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Sunshiny Day & a New Bangle


I have been a little worker bee lately… And yes I have been creating in my PJ’s! Gosh, they are just so comfy!

I created this bangle yesterday. I think I like it. Still need to experiment a little.

Our current temp is 54 degrees!! Finally spring shows her sunshiny smile on us!!

I hope you have the sun streaming in your windows on this gorgeous day!
🙂 Kris

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Sweet Birdies & Class Preparation


The sweet birds are flying around in the snow covered trees. Usually Robins are a sign of spring. Poor birdies, I think they are looking for sunshine and berries and they found snow banks and icicles. We must have received about 10 inches of snowfall with more heading our way. We did not have the ice storms that plagued Southern Minnesota and put much of the southern state into a state of emergency, without power and heat. My heart goes out to the families suffering. Brrrr. Hopefully they will quickly restore services.

Yesterday was a great snow day. I got all of my kits created for my classes next week at Lake Geneva. Super excited about connecting with old friends and new friends!


Here are two of the jewelry pieces I will be teaching at the Creatives Retreat. There is still time to register!!!


Have a warm and safe day!


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Spring Showers & May Flowers


An abundance of spring showers…


… Should bring a gaggle of May flowers.

(I know it is a gaggle of geese, but my sleepy brain would not deliver a replacement word, lol and I just had to roll with it.)

The flower necklace above is one of the elements that used to be an old file cabinet… The flower was cut out, painted and drilled. I created a small wire flower to layer over the top. The colors are tangerine tango and pink. A forever May flower.

Yesterday was a very productive day. it was a thirteen necklace day, along with restocking my packaging supplies, and trying to get my ducks in a row for the coming weekend. I am going to try continue my minimum 5 a day pace through the week.

My daughter Kya joined my chain gang last night. She told me that she felt like twisting and turning, so I was very happy to show her how to make chains for me. It was fun to have her help.

As you look forward to the week, I hope you have a chance to smell the May flowers and sing in the rain. Have a FUNtastic day! 🙂 Kris


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Tweet. Tweet.


A spring-a-licious bird…


Tweet. Tweet.


There has been quite a bit of rain, so we haven’t heard many birds singing in the past couple of days. But spring is in the air with the excitement of Prom.

Yesterday was Senior Prom for my darling niece Bailey… It is incredibly hard to believe that she is graduating this year…

It seems like she was four years old, just a few years ago. She renamed herself Flower and Insisted that we call her Flower for about a year. It was awesome!

Last year for prom she had a beautiful princess dress. This year she decided to jazz it up a bit and be more unique… I got to take part in the prep by doing her eyes. She had a photo for me to work from… Her photo was using gold leaf, but she selected silver leaf. I had to do a little exploring to find a product that would keep the leaf on her skin… We found a body tattoo product for kids that you normally use with glitter…

She looked incredibly beautiful!

I am looking forward to sharing some pics from the photographer my sister had so you can see close ups. Here are a few snapshots.


I got a quick photo of them as they entered the school.


And here is a photo of them with my Chick-a-doodle.

I am gearing up for Craftstravaganza… Please join us next Saturday at the MN State Fairgrounds for a show filled with incredible talent.

I hope you can enjoy happy birds singing in the sunshine. 🙂 Kris


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Sunshine in my Heart


Starting to feel a spring in my step… Sunshine in my heart…
Seeing buds on the trees and birds chirping with joy!

Enjoy your day! 🙂 Kris

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Spring Rain

Waiting for green…

To magically appear…


Spring rain should help!

(photo credit by Kya) “Mom, you should see how pretty it is outside! I love that my kids are starting to appreciate the beauty of nature!

🙂 Cheers to joy in your heart today!

🙂 Kris


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Today is a Spring-a-licious day despite the fact that spring has not officially arrived…

Todays forecast predicts highs of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, unseasonably warm for Minnesota, but very welcome!

The funkadelic necklace above was created from a flower made from an old file cabinet… I wired a smaller flower and turned it into a pendant for a perfect spring day!

I promised to show you more of my loot from last weekends buying trip…


A bright and whimsical collection.


O-rings and crystals in bright happy colors…


A pair of seriously bright vintage earrings….

A vintage necklace and earrings…

A joyful collection of buttons… A girl can never have too many!


Love this selection of cuffs, chain and vintage silverware pendants!

And this super cool selection of vintage elements…
I hope you have enjoyed my tour, as you can see, I had three straight hours of shopping enjoyment.

I hope your day today is Spring-a-licious! 🙂 Kris


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Springing Forward…


With great joy… In the early hours of the morning, spring dawns with daylight savings…

A happy occasion, dampened only slightly by the loss of an hour of sleep.

Quickly forgotten by the soulful singing of the birds on this gorgeous springy day.


Two whimsical spring birds have joined us on this happy day… The first bird, a bluesy bird, is springing along celebrating the fresh fun-filled flowers…
The second bird, a color splashed bird, celebrates the promise of raindrops with rainbows.

Our wish for you is simply to celebrate each day and treasure the news that spring is soon upon us.

🙂 Kris


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An O and I Affliction


This whimsical bird is ready for spring… She is bursting with color and is on a mission to spread joy and happiness… She sends hope and good spirits to you all.

I have to share my affliction with you…
I guess the first step is admitting it… I have an O and I Affliction. Have you heard of it? Do you have it too?

I generally blog from my iPhone, it is so much more convenient for me, especially since I take my photos with my phone. My affliction begins with the inability to hit the O with precision, as a result I end up with unwanted words with I’s in them.

To my kids and family I text: I live you. (well, at least it’s true, I live and love them!). However, I quickly get a respond that they live me too! Lol

Often I type
if rather than of
tii rather than too
hipe rather than hope.

Texting hockey updates, I texted something other than shot!

I was just curious if I am the only one affected. 🙂

Sending you joy and happiness as you await the arrival of spring.



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Flower Power

So I seem to be inspired by flowers lately…

It could be the fact that last week we had traditional Minnesota weather of multiple days of below zero degree weather…

-23 below

                  was the lowest

                                 I captured on

                                          my phone… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

There are thoughts of spring…

                                                     twinges of hope…

                                                                              I do love winter….

but I might have spring fever!!!

This Funky Flower Power Necklace ($59) is inspired by spring…

                                                         can you feel the heat of the sunshine?

Mmmm, even a little humidity would be joyful right now.

Enjoy today! Kris 🙂


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