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Sunrise to Sunset


My alarm woke me up at 4:15 yesterday… It wasn’t hard to get up despite the limited sleep I had, I was super excited about the day ahead.

The sunrise was absolutely stunning! After about a three hour drive we arrived and were ready to shop until we dropped.


We hit it hard right out of the gate stopping at my favorite vendor and loading up in vintage goodness. My goal and focus for the entire 10 hours (with two short breaks) was to find vintage treasures for jewelry making. It was a game of endurance, especially for Tom because standing and walking takes a toll on his knees and back. Our friends let us borrow their golf cart so Tom could drive around in comfort, but he was shut down within the first half hour…no permit and no way to get a permit. Darn! We tried so hard! He was an amazing shopper anyway!


There were some incredibly cool finds… It was easy to fall in love…


I really, really wanted this sign… But I stuck to my guns and bought only jewelry supplies….


There were moments that I really needed help!!

Like when we found this amazing ax display piece.


But I was a good girl and stuck to my plan. It was a FUNtastic day from sunrise to sunset.



Hope you enjoy your sunrise & sunset! Kris


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Sunsets & Shopping


I am enjoying the beautiful scenery and brilliant colors in Arizona. My Mom and I have had a FUNtastic time over the past day and a half.

Watching sunsets…


Eating fantastic food…


Shopping and meeting all of her friends in her resort community!

It is a beautiful building with many social activities and I am so happy for her!


Today I am excited to head home to my family. It has been a dream trip to enjoy this experience with my Mom and the Tucson show with amazing friends. And now for the 3 1/2 drive through the dessert to Phoenix…
I better get packin’! I am sad to leave my Mom but excited to see my hubby & kids!

Have a fantastic day! 🙂 Kris

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Tucson Gem Show: INCREDIBLE

Incredible is the first word that came to mind.

Dynamic would be a second choice…

The selection is incredible… The Tucson Gem Show has not disappointed! It’s massive. When you think of the manual labor of lugging thousands of pounds of gems, crystals, beads and findings, it is an undertaking if dynamic proportions.

First I’ll give you a quick tour of my friend Patti’s studio. I had the pleasure of sleeping in there the first night, let me tell you the dreams were sweet!


Her studio is so beautiful, as well as her entire home.


It is such a beautiful place for her to work.


Her home was like a French sanctuary, full of tranquility and beauty.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Her family has the most amazing dogs…


Their names are Boston and LA.


My kids would love playing with them and they are so good with her kids.

Here are a few pieces I made since arriving…


I forgot to take photos of my loot, so I’ll have to share them later! I am sorry!

We completed three fun, giggle-filled shopping days at Tucson. I had the most amazing time with Patti, Liz, Linda and Katie! Here is us on our last day relaxing with a beverage and reminiscing. I was sad to leave them but am happily in Lake Havasu City visiting my Mom who I have not seen since Thanksgiving.

This is Patti and myself in Liz and Jack’s super cool backyard!!


Hope you have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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Tucson Gem Show: The First Four Hours


I am truly enjoying the beautiful weather in Tucson (I am sorry fellow cold weather friends for rubbing it in). In the summer we take for granted walking outside without a coat on, the sunshine as it sends warm hugs our way and the heavenly warmth that surrounds us.


The weather in Tucson warms your soul. Yesterday we spent four hours shopping two different wholesale shows. We were power shopping!

You are not allowed to take photos in the tents, but as my friend Patti had shared with me, we had no idea they could make tents that huge!

As I am laying in bed right now an owl started hoot-ing outside my window. The sound is so cool! Love it!


Here are a few photos of my loot!


I have a few more items that are sealed up in bags that I didn’t unpack that I will have to show later. My goal was to hold out for unique items or fantastic prices. I found some of both.



It is time to wake this morning and get rolling out of bed for a marathon shopping day! I am so excited!

We were so busy shopping that we forgot to take photos of us as a group yesterday! I hope my friend Patti feels better today, she caught a doozy of a cold and has been suffering! She has been a trooper though.


Here is a photo of the sunset last night on our way home from shopping! It was incredibly beautiful!

I hope you are staying warm and cozy!!! Wish you were here!!
🙂 Kris



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Arizona Sunshine: Gem Show Bound

The shining sun was incredibly beautiful yesterday morning as I peered out the airplane window…

Even through eyes that briefly closed for a quick two hour rest before my alarm went off and I had roll out of bed for my trip to Arizona.

Here is a shot of the gorgeous sunrise through my airplane window… It was incredibly gorgeous!


Here is a beautiful view of the drive to my friend Patti’s home.


We had an incredible time yesterday getting to know each each other and I got to meet her fantastic family.

We are Tucson Bound right now… I am so excited to meet Patti’s friend Liz who is graciously hosting us in Tucson.

I will share more photos soon!

