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Silver Bella Preparation…

I feel like this necklace really exudes Silver Bella… It’s Very Grande… It made the sparkle all by itself too!

Wish you could see it in person… the crystals wired around the exterior add a touch of magnificent bling. 

And I have the best husband in the world, he has been making the bases of the bracelets for me… he took a pic and sent it to me to ask me how they were looking. He is truly the best! The will look similar to this when they are complete!

Looking forward to Silver Bella… and thankful for my friends who are taking care of my booth in the Dollars For Scholars Women’s Expo in Cold Spring on the same night!



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A Spoonful of Sugar…

I am not sure why this song popped into my head today… But it is S-T-U-C-K!

It is not a medicine spoon, it is a Birth Record Spoon… It is sooooooo coool, the patina is amazing.

I would love to have one for each of my three children… This one is for Jesse. I can’t read the details. Generally I will bend a spoon, add wire and crystals to add to a necklace, but this one needed to be left as is… Such a great look. ($69)

But for some reason it triggers this song from Mary Poppins:

Mary Poppins:
In ev’ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job’s a game

And ev’ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree! It’s very clear to see that

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

A robin feathering his nest
Has very little time to rest
While gathering his bits of twine and twig
Though quite intent in his pursuit
He has a merry tune to toot
He knows a song will move the job along – for

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way


The honey bee that fetch the nectar
From the flowers to the comb
Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro
Because they take a little nip
From ev’ry flower that they sip
And hence (And hence),
They find (They find)
Their task is not a grind.

Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h ah!

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

I especially love the down-wown! So much fun to say… down-wown!

I forgot to share Kya’s pumpkin, she took a pic of it for me to share.

I am ALL FOR a Happy – non-scary pumpkin!

Have a delightful day, try a spoonful of sugar and repeat after me (three times fast)… down-wown, down-wown, down-wown!

🙂 Kris


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4th Annual Ladies Night Out, Sauk Rapids

I am looking forward to Ladies Night Out in Sauk Rapids on Friday Night. It is such a fun night with prizes drawn every half hour, a fabulous selection of vendors and great holiday shopping. There is a bake sale too!

The Details:

Friday, November 5th


Sauk Rapids VFW (Backroom)

901 North Benton Drive


Lots of great shopping and pampering opportunities.

Door Prizes given away every ½ hour!


Come and pamper yourself and get some early holiday shopping done!!!

Hope you can join us!


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November Mornings…

Don’tcha just want to snuggle up for an extra hour or two on mornings like this?

Shut the alarm off

Ignore the school buses

Ignore the deadlines

Forget the garbage man

unplug the phone

and sleeeeeeeeeeeeepp!

I didn’t, I dragged myself out of bed… I even showered so as not to offend any of my co-workers! I know, right?

                             It is a




                                                                  fall day.

                                              I am glad I didn’t miss it!

I made this pendant at the craft show I was at the other day… It has some really fun elements. Vintage lace, bling, grunge, buttons, vintage pearls, and a beautiful carved rose.

And here is part of my display from the show.

You might recognize one of the elements from the top pendant from this post. The photo from my original post is terrible, but it is one of the first things I have made from this collection of items. I will highlight the items with closeups soon!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful fall day.


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Holy Moly It’s Windy Out There!

Wow, the last 24 hours are a bit of a blur, so much for having a good hair day, the wind is trying to create its own design!

Well, Mr. Dr. did not quite cooperate with me… 2 more weeks in this contraption… And one of my friends ratted me out! He said that he had just talked to someone I know and they said that this splint didn’t slow me down at all. That I just fitted my tool in between the sling and my fingers and kept working away! Well it might be true, but did he really have to know that?Ha Ha! BTW, he never said I couldn’t make jewelry… why do I feel like a kid with my hand caught in the cookie jar? (To my friend, I love you anyway, but I do know who you are and where you live! Bahahahahaaaaa 🙂  )

My hubby is happy to put yesterday behind him… He had quite an eventful day yesterday. He drove from Cold Spring, MN to Thief River Falls, MN for a HUD Home Inspections (he is a Realtor/Broker) and encountered a blizzard with traffic driving between 20 and 30 mph on the way home last night. He said the wind was so strong that it would gust and push his vehicle sideways across the highway. He finally got to the interstate where the traffic was moving more quickly. About 45 minutes from home at 10pm he called. I was dozing off and I woke up and asked immediately if he was okay… He was fine but he was standing out in the 60 mph winds watching his truck on fire. Thankfully is was so cold and windy that the wind put the fire out. I called friends and was going to pack up the kids to bring them to a friends house and go get Tom, when “our friend, our hero Tom Hanson ” was out and about turned around and went to rescue him! Thank You Tom Hanson!

