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Celebrating 50 years!!

Today is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I am so touched by the day and excited to celebrate this amazing milestone with my parents and family today.

The passing of time is something that has really drawn my attention lately as my children are now teenagers and grow into adults. I have watched my parents grow in their love, dedication and commitment for my entire life.


I know many families are not as lucky to have marriages that have survived so many years and I believe that our parents have given us a true role model for our own marriages.

I know they have faced many hardships and challenges bad despite those, seem more in love now.


Today our family and friends are gathering around them to celebrate their 50th anniversary and both of their 70th birthdays. We are so grateful to share in this day!

I hope you have an amazing day!

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Splendid Glory, Simple Joys

I had the pleasure of creating a custom order with some family treasures… Two brooches and a pair of earrings, wish I had taken a before photo. Here are the afters.

An amazingly beautiful vintage pink brooch upcycled into a new trendy necklace.

My clients name starts with an S and amazingly I discovered that the earrings when stacked, create an S, it is even more fitting that she works in a school with children. Can you see the S, it wraps around the focal gems.

20110925-074410.jpg And the final piece in the set, the matching brooch to the earrings, I created a smaller pendant.

The photo above is a photo of a trio of bridesmaid necklaces that I had the honor of creating for a special bride & groom. I realized on the way to deliver them that I forgot to photograph the finished necklaces, 5 in total. So I used one of my favorite canvases of late, the beautiful sky. I love the sun shining through the crystals.

20110925-075329.jpg As I walk out of the roller rink after dropping our daughter off at a birthday party, I see our 13 year old son Keegan, poised on the top of our vehicle begging my husband to drive forward, “I have always wanted to ride up here!” He begged. I convinced Tom to drive forward a few feet (it didn’t take much convincing) and the result was a huge grin from the inside out! Such simple joys.

20110925-075951.jpg And finally, a photo filled with amazing color of the beautiful fall day in Minnesota. Such splendid glory! I hope your day is filled with splendid beauty and simple joys!


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