting jewelry and made earrings with my mom’s vintage crystals and re-did jewelry pieces I owned. I designed my engagement ring with sapphires from earrings my mom gave me and re-designed them too.

I decided to stay home after 2 jobs and 2 boys wasn’t working any more. I knew it was the right decision I because I was on a dream project at the Library of Congress working on a digital library for the Motion Picture and Recorded Sound division, but knew I could not keep up the pace of the commute, etc.

I promised I would give myself at least of year of being a stay at home mom before considering work, that was 12 years ago and I took longer than a year to decide as I had my third baby.

I looked in to all the check book parties like tupperware etc. I hosted a Silpada party and decided I would rather design and make my own jewelry, so that’s what motivated me to start.

I started stringing and soldering pendants and I loved it. I have been taking classes and honing my metal smithing and wire working skills and now lamp working. I love lamp work beads and decided to try my hand making them. I love making the entire piece.

This is my 5th bead soup party and I am lucky enough to see Lori on a regular basis as she lives 1.5 hours away.

I love the creative process and have met some amazing women through the BSBP as well as artBliss which is a retreat that is 10 minutes from my house. I have such easy access to classes in Virginia and can go to Bead Fest in Philly too.

I am hoping to create a more cohesive line this year and up production.

And now I would like to show you the fantastic bead soup I received from Sandi!


Our reveal date is March 30th, so be sure to subscribe or bookmark my blog to see what we come up with! Also please check out Sandi’s blog to check out her creations with the soup I sent her! {I’ll reveal the soup I sent her in the next day or two and the final reveal will be 3/30/13.}


Sandi sent a fantastic soup and I am going to have so much fun with it!


I cannot tell you how excited I am by the elements she created for me and the gorgeous supporting materials.

To begin with I received the fabulous lamp work and enamel work she sent. I was in awe when I unwrapped them! I am excited about the waxed linen, as I have not created with it yet and will enjoy the challenge!


On the left, you will see her delicate craftsmanship in the clasp she created for me. I love the fly pendant too! Sandi and I are both took “flying lessons” and we have that experience in common.


And Sandi picked up on my Addiction for all things vintage and added some vintage love in her soup!

I am so excited to begin creating! Thank you Sandi for the FUNtastic elements to work with!!

{weekend update}
As I mentioned the other day, Kya’s hockey team had game four of district playoffs on Friday night. Kya had a terrific game scoring the second goal of the game and almost scoring to tie the game, but it was not meant to be. They lost 2-3 ending their season. It was especially sad because they won’t be playing together until high school. Our pace will slow down now without hockey practice and games!!! Whew!

Saturday was a highlight with her volleyball team moving up to Gold level and taking first place. Their first time winning championship in Gold!

Life is all about the lessons learned in losing and winning… But there is more to life than the wins and the losses… Being thankful for opportunities, teamwork, the ability to learn and grow and develop long lasting friendships… That’s what I am grateful for!

It is official, I mentioned a few months ago that Keegan has to have another surgery for his MHE (bone tumors that are not malignant but grow at the growth plates). He is scheduled for March 28, he will have the pins in his ankles removed (this is going to be pretty invasive and land him on crutches for another 4-6 weeks) and they will remove the 8-plate above his knee. The great news is that he will be hardware free for the first time since he was 9 years old, he is now 14! Guess we will need to prepare our living room to be an Xbox game room over Easter break!

I hope you have a fantastic Monday!
πŸ™‚ Kris

Kris Binsfeld is a wire and mixed media artist. Her designs can be found in boutiques nationwide. You can like her on facebook here and shop for her creations in her etsy shop. Feel free to subscribe to her blog to follow her creative journey. You can request to be added to her private sale list by sending an email to cherishdesigns@live.com.


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Flying By…


Wow, the time is flying by… I must admit, this week must have been on fast forward.

Time seems to pass much more quickly when we are busy! This week was jam packed.