By then Tom had called 911, they dispatched a tow truck. I called to check on him and he told me he was going to get back into the truck! I asked him, what if it explodes??? He was sure it was fine though. The next thing he sees is a Fire Truck & and Ambulance pull up. (Truly, my hats off to the highway patrol and rescue people who keep us safe and respond to us in need. It must be a miserable job in severe weather.)

The firemen talk to Tom, agree with him that the fire was out and that he was safe to stay in the vehicle. They go back into the fire truck and just stay behind him… Pretty soon 4 highway patrol pull up and tell Tom that they had a report of a gun! (seriously, this is my husband’s luck… it would be hilarious if you didn’t have to live through it!) So they frisk Tom, search the vehicle, didn’t find anything, of course! Tom just said “do what you need to do!” It turns out that Tom had a flashlight sticking out of his briefcase. It has a black handle with a trigger style button to turn it on! They cleared him and the tow truck towed him back to a service center. He meets our hero who had his own visit from the police asking what he was doing sitting at a car dealership in the middle of the night!  As they are on their way back home, he discovers that he lost his phone in the tow truck! My poor sweet husband. So waiting to hear if his Excursion has any possibility of repair!


So this Vintage Expression of Love features a beautiful rhinestone element in a funky diamondy pear shape (love makin’ up my own words!) It includes a plethora of vintage beads, a vintage button and crystal. It is whimsically wired and hangs on the funky chunky antiqued copper color 18″ chain ($89). Featured on the mannequin are two necklaces, the top one Whimsical Rose Pendant is whimsically wired and features a turquoise color rose focal piece with wire wrapped around it and a funky little rolled wire effect at the top. This pendant hangs on the grungy gray funky chunky chain in 18″ length ($69) and the Fabulous Faith necklace with the blue turquoise elegant cross wired with a chunky turquoise crystal on the funky chunky chain in 24″ length makes a great statement every time ($55).

Well, hope you are having a better hair day than I am! Batten down the hatches and have a great one! Kris

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Cherish Every Moment…


As you know, most of my photos are snapped on the fly with my iphone4. I love how easy it is to snap a photo, email it to myself to load to my computer, email a single photo for a blog post and keep a great selection of photos available when I need them. I am far from a professional photographer, but I do love this image. I love how the light reflects off of the fleur-de-lis pendant made by my friend out of a vintage serving tray. For this necklace, I started with a vintage glass drawer pull, I looped wire at the top and through the pull and created a ring of wire at the base… I the added a selection of great elements… a duo of funky little vintage keys, a vintage rhinestone earring, the fleur-de-lis, some great crystals and some gemstones.

I decided to add this photo to my greeting card collection and here is what I created:

My friend Sheila had a Cherish Designs Jewelry Party last night for her friends… It was so much fun seeing friends and family again. Sheila had my first jewelry party two years ago. We were discussing how much my jewelry has changed since the first party we did, and how much more inventory I have (sheepish grin). Sheila’s sister Kristi bought this necklace last night. I believe it was meant for you Kristi! I thought it was fitting to share with you the images of the necklace and my cards… Kristi, I will get you a set of cards of your very own!!

I hope you cherish every moment of every day! Kris


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Cross My Heart

Do you remember the days when you had a secret… and you really trusted someone, like your best friend to not spill the beans… It used to go something like this…

Me: I have a secret

Friend: Tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

Me: Are you sure?

Friend: I promise

Me: Cross Your Heart

Me and Friend: Cross My Heart,

Hope to die,

stick a needle in my eye!!!

