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Atlanta Gift Show Fun

I’m sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight home to Minnesota. My heart is full and my creative juices are flowing. I cannot wait to get home and create…

My line with Demdaco launched another cycle of She Inspires inspirational items. I am so incredibly grateful to help to empower women with this positive and uplifting line.

This cycle included the debut of some frames and wall art which is very exciting for me. This is a line that I was creating during my recovery from surgery back in March and I continue to be grateful for my health. I do not take it for granted.

Truly it is fun to hang out by the display in the showroom and hear comments from the customers.

I got to hang with my friend Mary from high school, many, many years ago! Its such a gift to have several days to explore and enjoy Atlanta.

We tend to get a little silly…

I am so thankful to work a fabulous team from Demdaco… my heart is so full!!

I may have to sneak a nap in somewhere as there were just not enough hours in the fun filled ATL days!

Have an incredible day!



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Hello long lost friends… I’ve missed you!

It’s hard to believe it has been several years since my last post. I hope you are well!

My kids have grown from middle schoolers to adults (my baby graduates this year-don’t get me started (sniff!))… life has been joyful, busy, fulfilling, challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. I am so grateful.

I have been having a blast creating recently and here are a few necklaces that I posted on Facebook, all sold but I am happy to create something similar by request.

I have cleared my inventory in my Etsy shop… at this time I don’t have plans to reopen.

You can find me on Facebook: Cherish Designs by Kris Lanae on Instagram as KrisLanae.

My focus this year is to be more consistent in all areas of my life. I struggle with tunnel vision and I am excited to work on balance.

I hope that your day is filled with sunshine! I missed you!

🙂 Kris


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Celebrating Friendship

I am always honored when I am asked to create a custom design… And this one really was heartfelt.

A group of longtime friends wanted to create a necklace for their dear friend who is battling cancer.

They wanted to give her courage… And to celebrate her family. Faith is a key part of her life and all of those elements were crucial to incorporate into her design.

We started with the Best Mom Ever pendant.


I created individual charms to celebrate her love for each of her family members.


Her faith is important to her. I created a faith charm and added a cross to create a layering necklace that can be worn alone or as a group.


This group of friends wanted to give their friend courage and so we created a double layering chain hi-lighting their special gift.


This necklace was an honor to create… It is a beautiful celebration of friendship…


Friendship is a beautiful thing and I was so grateful to help this group of friends express their love and support in a meaningful keepsake.

Xo, Kris


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What a fantastic way to start the weekend! No school again today! After weeks of grueling hockey, swimming, ski club, boys choir, archery and volleyball practices for my children, only two of the six activities are ongoing! This morning due to icy conditions, they all got to sleep in and we all get a chance to just breathe!

Last week I created this baseball bracelet by special request of a pretty funky baseball mom!

It was a fun bracelet to create for her!

I also listed more in my etsy shop yesterday. I hope to have more listings complete in the next few days.


This DrEAm necklace is available in my etsy shop here:

I also listed this Vintage Tape Measure necklace…


It’s available here in my shop:

Do you know a Sassy Nana? I listed this Sassy Nana necklace…

You can view it here:

And if you need a reminder to breathe… Or maybe a friend is dealing with a challenging time, this necklace may be perfect.


You can find it here:

Tomorrow is Kya’s first volleyball tourney where they will be playing up a level. It is going to be a fun and challenging day… I am certain they will get a run for their money!

I hope you can find some time to just breathe and relax this weekend.
🙂 Kris

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Junk Bonanza Photo Montage

Finally! I have created my little photo montage of the Junk Bonanza.

We always try to arrive a few minutes after the doors open to beat the long lines of the early bird Junkers. It is very much worth the early bird price for easier navigating.


The path was clear to slip right in and start shopping.


I loved this table set… So beautiful.


Love the glass top with vintage sign in it.


This is a table made out if an airplane wing. It made me think of my parents.


I have admired the industrial trolley carts for years… Perfect for a coffee table.


This was one of my favorite booths, I could have spent hours scrounging through their vintage goodies.


I love anything with globes… This lamp was unique!


I have an arrow infatuation… Love, love, love!!


My favorite artist of the show is Paul… He is friend with my friend Mindi. I could spend hours reading his creative and hilarious work.


So creative!! Super cool vintage elements!


I forgot his card at home so I will have to update with his info. Love his art.

Super creative.


If you have never been, I hope someday you can attend.


You never know what you will discover.


The funniest part of our day was that we went to great lengths to get Lynda’s enclosed trailer hooked up to our vehicle… And we never even placed a thing in it. We only bought smalls! You know we would have needed it if we didn’t lug it along!


Tomorrow I’ll try to show you some of my loot!

We are off to Kya’s hockey game! Have a great day!

Xoxo Kris

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Jewelry Affaire Magazine: by Stampington

I was thrilled to arrive home last night to a comp copy of Jewelry Affaire Magazine published by Stampington.

This is especially exciting for me because a few years ago I was encouraged to submit jewelry to their magazine but something was holding me back. Clearly I was letting fear or something stand in my way. So when I received an email from the editor requesting that I submit my bead soup Grand Prize winning designs, I made myself do it.


It was a thrill to receive the printed magazine…


The magazine is a work of art…

The article has the wonderful story about my friend and author Lori Anderson and her wildly successful Bead Soup Blog Hop.


I had to chuckle that they added an i to my last name, even my Dad struggled with that after we were married.


So there I am on page 34… Pretty cool, huh? Of course, without the amazing hop hosted by Lori and the beautiful soup to create with, I would not have been so lucky so I thank my partner Sandi Volpe!

I will share my Junk Bonanza photos tomorrow! Have an amazing day!

Xoxo Kris


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Doing What You Love…

Happy Wednesday! Jeepers the days are slipping by!

Sometimes I feel a little guilty because I am having so much fun creating… It is incredible to do what you love! I am so thankful and grateful!

I refilled the muffin tin and started over with my inspirational self challenge.


One of these days I am really going to have to focus on taking some photos. My pile is growing!

🙂 Have a FUNtastic day!! I hope you can do what YOU love!

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