2010 Bloomer’s Christmas Tree Tour- An American Cancer Society Fundraiser

We would love to invite you to the 2010 Christmas Tree Tour in Paynesville, MN on Saturday, November 27 from 10am to 3 pm. Our core team consists of my Mom, my sister Karlene, our friend Tracy and myself. We have many friends who help us and support us.

All four of our grandparents had cancer and last year our Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She is doing fantastic thankfully! We are committed to finding a cure and have had amazing support from our community. Last year our team was able to donate $14,000 to the American Cancer Society.  

The Christmas Tree Tour is an exciting tour this year. There are so many giving friends who have generously opened their homes for the day for the Christmas Tree Tour. You will tour a wonderful selection of homes in Paynesville, receive a free brewed coffee at Bloom Coffee & Floral where you can pick up your map and tickets… lunch is included and will be served at Ron & Judy’s restaurant this year. A ticket raffle is ongoing at Bloom this week with a fun selection of prizes including a brand new ipod touch donated by my Mom and this necklace I donated. So stop into Bloom this week for tickets!

The Christmas Tree tour info is

Our Bloomer’s blog is www.bloomers4life.wordpress.com




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5 responses to “2010 Bloomer’s Christmas Tree Tour- An American Cancer Society Fundraiser

  1. Sue Nystrom

    Hi Kris! I love your work. I want to purchase a large round dark wire nest necklace with vintage black center. Is there some way you can send me a couple pictures of your current stock? If it is ok with you, could I purchase one through this website. I checked Etsy and did’t see any like this.
    Looking forward to a reply. Cell 515-314-5730 Johnston,Ia

  2. Hi Sue,
    Absolutely, I believe I have the perfect necklace for you! I generally don’t list my one of a kind items on etsy because it is so time consuming to list them. I will re-evaluate my thoughts on that. I will call you a littler later in the day. Thanks so much for your compliments! Kris 🙂

  3. kait

    I wish I could go!!!! 🙂

  4. Hello from Northfield, MN! I’ve just been searching for local arts & crafts blogs, and I wanted to tell you that your things are beautiful. You’ve made a new subscriber.

    Also, and entirely coincidentally to your post, I’ve had cancer for 2 years now, so I just have to thank you for this event you are doing tomorrow.

  5. Kait! Wish you could have been there too! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas!

    Kimberlee – Thank you for your gracious compliments! I am honored that you subscribed to my blog! My heart goes out to you in your journey to fight cancer… You go girl!
    Our event raised approximately $1100 on Saturday… Thanks to all of our awesome supporters! Have a terrific day! Happy to “meet” you! Kris

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