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Happy May Day!

Monday all three of my children had their first spring sporting events after three weeks of weather delays. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The temp was a warm and happy 74 degrees. Kya and Sawyer had track. Keegan had an away golf meet.


I took a photo of Sawyer throwing discus, I must admit I wanted to get out there and take a spin with it, just to see if I could still do it. For the sake of Sawyer, I resisted the temptation! He didn’t need the public humiliation!

He also ran the hurdles and did the high hump. He got the highest jump for his grade on his team. Pretty cool for just learning.

Kya ran three relays and hurdles. Kya’s friend captured a fantastic photo of Kya mid jump.

(Photography Credit Samantha Torborg)

Keegan had a fun time golfing in his first JV Meet and he was happy with his performance.

Today is May Day! I hope someone leaves a May Day basket and dings your doorbell! Our May Day surprise is a 30% chance of snow today!!

Here are a few more pics from my muffin tin challeng


Tones of greens and blues…




Hope you have a Happy May Day!!
🙂 Kris

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Muffin Tin Challenge

A while back, a group of jewelry makers had a muffin tin challenge… I wasn’t able to participate, but really wanted to. I decided on this weekend that I am going to have my own muffin tin challenge. I placed like objects that I am inspired to work with and took a couple of photos for you.


I just love my muffin tin…


I bought it, used and abused!

So my goal is to create at least a couple of pieces from each tin… Often I will grab my supplies and regret not having matching crystals or another element, so I took a little time planning. (I am normally not a planner, I am a free form creator! Lol (yes I made that up!))

Here is one of my first creations…


It is now dark in Minnesota early and it is too late to take photos with natural light… So here is my next best option:

I got a photo cube some time ago… So tonight I set it on a shelf by a double sconce light. My lighting should be a little brighter, but I am okay with the result.

Here is a peek:


And here is a shot a little further away.



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