It never worked did it… secrets are just too hard to keep. I am not good at secrets… It’s not that I don’t trust you! I know you can keep a secret…

 I am really looking forward to the end of November when I can share how honored I am… even if it doesn’t work out… There is a chance, wish I knew the odds, but I am not much of a gambler…

 I will know then and I can spill the beans. I really don’t want to stick a needle in your eye… really!

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed… It is difficult to walk with your toes crossed!

Here is a new necklace… I paid a gaboodle for this brooch… I adore it… I am calling it Cross My Heart … well, you know why! ($125) Is is featured on the funky chunky gunmetal color 18″ chain… I wrapped, distorted, looped, twisted, curled and manipulated the wire to keep the integrity of the vintage brooch, yet protect it and allow it to be hung by my signature large handmade bail (all of my bails allow you the versatility of switching your chains with almost any chain, chunky or delicate that you have and adore- I just love to have more flexibility with my jewelry, sometimes I double wrap my chains… sometimes triple wrap…so go to town and have fun!) 

I am a sponsor for Silver Bella. I am so excited to be a part of it, again thank you to my sister for encouraging me! I decided to create some complimentary cards for my gift to the Bella’s…  I really wanted to make a little something with wire for each of the Bella’s but as you know, my thumb is NOT Cooperating… so after doing a little brainstorming, I thought some greeting cards would be nice… You always need an encouraging card!

 This is the front of one of the cards… I think it turned out okay… for creating with 9 fingers… Too bad I am already Cherish Designs, 9 fingers designs has kind of a catchy sound! But I guess it would only be temporary anyway!

 I am a little rambly today… sorry!

I hope you have a fabulous day today… If someone tells you a secret, cross your heart!!! Kris

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Workin’ On A Chain Gang…

So creating my funky chunky chains were a bit challenging with my impossible thumb so my dearest husband was kind enough to measure, cut, attach the clasps, and help put the completed pendants on chains for me on Friday. As he is working away, singing to some great oldies… we had to laugh out loud… Workin’ on a Chain Gang Song comes on…

That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang, huh
That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang
That’s the sound of the men
When they’re working on the chain gang

All day long you hear them, pooh
I’m going home, just one of these ole days
Man, i’m going home to see my woman
For my love’s so dear
But that means why
I gotta work right here now, huh

It just seemed so funny! and here is his work (not sure why I didn’t snap a pic of him! I will next time!(next time he says!))

He actually cut about 300 feet of funky chunky chain for me… whataguy! Just gotta love him! I am thinkin’ this thumb thing is going to last quite a while, don’t you think?? He also scrubbed the floor, on hands and knees with a bristle brush! Isn’t he amazing?

So I took quite a few photos as he was pampering me… with my sore thumb, I will work on showing them over the next couple of days.

A couple of floral themed necklaces with wire floral effect created by me… I love the focal bead… the blue is intense and joyful.

And a cancer awareness ribbon funky chunky necklace. My Mom discovered she had cancer in March, 2009. She has finished her treatment and is doing great now. – All of my grandparents have had cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is very important to our family. This necklace just kind of happened, I added the pink beads because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I am in love with the hearts made out of coke bottle bottoms… I love that they are repurposed, recycled and I love the dark wire and the funky chunky chain with them.

Bottoms Up! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kris

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Thumbs Up (or down?)

So remember how I tripped on my printer cord? Well, it is almost two weeks since I tripped and my hand still hurts like a son of a gun. Since it is my jewelry hand and my production has definitely slowed down, I finally decided to get it checked out. Apparently a cat scan is the best choice, but since I am not up for paying $1000, we went with the x-ray. The doctor is pretty sure a bone is broken in my hand… (thank goodness for dragon dictation!) So I am now in a splint with my thumb immobilized! See above pic… couldn’t get the whole image of my arm, but it goes to my elbow.

So I am crumbling inside thinking I have a ton of jewelry shows scheduled, money invested… how am I going to make jewelry!!! After about an hour of fretting… (yes, really fretting!) I decided to try to make something!

Can you imagine my relief! Okay, it took me twice as long and it was a bit awkward, but I am so thankful that i can still create!