🙂 Kris

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Sleet, Snow & Sweet Surprises


We had a quick opportunity to run through an antique mall before Kya’s hockey game yesterday.


From the street, the shop looked pretty small. Upon entering, the shop let me around corner after corner of sweet surprises, booth after booth of antiques, this place was huge! I think it was called Main Street Antiques.


It was such a joyful surprise of a shop.



I could have wandered for hours, but was thankful for the moments of discovery!


The boys had a blast skiing and snowboarding…

The conditions were perfect… Until the rain and sleet started.

It was glare ice at before the sleet and snow hit…


Check out the snow flake separating Tom and Kya… They were life sized snowflakes. Love this pic of Kya carrying her huge hockey bag discussing the game with Tom.

I had some fun creating and worked hard at not paying attention to the roads while Tom drove us safely home.


Now to wake my children and share the disappointing news that school is on!

Have a terrific Monday! 🙂

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Junk Bonanza Style!


I do! Junk Bonanza Style!


The story of the amazing dress forms that I fell a little bit in love with yesterday was so much fun to hear. The vendor walked into the attic of a house…

And all six were lined up in a row. Clearly they are sisters… She felt it was wrong to separate them and sold them as a family. I love that they get to stay together! They were quite a ways out of my price range! 🙂

Lovin’ Letters!!

20120915-064535.jpg Sweet Aprons!

Even sweeter friends!


LOVE old metal stuff!




Posh, Very Posh!


Made me smile from the Vintage Pixie!


Our class was last night. It was so much fun to create with an incredible group of women. More photos to come, but now I must start preparing for the day!

Have a fantabulous Friday! 🙂 Kris



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Live, Love, JUNKIN’ Queens


Once again, the Junk Bonanza exceeded my expectations! Many in our group attended for the first time and it brought me such joy to see the sheer awe in their faces!

We intentionally arrived a few minutes after the doors opened to avoid the long lines and major rush into the building!

The morning could not have been more beautiful!


The creativity was amazing! Inspiring!



We felt so welcomed…


And loved!


We saw these strands of buttons that brought me back to a creative project my Mom made when I was a child… She had a button collection and she strung thousands of buttons and hung them in the doorway. The strands looked just like hers! My friend Janet bought a strand! Super cool!


Each booth had such variety!


One of my favorite art finds of the day was this booth…


Love their work…


A sweet fish…



This might have been my favorite!



And a super sweet picture of my sister and my brother in law Robin… He was a dream making trips to the car!

And if only you could see the piles of loot that the live, love, JUNKIN’ queens brought home! You would be amazed!
More tomorrow! Have a great day! Wish you were here with us! 😦

🙂 Kris


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Oronoco: or Bust…

We woke up before the crack of dawn to journey to Oronoco, Minnesota. My eyes opened at 3am and refused to close, I think I was too jazzed up to sleep.

We hit the road a little past five and pulled into Oronoco shortly after 8.

I took a lot of photos this year… I was thinking of you and wishing you could join us…


This was the view that greeted us… It relates to the feeling of unopened packages at Christmas. I was giddy with excitement.

I am going to start by showing you some of my favorite finds…


These amazing letters are made out of vintage ceiling tin… Can you tell what they spell?

Yes! They spell JUNK BONANZA! This amazing vendor is also at the Junk Bonanza! (a quick plug for the Live, Love, JUNK retreat, we are going to have so much fun shopping, creating and connecting! I am excited to announce that there are now options for those who cannot stay the full three days! Click here for more info!)


The vendor is Faulkenberry Antiques & Designs and they make awesome items out of vintage ceiling tile & super cool lights out of metal and burlap…


Love the mirror!


And for my Chickie…


My next favorite find was this cabinet… I am deeply in like!


It is still for sale by the North Entrance for $500, tell them I sent ya!

And give it a hug for me! I promised myself that I was sticking to supplies this year and I am proud of myself for sticking to my guns despite the incredible visual assault.


Architectural elements are scattered throughout the town.


Gold Rush Days takes over the entire town of Oronoco, every crook and cranny is used for vendor spaces, food vendors and parking.


Here is a peeker… And a peek at a fabulously patina’d set of furniture.



The same booth had an incredible pergola…

Not an antique, but dynamic none the less.

I found these buckets… Really wish I had bought one for my sister.


This little vignette was photo worthy…


Some vendors have everything organized in containers and you can tell they do it for a living. Some vendors have a mishmash of boxes and you dig… Some just lay it all out there. I love the mishmash and the digging!


The weather could not have been more perfect… Sunny, a light breeze and 70 degrees. The first and only break I took was for a stir fry filled pita and a short rest on a shaded patch of grass.


