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Live Like There is No Tomorrow


My chickadoodle will take self portraits on my phone and I will discover fun shots of her. This one she added the quote, Live Like There is No Tomorrow!

Guess I’ll have to scroll through my photos more often for fun surprises.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of hockey and play practices. Fun and busy times.


I sold this necklace recently, it will always be one of my favorites. So happy it has a new home!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and making the most if your new year!


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May Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Today is the eve of the new year, two thousand and eleven.

Wow, it is hard to fathom that this is our 10th New Year with all three of our children.

I can tell I am getting older… I am thinking, how nice to stay home and hunker down and possibly be snuggled cozily in my bed by midnight. But then again, it might be fun to see the new year in with our kids. I know they could make it this year.

10, 11 and 12! Wow!

Our kids are our wildest dreams…

The journey to have children was a five year journey of pain, growth, extreme medical intervention, five miscarriages, education, financial challenges, family, friends, faith and ultimate happiness. It was a journey that took a village and all of the support of our family and friends, and we are so thankful.

In the past 12 years we have continued to have incredible medical challenges, but we have learned so much. We are so thankful for the health of our children and our family as we celebrate the end of 2010 on journey into 2011.

It feels like 2011 is going to be our best year ever… so much possibility. 

I hope your wildest dreams come true! And 2011 is your best year ever!

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