Whew, what a relief! Creating is my therapy and I might need to be medicated if I can’t create!

Strangely, my hand feels a sense of relief being immobilized, yet seems to hurt a little more! Weird, I know!

I am just so gol’ darn thankful that I can still create!

Looking forward to the Women’s Showcase this weekend in St. Cloud! Hope to see you there!

🙂 Kris


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It’s a 4 Shot Day (espresso that is!)

Really, what were you thinking?

My eyelids are heavvvvvvy!

My fingers are      s      l     o      w    .

My brain is a bit gggggroggy,

I really need some JOE!

So I dragged myself out the door into my vehicle and drove downtown to Bloom Coffee & Floral to my awesome sister for a Skinny Vanilla latte with an extra shot mmmmmmmmmmm)…. that’s 4 shots baby!… Starting to feel a little perky. The circulation is coming back… I still want to sleep, but I have a ton of things to do!!!

The vintage gold roses in this piece remind me of my sister. She is INCREDIBLE with flowers… She is one of the most creative people I know. She can take boring old flowers and make them a masterpiece, she can take a piece of plywood and make it a work of art and she encourages and inspires me to do more with my jewelry. I can honestly say, that I would not have the promising future that I have today if it was not for the inspiration and encouragement of my selfless and amazing sister.

You are worth your weight in gold! (and you look amazing!)

And I found this video of her singing “The Rose”  click here… (just kidding, she would KILL me! or torture me and she is not even a violent person! just wanted to see if she was still reading my blog! ROTFLOL!) But truly, she has an amazing voice, so sneak into Bloom sometime and you might catch her singing at the top of her lungs!

Well, I guess the espresso is working overtime, ’cause I am really crackin’ myself up! I guess I should channel my energy into work!  (Vintage Blooms necklace pictured above $79 free shipping)

Have a WAY ABOVE AVERAGE day, and don’t be afraid to have a little espresso! It makes you funny! 🙂 Kris


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Joyful Fall Days…

Wow, the weather in Central Minnesota has been amazing this week. We almost hit 80 degrees the other day. The colors have been amazing. Tom and I enjoyed a beautiful drive to Minneapolis to meet with some amazing women in a special studio that felt like home. (More on that in a month or two! Sorry, hope you can wait! I am giddy by the honor, but not ready to let the cat of the bag, because the future is still only a possibility!) We then drove to Stillwater to meet with Tonya Fricke of Restore At Home, who is now carrying a great selection of my jewelry.  She has a beautiful store on the main street in Stillwater. Terrific location, beautiful variety of home decor and gift items… Hope you can stop in and visit her, Stillwater is such a beautiful place to visit. It was so much fun spending the day with my husband. After 17 years, I love every moment I get to spend with him. I have to admit, most of our moments go by in a blur…  in passing while we are running our three children (almost 10, 11 & 12) to hockey, St. John’s Boys Choir, football, choir, girl scouts and play dates! Friday is a day that I will treasure for a long time, one of those times that will be cemented in my memory… so filled with potential for the future. So thankful!

This necklace started as I was creating a base for a different necklace. It had a totally different look and it morphed into something totally different than I originally planned. That happens often! The swirly curling wire wrapped around the pear shaped base with a few glistening crystals… simple yet ornate. Swirls of Blue ($49 free shipping) available by emailing me cherishdesigns@live.com or commenting and we can connect!

I hope you had the best weekend ever and your Monday is filled with sunshine and smiles! Kris

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Cherished Treasures

Do you ever pick up something vintage and just know that there is a history, a story or many stories behind that item. I created this necklace with vintage beads that I know have an amazing story. The white beads have so much charachter, I believe someone wore them out they wore them so much Add a cool scalloped vintage bead and a little sparkle crystals wired in a loopy scallopy fashion and I believe this piece really came together on it’s own. This is a statement necklace, with winter whites and a variety of tones of white. No need to worry about matchy matchy!

The pendant is created using my signature bail (which allows you to wear on just about any chain or necklace you might have in your closet! I love versatility!) It arrives on a funky chunky 18″ chain. ($89) Just post or email to purchase.

The bottom pic is not as clear, but I like how it shows you a totally different view of the necklace.

