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Happy Spring! What? Winter Weather Advisory?

Poor little birdies singing in the trees must be too c.c.cold to sing this morning as the wind whips and the clouds pose the ominous threat of 6 to 10 inches of snow!

As you know, I celebrate winter… It is stunningly beautiful… Sometimes I make myself find the beauty when I am yearning for sunshine. Yearning for the feeling of grass on my bare feet and the laughter from our kids playing outdoors.

I guess you could call the stark, colorless view pretty.


If you are really reaching, you might find the beauty of the snow sifting in the cracks…


You may even find the gently falling snow relaxing… Peaceful… Quiet…

Or you may just find it absolutely and utterly comical! That’s where I am at right now!

It is mid April! I realize that we live in Minnesota… Yes, it is a frozen tundra! However we look forward to our limited days of spring/summer weather. Sunshine and warmth, please come back to visit us!

Despite being chilly and cold, I have been creating!


Flutter By… A necklace that will be perfect with shorts and a tee… Not today tho!


A triangle of texture…


And a funky spoon with vintage rhinestones…

May you feel sunshine on your back today (not snow and wind!). Have a happy day!
🙂 Kris

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Spring Has Sprung: Time to Nest?


Spring has Sprung! Well, we are missing a few signs of it in our cool Minnesota weather with temps of 7 degrees as we speak. There are hopes for weekend warming to rise into the 30’s!!

Yesterday I created this spring statement necklace with some really funky vintage beads posing as eggs nestled in with Momma bird hovering close by.



You are going to be so proud of me! I made the time to add a few listings to my etsy shop and the nest necklace is one of them! You can buy it here!


I created another “Believe in Yourself and Happiness Will Follow” necklace after a number if you wanted the one I posted a few weeks ago. And I listed it here!

I do have a few more that I need to create! Love that message because it is so true! You have to believe in you!

There is a giveaway for a sassy sisters pass to the Celebrate Creatives Retreat that I am teaching at in less than one month! Did you know that you could go for just one day? Enter the giveaway here!

Can I share a message I received the other day that really made my heart swell…

Kris, I wore your necklace the other day and I got so many compliments, I could have sold it three times in one day. Keep making your amazing designs!

How cool is that? It brings me so much joy to hear about the compliments you receive when you wear my art. Thank you!!

With a grateful heart, I hope you have an incredible spring day!
🙂 Kris

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