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Dreaming of… Warmer Temps

We are in the middle of a deep freeze, we do live in Minnesota so you would think we would be prepared for it. The subzero temps have found us much earlier this year… Shivering as we hustle and bustle… To and fro… Preparing for the upcoming holidays.


Racing against time and frostbite… We snuggle in a dream…


Dream of warmer temps… Dream of the summer sun as it warms your heart and soul. Dreaming of sitting on my lawn creating happily as the birds serenade me.

Sweet Dream Necklace available today by emailing me at CherishDesigns@live.com. First come, first serve.

I hope you stay warm and cozy and dream happy dreams! 🙂 Kris

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Birds Singing & Owls Hooting


There is so much to do today! But the excitement of the weekend ahead will pull us through!


For the moment, I am sitting on my front stoop, listening to the birds sing, the owl hooooot and enjoying the glorious sunshine while my hair dries! Enjoying my coffee out of my Christmas cup! Lol

I wanted to say a quick hello today before I am off and running!

May the sunshine offer you a bright and happy day!
🙂 Kris


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Sunshiny Day & a New Bangle


I have been a little worker bee lately… And yes I have been creating in my PJ’s! Gosh, they are just so comfy!

I created this bangle yesterday. I think I like it. Still need to experiment a little.

Our current temp is 54 degrees!! Finally spring shows her sunshiny smile on us!!

I hope you have the sun streaming in your windows on this gorgeous day!
🙂 Kris

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Simply Sunshine: Lovin’ Coffee


Simply sunshine…
streaming through the windows…

A peaceful non hurried Friday morning….

Sitting visiting with my kids and “adopted daughter” Sam…

I smell the enticing aroma of my coffee… Take a joyful drink… Misjudge And pour it down myself… LOL!! Good morning coffee… I love you so much, but I prefer not to bathe with you!


May your day be filled with joy and you refrain from wearing your beverage of choice! 🙂 Kris


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Sunshiny Bird & Fleur de lis Necklaces


A day filled with sunshine…


Warms my soul and brightens my spirit!

Have a sunshiny day! 🙂 Kris


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Sunshine in my Heart


Starting to feel a spring in my step… Sunshine in my heart…
Seeing buds on the trees and birds chirping with joy!

Enjoy your day! 🙂 Kris

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Happy Sunshiny Day


Hello my friends…

No time to chat today, but I just wanted to wish you a happy sunshiny day!

Enjoy! 🙂 Kris


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Hello Beautiful Day!


Hello Sunshine! It’s a beautiful sunshiny world out there today!

Our first weekend with no activities! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… The joy!

Enjoy the bliss of your beautiful day! 🙂 Kris


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Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine, peeking over my shoulder…

You can come out and share your joy with us. There is something about you that lifts our spirits and brings us happiness. Do you realize the positive impact you have?

People smile more because of you, they yield to others and wait more patiently. Thank you for spreading your joy today!

The day is so amazing today and I really needed a day like today to create balance in my soul. Yesterday was the beginning of a winter journey we call H O C K E Y!

Hockey has been an amazing sport for our family, some of our closest friendships have developed through hockey. There is no denying the time commitment involved and constant running required to be a hockey parent. The benefits do outweigh the challenges, I think I needed to remind myself of that this morning as we delve into week one! Thank goodness for carpools!

A benefit is the creating time sitting in the arena!

I am a believer that we should do what we love! We do love hockey.

I hope your days are filled with sunshine and doing things that bring you joy! 🙂 Kris


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Sunshine & Shawn

A long, long, long time ago… I had the best job ever! I was a lifeguard. It was a joyful time for me because I got paid to be at the beach, teach swimming lessons and look cool twirling a whistle while sitting in the life guard chair. I basically got paid to tan.

I have so many great memories from that time… One of them is when this trio of sunshine came to visit… I really enjoyed when Shawn and her sweet sisters came to the beach. They loved to be at the beach and giggled, swam, played in the sand and asked me questions. I don’t recall them ever fighting, just enjoying their time at the beach.

I ran into Shawn about 9 years ago and she has not changed, she is still sweet, bubbly and friendly! Recently, she saw a pair of earrings I was wearing and said, “I have to have them!” then she asked me to design a necklace for her with a key and cute doo dad’s on it. I happily obliged.

A Cherish Designs Creation for Shawn

I created the pendant with wire, working it into a circle and I then wired each “doo dad” individually for Shawn… It has a little bling, a cute charm with a crystal (it totally reminded me of the sun at the beach and Shawn’s sunshiny attitude) some fabulous crystals, a vintage key replica and a large oval vintage piece of art. I finished it by adding a long chunky chain. 

I am excited for Shawn, she is starting her own party planning business called Celebrations by Shawn. She doesn’t have a website yet, but if you would like her contact info, feel free to email me (cherishdesigns@live.com) and I will happily connect you! With her sunshiny attitude, I am certain that she is going to have amazing success!

I hope you have a sunshiny day!



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Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine…

I love this quote by Anthony J D’Angelo. It is so true. The sky can be pouring down rain, but I if I choose to bring my own sunshine and happiness, my day will be cheery instead of dreary!

It seems lately at work that many people are moping around, the weight of the world is weighing heavily on their shoulders. I wish I could brighten up their days. It starts to wear on you. I am thankful for my job in an economy that not everyone has a job to go to. I am thankful that I like my job. While it is not my job to brighten everyone’s day, I can work on spreading a little more sunshine while I work. I have decided to stop worrying about the weather and carry my own sunshine with me. Maybe a little sunshine will cheer everyone up!

My necklace of the day reminds me of sunshine because it was created for my by Kya, my 9 year old daughter. We love making jewelry together. She is dedicated and creative and has her own view of what looks great. She would like to start her own jewelry line, so that is one  of our upcoming projects.

Kya's Creation

Kya created this pendant with clay, we baked it, she painted it and finished it and then I wired it and added the multi chain necklace for it. I get so many compliments when I wear it. My children are sunshine!

Thanks so much, have a terrific day! Enjoy the sunshine! Kris

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