Last night we enjoyed the 6th & 7th grade school band & choir concerts. As Sawyer was waiting in the hall, he was asked by the Athletic Director to sing the National Anthem for the Varsity Basketball game. It worked out perfectly between concerts.

Today the girls have their fourth game of district playoffs. They are playing for second seed for Regional Playoffs and must win tonight and Sunday to advance. Saturday is their home volleyball tournament so it should be a fun weekend ahead.


I bought this big chunky bird charm at the Tucson Gem Show. I hand stamped the word fly on it and wired it up. I love the chunkiness of the bird.

I hope your days are flying past and each day brings joy and happiness to you!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Time for Some Bead Soup!


It’s time for some “Bead Soup!”

A cup or a bowl?
I am super excited for the upcoming reveal of my Bead Soul & partner for the Party!

This is my second time participating and I am thrilled about my partner! I am going to open and photograph my soup today and will share it and introduce you to my partner Sandi!!

We cannot reveal the soup we sent until they receive and reveal it, but we are encouraged to tease you a little!


Here is my disguised soup! Can you tell what’s in there?

Sorry, guess you will have to wait!


In the meantime, here is a necklace created from some of my loot from Tucson!

bead soup blog party 7

Have a great day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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And the Games Continue


With valiant effort the girls were tied two ~ two in the third period. Two minutes before the end of the game our team gets a crippling penalty. With one minute remaining in the game, Kya finds herself one on two and is forced to make choice… She committed and was burned by the other player with a game ending score on us. The game ends 2-3 and we find our path on the lower bracket battling for second seed to Regional playoffs.

The girls should be proud for how they played. I believe they played this team 5 times this season and lost each game. The scores continued to get closer and they thought they had them this time.

Life is challenging that way. We are on our way to resume the battle, our third game of the weekend and three more games to win to move on to regionals! One more loss and our season is over.


The rest of the story tomorrow! Have a great day.
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Frosty Days


Some of my favorite Minnesota moments include frosty snow covered mornings.


The beauty is astounding!


This is a necklace I made myself with my Grandparents skeleton keys and some other vintage love I adore. This is one that will remain in my collection!

We are on our way to game two of district playoffs. Last night the girls won 5-0 in an incredibly exciting game. Little Miss Chickadoodle scored the second goal of the game. Today is a formidable opponent, they have not lost a district game all season. We are hoping the underdogs shine today!

Enjoy your Saturday!!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Happy Valentines Day!!


Today is the day to celebrate our loved ones! Happy Valentines Day!


It is also my sister’s birthday! Quite the busy Birthday for a florist! Happy Birthday Kar!


I will be helping her again today with Valentines Day!


This photo shows the back side of this design… Someone recently requested that I show the back, so here it is!

I hope you have an incredible day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Fun, Funky, Flower

One week! I cannot believe that I will be leaving for the Tucson Gem Show in one week!

This trip has been on my wish list for years and it is about to become a reality! I am so crazy excited to meet my friend Patti and her friend Liz and to shop till we drop!

I have been compiling my list of supplies needed, going through containers to take stock of my beads.


In the meantime, there is so much to do to prepare & get my ducks in a row at home.

The necklace featured on my blog today has been added to my etsy shop already!! This might be one of my favorites!!


You can shop for it here…


I love it for layering! Long, neutral and funky.



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Sub Zero…


The sub zero temps continue today with -21 below zero this morning, -17 on the thermometer on my car as I drove my kids to school so they did not have to wait outside for the bus. Brrrrrrr


I made a poor parenting choice last night letting my kids stay up later on a school night, 100 percent confident that we would have a two hour late start like most of the surrounding schools had already announced last night. To my utter surprise, school was on our normal schedule despite the frigid temps. Six-thirty came early to my kidlets and I hope they don’t snooze in class today! Oopsie!! I am thinking we will have an early evening tonight.


I am working on finessing my wholesale info. It is much needed.

Stay warm and cozy!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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