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So Many Possibilities!

This morning school is on!! The temp is fourteen below zero and it actually feels like 14 below! No windchill today!

Two out of three vehicles broke down over the past few days. I was pretty sure my truck was going to need a major repair, and am so grateful that it only needed plugs and a pump!!

Normally I would leave for Atlanta today or tomorrow, but clearly the sun and moon and stars did not align this time to make it possible. I am sending love, hope and inspiration to my friends who are headed to the show. Safe travels and much prosperity to you! I will see you all at the July show!

The sunset was dynamic last night. It brought hope for new direction and so many possibilities!


Here is a necklace that I custom made for a very special customer for her Mom. It was fun to use vintage elements to match her favorite color turquoise!


May your day be filled with so many possibilities!

🙂 Kris


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Spring Fever?

Yesterday the sun was shining… Snow was melting… You could feel the promise of spring in the air.

This morning we woke to sleet, rain and cloudy skies. The roads slick enough to delay my trip to the Twin Cities.


I continue to feel the tug of Spring Fever… Working its way to my heart.

I feel pulled to create in spring colors some whimsical designs.


More to come!

Hope you are enjoying your day!


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