My jewelry schedule is filling up… I am so excited for the fall!

October 16th      Women’s Showcase in St. Cloud

October 29th      Ladies Night Out in Paynesville (helping my sister at her store)

November 5       Ladies Night Out Sauk Rapids

November 12     Silver Bella, Omaha NE

November 18     Girls Night Out Fall Gathering, Pillar Inn, Cold Spring

November 27    Firefleyes Fundraiser, Sartell

I have a few more tentative dates that I have not included yet… But I am very excited about the fall potential!

I hope your day brings you cherished moments to treasure with your loved ones! Kris

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Creative Juices Were Flowing…

Had a fabulous weekend at the Grape Stomp. It was so much fun to watch…

Finally getting the polka music out of my head. Loved having my creative juices flowing and the time to create while chatting with fun and interesting people AND

this weekend I fell in love again! With a vintage brooch I bought that I had been contemplating what to do with. (I am still deeply in love with my husband of 17 years, but there is alway room to love new jewelry!)  I knew it needed to be a statement piece…  my fingers just started playing… sometimes I was wondering if I was liking where this was going… is it going to be too much? It has to be perfect because this piece is so incredible.

To my own surprise, I am happy with the look of it. So happy, I had to put it on right away and see how it would wear.

I am not sure if you can see on the photo, but you can totally tell that this brooch was worn time and again with love. The edges of the flowers have worn off just enough to give it so much character!

I securely wired the dark wire and started to duplicated the flower petals with a wire shadow using 19 gauge wire. I then took 28 gauge wire and started stringing multiple tiny, tiny vintage glass pearls and started wrapping and allowing the wire to create the whimsical look to support the amazing brooch. I created my signature bail and inserted the funky chunky chain. Floral Funkiness was born. Based on the cost of the pendant, time and vintage pearls, this unique, one of a kind necklace is $125.

Here is a sneak peek of a few other necklaces that I will highlight soon…

The bottom one is similar to the funky fleur de lis I highlighted last week but made from a vintage serving tray! So much fun!

Hope you have a creatively fun day!


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Cherish Designs @ Grape Stomp & Oktoberfest in Kimball, MN

I am very excited about displaying my jewelry at the Grape Stomp & Oktoberfest in Kimball, MN this weekend.

Funky Chunky Flower

Love, love love the new funky chunky flower necklace… it is reversible, and re-purposed… you would never believe that it is made out of an old file cabinet. My friend Cathy makes the elements and I love to create with them! So much fun! Also this fleur de lis…

Funky Fluer De Lis

Designs like this and more for sale at my booth at the Oktoberfest & Grape Stomp at the Millner Heritage Vinyard in Kimball, Minnesota this weekend (October 2nd & 3rd, 2010). Grape Stomps at 1pm and 3pm each day. A variety of entertainment, food vendors and crafts and more. My friend Sheila will be there with Tastefully Simple and it sounds like there will be a fun assortment of events! Vendors will be there Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm. Events are in covered areas, so will be rain or shine! There will be tours and wine sampling! Hope to see you there! Kris


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Blog Giveaway Prizes!!! Only 2 More Days!


Here are the choices of giveaway prizes!

There will be two winners for this giveaway! The first winner drawn will receive their choice of:

A Choice of one of the necklaces!

About the necklaces: Starting from the left, The first necklace is “I Love Rusty Junk”  This necklace is handmade by me, starting digitally, then printed, protected, glued, glittered and finished, this necklace is also featured here on my blog. The second necklace is such a great statement piece, also on the funky chunky chain, wired with turquoise crystals, this is such a beautiful statement piece also featured here on my blog. The third necklace is fairly new… it features a funky piece of hardware with wire work that includes moving crystals. The chain is a chunky chain with a toggle closure. Have fun choosing!

The second winner will win:

A choice of one of the rings!

The rings appear somewhat similar, but are quite different. Both are adjustable.  The flower on the ring on the right is handmade by one of my suppliers, I then take the flower and glue it to the base that is sterling silver overlay. The ring that is further back in the photo is from a vintage piece and it has some great patina. The ring base is copper toned metal. Have fun choosing!

