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Prisms of Color & A Private Virtual Sale

Gosh the days are breezing by quickly…

We had some fun family time celebrating the most recent snow day Friday…

Keegan left for snowmobiling in Yellowstone with his Grandpa and cousin. He is currently 814 miles away from me… I know he is having a trip of a lifetime snowmobiling in Montana. My traditional goodbye since my kids were little was to kiss them goodnight and good morning for every day I would be gone. It used to help them to know how many mornings and nights I would be gone and as a Mom, I always wanted to get my daily kisses in.

As we left the house (I was considerate and attempted the tradition in the privacy of our home!) I started kissing his cheek goodnight-good morning. I only made it two and a half days when I started getting the Mooom resistance! I expected this from my almost 16 year old… The wrestling match ensued. I can still take him! At least I think I can, but amid laughter and a good tumble, I backed off. At least he know I tried.

District Hockey playoffs are finished. Yesterday morning the girls lost 2-3 in the Championship game to take second seed to Regional playoffs. The girls were disappointed but they played so hard this year. Sometimes loosing prepares you for your next game and we are hoping this loss makes them stronger when they take the ice Friday for Regionals.

I have created quite a bit this past week.


A super sweet and special client wanted some colored crystals for layering and so I made quite a selection for her.


They turned into some kind of cool color combinations.


She got up early and met me at the hockey arena to select her favorites.


I have quite a lot of work to do in four short days this week. Just for fun I am throwing in a quick Private Virtual Sale at noon central tomorrow. You can sign up by emailing me at CherishDesigns@live.com. If you have previously added yourself, you are still on the list.

Thanks and have a great day!


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Today is my Almost My BIRTHDAY Sale!

I have so much to tell you about the last week, but it is going to have to wait another day as I am preparing for my sale today at 6pm central.

It is going to be an amazing sale! I have been taking photos for hours! I have been trying to decide how I can show my gratitude for all of you, my amazing customers! It came to me this morning. Since it is almost my birthday, I am going to give each person that orders a FREE necklace.


I am now extra excited for the sale to begin because I LOVE giving!! Yipeeeeeeeeee! And you have given me so much!

Ok, I guess I better get back to work so the email is ready to send at 6pm today. Orders will be first come, by email received. Email me at cherishdesigns@live.com to sign up!

I hope you have a glorious day!
๐Ÿ™‚ Kris

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It’s A Sale: Almost My Birthday Private Virtual Sale

Yahooo! It’s almost my birthday Month.

I think it’s time for a sale!!


To sign up, email me at cherishdesigns@live.com. If you have signed up in the past, no need to sign up again.

The sale will be sent out in a PDF file and will be first come first serve on items.

Have a fantabulous day!
๐Ÿ™‚ Kris


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Private Virtual Sale: Pinky Swear!


It’s pretty rare that I make myself a necklace… I tend to wear the same couple of designs for months, switching it up occasionally, kind of odd for a jewelry junkie.

I have been collecting random elements that I have wanted to make into a necklace and last weekend I finally created a new layering necklace for myself. Nothing fancy.


This morning we woke to a beautiful snowfall… My kids are so excited, I have to nudge them to keep moving… They just want to watch the snow fall.


Tomorrow is my Private Virtual Sale, there is still time to sign up. {Email me at cherishdesigns@live.com} The email sale will be going out tomorrow at noon central. I will be sending a pre-sale email before the end of the day, so let me know if you have trouble opening it. I think you will be happy you signed up… Would you like a hint? Okay… The hint is {Bogohoplus}. I have a ton of inventory never shown on my blog, some early creations, some lower priced designs and I think you are going to have a blast! Pinky Swear!
{feel free to share my private sale info with your friends!}


Hope you have a joyful day, I know ours will be a joyful snowy day!
๐Ÿ™‚ Kris

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