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Grandpa’s Keys Necklace

I am so excited to finally share this necklace with you today! I delivered it yesterday to Melissa and she was so patient with me while I searched for the right clasps and elements to incorporate into this unique and very personal necklace.


This necklace is unique in the very special memories it holds for Melissa of her Grandfather’s vintage keys, but also in that we created a very special family keepsake. In addition to that, I wanted her to be able to wear it in more than one way.


At the end of the chain, I added the jump rings spaced evenly within the chain. Each of the seven keys or charms can be their own pendant when worn separately on a single chain. Each pendant also has its own clasp to attach the pendant to the chain.

The necklace hangs in a different style depending on the spot that Melissa clasps it. The first photo shows the clasp attached to the last jump ring on the chain. The second photo shows the clasp attached to the third jumpring on the chain. See how it provides versatile looks?

On top of that, Melissa can customize the necklace with any charm. She could wear her two daughter’s charms for a light summer look with a Tshirt, or wear the entire set as a funk and funky design with a jean jacket or sweater.


I did some extra customizing on one of her Grandpa’s keys by hand stamping “to my heart” on the key, creating a “key to my heart” pendant. This really pulls the necklace together signifying her love for her family.


A few close ups of the details…


You can see the final photos on my dress form.



I also created some key earrings for Melissa… They are even cuter on her as they dangle perfectly for her hair length!


We had a few extra keys and so I created just a few more pendants.


I know you will understand when I tell you how much fun this was to deliver!


Thanks Melissa! It was a joy to create for you!!

Happy Spring everyone! Hopefully it will soon feel like spring! 🙂 Kris


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Seeing RED… and orange?

Well, it sounds like I am crabby, but I am not… REALLY! It was just a fitting title for my blog post today.













This ensemble of vintage red and orange beads is such a fun look. They bring out the tones and highlights of the beautiful fall colors we say this year. I had a lot of fun wrapping this one, it is amazing how much more challenging it is without a thumb, but I am happy with its final look. I think the whimsical use of wire really complements this teardrop shape pendant. ($89)  Hope you like it!

I have a Dr. appointment today. Hoping I can lose the splint! My husband said that he thinks that the Dr. should completely immobilize my right hand because he thinks my thumb would heal faster that way. He says I am overdoing it. WWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt? Sorry honey, you are silly. My production is wayyyyy down…you better not call the Dr. and tattle on me! I have been really good about keeping my thumb in the sling my dear husband! And resting it… well, while I sleep anyway!

Well, I am off and running! I might see red if I don’t get to lose the splint! Got that Mr. Dr.???? I have jewelry to make!

Have a fabulous day! Kris


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