Remember to please leave your comments before September 23rd and please leave a comment for every act of social media kindness you share! Thanks so much! Hope your day is outstanding! Kris


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The Creative Connection & Handmade Market Tomorrow!

I am so excited about The Handmade Market at the Creative Connection Event starting tomorrow. It is at the Minneapolis Hyatt and should be an amazing show! It is a juried show, and the selection of vendors is truly exciting. The show runs from Wednesday through Saturday and I hope to see you there!

Vintage Bling

This necklace was created with a vintage chandelier crystal, wired in  a chunky way with droplets of crystals and fine wire dangling from the bottom.

This sweet ring might be one of my new favorite blingy rings… I took a vintage piece, wired and glue it onto the ring base. How sweet it is…

Buffalo Bank

I have had this cover from a Buffalo MN Bank Box for about 3 years. I knew I wanted to make something with it, but just didn’t have a vision for it. I wired this circle of wire snugly so it is secure. There are no sharp edges, and the end result is kind of funky.

All of these for sale & more at The Handmade Market at the Creative Connection Event. More details about the event… you can click to follow the link. Entrance is $10 Thursday through Saturday and the preview show tickets are $30 each on Wednesday from 6-9 pm.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my blog giveaway that I am doing in connection with the event! Lots of ways to win!


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It’s An Addiction…

I guess the first step is admitting it, so I have to confess… that I am addicted to

swirly bundles of wire… with funky vintage brooches glittering above them.

I made another pendant last night. This one is extra special because my daughter, Kya picked it out. The vibrant color green of this vintage brooch is to die for… especially if you are addicted to this particular combination, you would do anything.. (okay, sorry for being dramatic!) well almost anything to have it snuggle into this nest of wire and hang from a grungy chunky chain. My fingers made me do it!

As selected by my Chickie…

And another view… I don’t think it shows very well, but the green is fabulous. Can you see why I am addicted?

Have an amazing day!


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No More Tears…. just teardrops!

Gosh, I think this has to be one of my new favorites… It happened on its own. Okay, my hands again… but it wasn’t a vision I had.

I started by creating  teardrop frame of heavier gauge wire, and I created a few more teardrops, each one smaller on the inside of the other. I wrapped them together, made the bail with the same wire and finished it by wire wrapping the base of the bail.

I then took some of my favorite vintagy beads from a necklace… I adore the worn look of the beads and the different textures. I just started looping, playing with wire and stringing the beads until I had a row of loopy silly wire and beads. I then started at the base of the bail and wrapped the finer gauge wire to the base of the bail. I secured the strand of loopy wire and beads to the teardrops all the way around the teardrop base and back up to the bail. I then took this vintage white flower and placed it in the center of the teardrop … and no more tears, just one teardrop vintagy white and whispy pendant!

Does it look like a teardrop? Can you see the loopy wire… I had so much fun with that! I wish I had taken pics as I was creating it, but it was labor day weekend and I was sitting in a waterpark creating while watching my kids swim! We were all happy!

I hope you have a tearfree, happy, whispy loopy day!


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Feelin’ Blue? Then this one’s for you!

I found a vintage blue necklace a few years ago… It was broken, but I loved the color tones and textures. I guess I have been hoarding it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I have had this key for quite a while. It is awesome, rusty with a little red vintage paint on it. I happened to set the key by the necklace while I was contemplating a combination. I had to set aside the pendant I was working on because this combination hit me instantaneously. I broke down the necklace and wired the cool blue beads and pearls created the circle of wire and added the vintage key. It is weird how it happens sometimes… like it is not really my hands creating. I like the outcome though… so thanks whoever’s hands they were! lol

For those days when you are feeling blue...


or gray, or many other colors… This necklace will compliment so many color combinations…

I do hope you are not feeling blue today! Even though the Minnesota weather today has me wishing for the 90 degree weather again!

Have a fantastic day! Kris

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Sunday Star Power

I am on a bit of a vintage brooch kick lately… I just love to wrap them up nice and cozy with a bunch of vintage wire… it protects us from the clasp and it really seems to add a grungier look to the finished piece.

Sunday Star Power


Have a Simply Amazing Sunday!



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