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BeadSoup-a-licious: Meet Sandi

I am excited to introduce you to my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner Sandi Volpe.

I am thrilled to meet Sandi! We have a lot in common!


I am mom of three boys, 15, 13 and 8 living in a soccer obsessed household in Northern Virginia outside of DC.

I have always collected interesting jewelry and made earrings with my mom’s vintage crystals and re-did jewelry pieces I owned. I designed my engagement ring with sapphires from earrings my mom gave me and re-designed them too.

I decided to stay home after 2 jobs and 2 boys wasn’t working any more. I knew it was the right decision I because I was on a dream project at the Library of Congress working on a digital library for the Motion Picture and Recorded Sound division, but knew I could not keep up the pace of the commute, etc.

I promised I would give myself at least of year of being a stay at home mom before considering work, that was 12 years ago and I took longer than a year to decide as I had my third baby.

I looked in to all the check book parties like tupperware etc. I hosted a Silpada party and decided I would rather design and make my own jewelry, so that’s what motivated me to start.

I started stringing and soldering pendants and I loved it. I have been taking classes and honing my metal smithing and wire working skills and now lamp working. I love lamp work beads and decided to try my hand making them. I love making the entire piece.

This is my 5th bead soup party and I am lucky enough to see Lori on a regular basis as she lives 1.5 hours away.

I love the creative process and have met some amazing women through the BSBP as well as artBliss which is a retreat that is 10 minutes from my house. I have such easy access to classes in Virginia and can go to Bead Fest in Philly too.

I am hoping to create a more cohesive line this year and up production.

And now I would like to show you the fantastic bead soup I received from Sandi!


Our reveal date is March 30th, so be sure to subscribe or bookmark my blog to see what we come up with! Also please check out Sandi’s blog to check out her creations with the soup I sent her! {I’ll reveal the soup I sent her in the next day or two and the final reveal will be 3/30/13.}


Sandi sent a fantastic soup and I am going to have so much fun with it!


I cannot tell you how excited I am by the elements she created for me and the gorgeous supporting materials.

To begin with I received the fabulous lamp work and enamel work she sent. I was in awe when I unwrapped them! I am excited about the waxed linen, as I have not created with it yet and will enjoy the challenge!


On the left, you will see her delicate craftsmanship in the clasp she created for me. I love the fly pendant too! Sandi and I are both took “flying lessons” and we have that experience in common.


And Sandi picked up on my Addiction for all things vintage and added some vintage love in her soup!

I am so excited to begin creating! Thank you Sandi for the FUNtastic elements to work with!!

{weekend update}
As I mentioned the other day, Kya’s hockey team had game four of district playoffs on Friday night. Kya had a terrific game scoring the second goal of the game and almost scoring to tie the game, but it was not meant to be. They lost 2-3 ending their season. It was especially sad because they won’t be playing together until high school. Our pace will slow down now without hockey practice and games!!! Whew!

Saturday was a highlight with her volleyball team moving up to Gold level and taking first place. Their first time winning championship in Gold!

Life is all about the lessons learned in losing and winning… But there is more to life than the wins and the losses… Being thankful for opportunities, teamwork, the ability to learn and grow and develop long lasting friendships… That’s what I am grateful for!

It is official, I mentioned a few months ago that Keegan has to have another surgery for his MHE (bone tumors that are not malignant but grow at the growth plates). He is scheduled for March 28, he will have the pins in his ankles removed (this is going to be pretty invasive and land him on crutches for another 4-6 weeks) and they will remove the 8-plate above his knee. The great news is that he will be hardware free for the first time since he was 9 years old, he is now 14! Guess we will need to prepare our living room to be an Xbox game room over Easter break!

I hope you have a fantastic Monday!
πŸ™‚ Kris

Kris Binsfeld is a wire and mixed media artist. Her designs can be found in boutiques nationwide. You can like her on facebook here and shop for her creations in her etsy shop. Feel free to subscribe to her blog to follow her creative journey. You can request to be added to her private sale list by sending an email to cherishdesigns@live.com.


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Spirits Restored


The patina on this vintage christmas tree candle holder is so amazing. The bluesy metal tones matched perfectly with the blueish metallic crystal that I wired and swirled into the design.

Yesterday our girls lost their game 3-4 in double overtime in the Regional Playoffs ending their hockey season. They played so well and fought hard. It was a joy to watch them work as team and hard to watch them come off the ice, emotion on their sleeves, and for some, tears streaming. As sad as I am for them, and as much as I wanted them to go to state, there is a sense of relief that hockey is over for the year and our normal life will resume!

Their spirits were restored after swimming in the pool and spending time as friends hanging at the hotel!

Today is a new day, filled with possibility. We are thankful for the experiences of yesterday and grateful for the fun ahead!

Enjoy your day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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You Win Some & You Lose Some

Creative Every Day Month Day 13!!! This is my first month long challenge and I must say, I am enjoying it so much! I love everyone’s comment! I am enjoying being able to explore new blogs daily! And I enjoy the challenge of posting every day! I wonder if there is a December monthly blog challenge?

Yesterday, I gave myself the muffin tin challenge partially because I knew I would be on the road a lot this weekend and also because I wanted to participate in the last one… Here are two of the 8 pieces I created yesterday.

The first piece is a handmade wire flower centered on an amazing vintage rhinestone element. Very happy.


It has been fun to draw from one small container rather than pull from about 4-5 trays.

The second piece kind of replicates a wreath of wire with the most beautiful opalescent pearl oval vintage element. Love.


Both necklaces will be listed in my etsy shop shortly… http://www.cherishdesigns.etsy.com
Perfect for holiday gift giving!

We enjoyed two hockey games yesterday. My daughter Kya was moved up to the next level in hockey because they were low on numbers. She is the youngest on the team. I was amazed by the awesome team work by this group of girls. Kya played a new position & scored 2 goals ( which tied her record of two goals for the whole season last year).

The second game was Keegan’s game and they played a team that dominated them. Totally out skated them. I am proud of my son who had his first Bantam game (which was unnerving because most Bantams have hit their growth spurts and tower over a few of our bantams.) and kept his spirits up after getting crushed 0-9.

Hockey is so much like life, you win some & you lose some… And through it all it is important to keep a great attitude, through both experiences.

I forgot to remind you about my 15% off coupon in my etsy shop so I have extended the coupon through tomorrow. 11/15/11 Just enter the code!


If you would like to follow some of the amazing artists in the AEDM challenge, you can follow them here.

Remember if you enjoy what you see, like, follow or subscribe! Thanks so much for visiting today. πŸ™‚ Kris


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