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Crystal Anniversary Gift


I got the sweetest request from our friend to commission a gift for their 15 year wedding anniversary. 15 years is Crystal and rather than give her a gift of glassware, he wanted to commission something special for her. Something that she can wear and enjoy!

I was very honored and pulled out my stash of crystals. He selected Citrine Quartz Crystals. I created this necklace for them. He wanted the crystals to be the focus so I kept the wirework fairly simple. I also created simple drop earrings to match.

I hope she loves this gift for her! It was such a sweet and thoughtful choice. G & J, I hope you had the most amazing anniversary yesterday and a gazillion years to come!


Hope you have a happy day!


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A Trove of Treasures

I am excited to share my trove of treasures with you today!


Well, I should say some of them. Some of them I sorted into containers before I took photos … And I forgot to take a pic of the huge button stash I added to my trove.


This is a pretty fair glimpse of my goodies though!


My fingers are itching to create, but they will have to wait as I will be volunteering in the pizza stand today at the parish festival. Last night I had fun selling beer tickets.


I created on the way home… Happy with this one using a cool buckle from Paris.



These goodies make my heart sing! I really hit the motherlode on keys!


And the amazing variety of vintage pearls actually filled my vintage pickle jar! Pure happiness!

Okay! I better get rolling! I hope you have a happy day!


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It’s A Sale: Almost My Birthday Private Virtual Sale

Yahooo! It’s almost my birthday Month.

I think it’s time for a sale!!


To sign up, email me at cherishdesigns@live.com. If you have signed up in the past, no need to sign up again.

The sale will be sent out in a PDF file and will be first come first serve on items.

Have a fantabulous day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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A Higher Purpose

Today is a gorgeous day! Hopefully the snow will stay away through the end of the fundraiser for my brother-in-law today.

The day is filled with anticipation and gratitude. So many people have been incredibly generous with their time, money, and dynamic donations. We thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have so much to share from my week at the Creatives Retreat, but no time today! Today is reserved for a higher purpose!


Have an incredible day!


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Vintage Pearls & Lace


Wow, it is so quiet! One week post surgery and Keegan is back in school for a half day!

I must admit, it is similar to sending your kids to Kindergarten on the first day. You wonder, will he be okay? I know he will be fine, but it is hard to let that protective barrier down.

It certainly is quiet here. Can’t deny that I enjoyed his company tremendously!


I bought some cool pendant bottles quite a long time ago and I decided they needed a little vintage pearls and lace. They make perfect time capsule necklaces.


Well, off to run some errands! Have a FUNtastic day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Tucson Gem Show: INCREDIBLE

Incredible is the first word that came to mind.

Dynamic would be a second choice…

The selection is incredible… The Tucson Gem Show has not disappointed! It’s massive. When you think of the manual labor of lugging thousands of pounds of gems, crystals, beads and findings, it is an undertaking if dynamic proportions.

First I’ll give you a quick tour of my friend Patti’s studio. I had the pleasure of sleeping in there the first night, let me tell you the dreams were sweet!


Her studio is so beautiful, as well as her entire home.


It is such a beautiful place for her to work.


Her home was like a French sanctuary, full of tranquility and beauty.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Her family has the most amazing dogs…


Their names are Boston and LA.


My kids would love playing with them and they are so good with her kids.

Here are a few pieces I made since arriving…


I forgot to take photos of my loot, so I’ll have to share them later! I am sorry!

We completed three fun, giggle-filled shopping days at Tucson. I had the most amazing time with Patti, Liz, Linda and Katie! Here is us on our last day relaxing with a beverage and reminiscing. I was sad to leave them but am happily in Lake Havasu City visiting my Mom who I have not seen since Thanksgiving.

This is Patti and myself in Liz and Jack’s super cool backyard!!


Hope you have an amazing day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Kris Lanae Wholesale: New Format

I am trying to decide if I like the photo layout on an old book for the photos of my jewelry for my new wholesale catalog.

I am excited about my new option for selling my originals, wholesale to boutiques that require shipping. Generally I visit the local boutiques that purchase wholesale and they hand select their purchases. Since I create one of a kind designs, it became challenging to offer my jewelry to boutiques that are not local. I have a new format that I will be releasing in the next week for boutiques to order wholesale.


Here is a peek at my work area, right by the front door, terrific natural light to work with.


Hope you are staying warm! It was -18 below zero again this morning, but we finally warmed up to 2 degrees. Brrrr…

Have a great day!

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Feeling Blessed: Grateful & Happy


Goodbye 2012…

It is amazing how quickly time passes and a year slips by…

While the year was filled with challenges, it has also been filled with many accomplishments… I am filled with GRATITUDE for the amazing blessings of both challenge and opportunity, for with out both, the blessings would not have been so sweet!

I am grateful to my FRIENDS here on my blog. You lift me up in your presence and friendship and for that I am incredibly THANKFUL. I am amazed that my blog readership more than doubled this year and I welcome all my new friends. I am so excited that you are here with me.


2012 offered many lessons… I am always eager to look at my experiences and discover the lesson to improve.

I am blessed by new business relationships in 2012, boutiques new and old that do such a fantastic job of selling my jewelry, I appreciate you!

Working with Creative Co-op has been a rich blessing in my life… Designing for them has brought such joy to my heart. I love hearing from customers & boutiques that purchase my jewelry all over the country! It is such a gift!

My FAMILY: the health of my kids, husband, parents, sister and family I am so grateful for. Even challenging news like my Dad’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s was a blessing in disguise as doctors feared ALS or a brain tumor. We successfully completed 2012 without a surgery for Keegan! While we know that 2013 has a surgery in store for him, we are so thankful for great medical care.


I am incredibly blessed by the opportunity to create and do what I love.

I wish the best for you and your family for 2013! Please be safe as you celebrate New Year’s Eve!


May your WILDEST DREAMS come true in 2013!
Hugs & Love!


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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: Fall 2012


I am so excited about sharing the first items from my fall release of Creative Co-op jewelry!

20121106-074823.jpg This necklace is called Blooming Buttons.


On the left we have Buckle Me Happy and on the right we have Gotta Handle on It { see the handle, the drawer pull?}. Naming my jewelry is always fun & you have to know my silly sense of humor!


This set of bracelets turned out super cool! Simply Divine in four colors! I wish you could try one on, they are lightweight, adjust to many wrist sizes and look divine!


I am super thrilled about my new cuff bracelets! The photo above is the Crushin’ on Numbers cuff set. It was designed after vintage surveyors tape and I am loving the look of it!


This next set of cuffs is designed after vintage measuring tape and is titled Measure Me Happy!


The above necklace is The Key To Sparkle Necklace created with sparkling crystals and the contrast of a cool chunky key. Everyone deserves the right to sparkle!


This necklace is named Vintage Soul Necklace… I am so happy with the multiple dark chains balancing the elegant pendant.

That wraps up the first grouping of new jewelry and it should be in stores near you soon, perfect timing for holiday gift giving!

Thanks for stopping by! More Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op photos to come soon! I am so excited for you to see everything!

Have a fantabulous day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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