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Spirits Restored


The patina on this vintage christmas tree candle holder is so amazing. The bluesy metal tones matched perfectly with the blueish metallic crystal that I wired and swirled into the design.

Yesterday our girls lost their game 3-4 in double overtime in the Regional Playoffs ending their hockey season. They played so well and fought hard. It was a joy to watch them work as team and hard to watch them come off the ice, emotion on their sleeves, and for some, tears streaming. As sad as I am for them, and as much as I wanted them to go to state, there is a sense of relief that hockey is over for the year and our normal life will resume!

Their spirits were restored after swimming in the pool and spending time as friends hanging at the hotel!

Today is a new day, filled with possibility. We are thankful for the experiences of yesterday and grateful for the fun ahead!

Enjoy your day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Now That’s a Big Bowl!


Vintage buttons have always been a treasured part of my life… I share a love of them with my Mom. My Mom has a vintage button collection from my Great Great Grandmother from Norway in the most unique primitive wooden chest. My Mom showed us her craftiness when we were growing up and created the coolest button curtain that was hanging at the entrance to our living room. I wish I had a photo of it, but I did find a photo that is kind of similar by googling.

(Thank you to Www.purpleglitter.livejournal.com) My Mom’s button curtain was a bit beefier… I think she used larger buttons and she had them placed side by side to fill the doorway. It took her hours and hours to make. I loved that curtain… The feeling of parting the heavy strands of cool buttons. I am sure we were pretty hard on it, especially me. (Sorry Mom!) I was a pretty careless and energetic child!)

The necklace above I created with a vintage metal button… Wire and crystals swirling below it. πŸ™‚

It is a beautiful Saturday morning as I sit on the sofa, enjoying my coffee and creating this blogpost. Sawyer, my early riser is watching movies on his phone when he decides it is time for breakfast. I hear him in the kitchen as he says, “I need a really big bowl, I am very hungry.” He is 12 and capable of getting his own breakfast, so I leave him on his own. He walks across the room with biggest grin on his face and a serving bowl filled with Cheerios and milk!


He shares my love of coffee so he has a cup of coffee in his M & M cup!

I had to talk him into a photo… He cracks me up!

And yes! Shocking news, he finished it!

I have a couple a couple of brief hockey playoff updates: yesterday Keegan’s team won in sudden victory overtime to continue to move on in the district playoffs with a final score of 3-2… Kya’s team also won in overtime 3-2 to move into the District Championship game. If they win, they move on to Regional Playoffs. They boys have a longer journey ahead of them due to their loss on Friday night. And the hockey continues with two more games today!

Enjoy your day to the fullest! Hope it is a great one! πŸ™‚ Kris


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