I can’t say enough about my amazing helpers… Patient, helpful, supportive and my Chickie is the BEST finder… She knows exactly what I will like and she found most of the best finds of the day! At one time, Tom patiently waited for an hour while Kya and I filled a ziplock bag full of buttons, one at a time out of four incredible bins. I could have filled another one, but I didn’t think they were up for another hour!


A cute set of drawers.

Have luggage, must travel?


Random Vintage Love…


Love the bottles… Can you see them as pendant lights? But look at the awesome time worn & paint spilled finish of the table!


I swooned over this funky wired plant stand.


Love the vintage branding!


Nine plus hours of endurance shopping makes a chick-a-doodle tired.



And a dynamic sunset on our way home… Exhausted. Happy. Itching to create.

I’ll show you my loot tomorrow!
🙂 Kris


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Two Down, One To Go!


Last night my kids were home, sweet, home. After weeks of camps and tours, we are all happily under one roof. it feels so good!

I had an incredible day at the Minneapolis Gift Mart and am looking forward to a second day. I should have taken pics… I was going to and got side tracked. I did take a picture of my work for the day. It was so much fun to sit and create while meeting store owners and buyers from at least six states.


It was a treat to find out that Tom took Sawyer & Kya school supply shopping yesterday!!! Yippppeeeee! Two down, one to go! We have never been this prepared, this early! Such a great feeling!

I am off again to the gift mart… Hope you have a happy Monday!
🙂 Kris

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Today is a Spring-a-licious day despite the fact that spring has not officially arrived…

Todays forecast predicts highs of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, unseasonably warm for Minnesota, but very welcome!

The funkadelic necklace above was created from a flower made from an old file cabinet… I wired a smaller flower and turned it into a pendant for a perfect spring day!

I promised to show you more of my loot from last weekends buying trip…


A bright and whimsical collection.


O-rings and crystals in bright happy colors…


A pair of seriously bright vintage earrings….

A vintage necklace and earrings…

A joyful collection of buttons… A girl can never have too many!


Love this selection of cuffs, chain and vintage silverware pendants!

And this super cool selection of vintage elements…
I hope you have enjoyed my tour, as you can see, I had three straight hours of shopping enjoyment.

I hope your day today is Spring-a-licious! 🙂 Kris


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Happy Days With Friends

I am honored

To have my jewelry in the March 2012 Bead Trends Magazine. 🙂

Yesterday we celebrated our friend’s birthday by shopping the occasional sales in Buffalo…

The morning sky was Spectacular!

We enjoyed amazing displays…

Of fabulous vintage finds…

20111008-053005.jpgI fell in love with the girls… Wicked!

Some great lighting…

So much to look at…

Eye candy…

We laughed until we cried…

Time after time…

We giggled like school girls…

Loved the flowers created from old maps…

A very artistic arrangement of vintage lucite on old vintage frames…

Fall colors served up in a beautiful pallette…





And one of my favorite unexpected looks… A fall carpet of leaves…

Trampled by happy shoppers… A fantastic fall day of friends… Fun.. And fulfillment.

I am especially happy that I finished the custom Crown for my friend Heidi!


Hope your days are filled with happy days and giggles! 🙂 Kris


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‘Tis The Season Holiday Boutique

Last week Tom delivered my inventory to this boutique that is being run by Stephanie and Kelly, sisters and partners in crime. They have created an upscale boutique shopping experience at the Chaska Town Course…  He did happen to say to me that the location is beautiful and the sisters are professional and organized.

The hours of the event have changed and will continue into a third weekend. We hope you can enjoy shopping the many handmade and unique gifts!












I am excited about ‘Tis the Season Boutique! You will find my products available for the next two weekends!
What a great shopping opportunity! Support handmade artisans instead of corporations this year!!! 
Join us for 
‘Tis The Season Boutique
an upscale boutique featuring high quality products, including hand painted art, adorable children’s gifts, handmade unique jewelry, homemade soaps, fudge, home and holiday decor, and gifts that you will not find anywhere else.
Over 60 artisans featured.
Saturday, December 11th, 9am-5pm
Sunday, December 12th, 11am -5pm
Friday, December 17th, 11am – 5pm
Saturday, December 18th, 9am – 5pm

We are conveniently located in Chaska at the Chaska Town Course
off of 212 and CR 41/Chestnut Blvd:
3000 Town Course Drive
Chaska, MN 55318


Hope you can visit!! 🙂 Kris

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4th Annual Ladies Night Out, Sauk Rapids

I am looking forward to Ladies Night Out in Sauk Rapids on Friday Night. It is such a fun night with prizes drawn every half hour, a fabulous selection of vendors and great holiday shopping. There is a bake sale too!

The Details:

Friday, November 5th


Sauk Rapids VFW (Backroom)

901 North Benton Drive


Lots of great shopping and pampering opportunities.

Door Prizes given away every ½ hour!


Come and pamper yourself and get some early holiday shopping done!!!

Hope you can join us!


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