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Wow, that was four days of being unplugged… Unplanned!

I am not sure how it happened, but I could not get internet or my data to work the entire weekend. So no blogging… Facebook… Just unplugged!

I hope you had a Happy 4th weekend! We had an amazing family weekend!

It started with a celebration Wednesday night to celebrate my niece going on a 6 month mission trip & a few birthdays!


Happy Birthday Bailey! I hope you have the most incredible birthday in Hawaii!!

We had so much fun at my Mom and Dad’s! The kids rode UTV…


This is Kya… Little speedster!


Patiently waiting…


Lovin’ Gram & Gramps…


My Mom got the coolest lanterns that you can light and they float off into the beautiful night!


We had a little bit of technical difficulty with the wind as it launched into the tree…

It was a fun thing to try and Mom gave us some to try on a calm night.

Gram let Sawyer light a firework and it was so beautiful.


I woke the next morning to sweet birthday signs & notes!

We packed for a fun long weekend at our friends cabin…


The weather was amazing! Hot, sunny, humid… True summer!


We had perfect weather to launch another lantern!

We enjoyed tubing down the river and had a fun experience at the Long Lake Theater. It is a super fun theater in an old church… The show was Odd Couple and it sure brought back a lot of memories!


They had the cutest biffy, as my Grandma would say! And I caught my friend Cindy checking it out!!



A glimpse of our friends gorgeous log cabin… So relaxing, rustic, comfy.


A view from the deck of their unique and beautiful covered bridge.



Keegan & Sawyer decided to swim one last time before leaving for home.



Nothing like some bridge jumping!




Look who I found swimming under the bridge!


Then it was time to hit the road and head back to reality!

Amazing times with fantastic family and friends!! Hope you were able to make some happy memories!!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Summer Joy & Sunshine


Hello Happy Day!

{if you are looking for my Giving Flight, Giving Back blog hop post & more info on our incredible giveaway on August 27, please click here!}

I am quite amazed that today is Thursday already… Summer days are slipping quickly by us.

In a few seasons, I am thrilled to be teaching with some pretty amazing women!

I would love to introduce you to my friend and fellow instructor at Creatives: Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat.

Linda Kinneman is talented in many mediums… She will be teaching you how to make a 3 color Tunisian Crochet scarf. Here is one made out of bamboo. So unique!


You can learn more about Linda and the upcoming retreat in April, 2013 by clicking here.

I hope you stop by and meet Linda and check out her blog! In addition to crocheting, she paints gorgeous benches and she makes some super cool art with clothing tags! Please leave her some comment love and tell her I sent you!

I am thrilled to be teaching four classes at this retreat!


Living in Minnesota offers such an amazing gift of the changing of the seasons. This year, the summer heat hit record highs across the country. I always try to preserve the summer moments, so as I climb into my frigid truck in below zero winter weather, I can warm myself up with happy memories!

I hope you store the summer joy and sunshine in your heart all year long!

πŸ™‚ Kris

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Can You Slow Down A Speeding Train?


Is there a way to slow down a speeding train? That’s what it feels like we are on right now…


Before we know it, fall will have raced it’s way here and we will be knee deep in schedules, school and activities!

I love summer…

I am just not mentally ready for the train to arrive at the station..

Apply brakes! If only we could!

I guess our next best option is to enjoy the time left and embrace the moment!


Enjoy your precious day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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