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Precious Traditions

We had a fantastic weekend. Friday night Sawyer had a swim meet and then Kya had a hockey game. Saturday I had a trunk show and Kya had another hockey game.

When I returned home, the boys surprised me with a Christmas Tree from our property. They picked it out and cut it down by themselves. So no photos captured but memories created for certain.

Keegan and Sawyer decorated it by themselves… It is the most endearing tree we have ever had.

It borders on being a Charlie Brown tree, but truly precious, especially because it was a surprise. And a bonus was that they cleaned up afterward!


They believe it looks better at night, but I think it is pretty precious by day.


Keegan is pretty proud of the new way he created to hang the lights (up and down rather than around!) and I LOVE that they don’t quite reach the top!


We debated about getting a real tree this year because of our crazy schedules, and this might be my favorite tree ever! Next year we will continue our quest to touch the ceiling with our tree, but this year I am grateful for my precious children who love traditions.

Last night I had a cup of cocoa and enjoyed the brilliance!


Yesterday my kids created their traditional ginger bread house…


It didn’t last long!


Someone ate the roof!!


Thursday is my Holiday Open House. I hope you can join us! I created a few more delicate necklaces for the open house.


May you and your family share many fun filled family traditions this year!

Xoxo Kris


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The Last Days of Summer


Summer is slipping away! School starts two weeks from today! I can’t believe it is coming so quickly!

My chick-a-doodle had a blast at her friends house the other day… Yes it did take my breath away as they showed us their tricks… Gasp!!

It is Keegan’s last week of work before school starts. I am so proud of him for how hard he worked this year!

And it is Sawyer’s last year of boys choir, rehearsals start Monday already!

Time to enjoy the last days of summer!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Summer Vacation

It was a gorgeous day for a softball game…


The girls had a terrific scrimmage. They worked well together. It should be a fun season.

Sawyer’s on tour concert, his last concert of the season was fantastic. He has moved from the front row to the back row just this year since he has grown so tall. He loved that Grandma & Grandpa came to watch!


It is hard to believe that he leaves for 12 days on Friday. They will travel through Southern Ontario and Quebec. He is so excited!


Today is the first day of summer vacation for my kids. Super happy to enjoy this time with them! We have some major cleaning to accomplish. They are pretty excited about that (Ok, maybe not excited! Lol)!

I hope you have a FUNtastic day!

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A Hazy Cloud of Dust


GMorning!!! Gosh, it’s Wednesday already! It is a bit unbelievable how quickly the days pass.


I love the intricacies of this vintage element and the sharp contrast between black and white.


Is it dry where you live? It is incredibly dry here! My three little (well maybe not so little) Atv’ers have been having a blast driving all over our yard and driveway.


Around and around they go…


And up and down… Until all you see out the windows is a hazy cloud of dust.


Boy have they had fun… But don’tcha think we could use a little rain?

πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Wednesday!


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An Indoor Slip & Slide?


I finally hopped through all of the amazing blog posts! I am so proud to be a part of this giveaway and honored to call these women friends! If you are looking for my Giving Flight, Giving Back post, please click here.

It is amazing that today is Wednesday already, the days are passing by so quickly.

I have to give you a little play by play of yesterday when I came home.



To put things in perspective, the finish on our tile floor is matte, not glossy!


And the evidence…



Splash splash…


One of my friends commented, if only we had a hidden camera!


Not necessary with my kids! They video themselves! It is about a four minute video, and no I will not be posting it on you tube, my luck it would probably go viral!!! It is pretty hilarious! it turns out Keegan was not involved, but both Kya and Sawyer had accomplices!

Some of my friends commented that I was a good sport about it… Well, I must say, it does not even come close to other similar events…
1. A brand new just opened $50 can of prescription formula spread all over Kya and Sawyer and my kitchen when they were 1 & 2.,, ( and we could not afford the formula that only lasted two days, yes, that is $750 per month for formula and yes I cried!!)

2. A large bag of movie theatre popcorn when they were toddlers that they discovered while we were sleeping!

3. Unzipping their Winnie the Pooh bean bag chairs and jumping on them releasing the stryrofoam balls across our living room (and the static electricity causing them to fly and stick all over).

In the end, the biggest message is, is it worth it to sweat the small stuff? Naw, there is much bigger stuff to sweat!

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! πŸ™‚ Kris

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It’s All A Bit Of A Blur!!! and my 101st post!

Wow did the holidays fly by this year. Everything from the shopping to the wrapping to the actual holiday blurred by so quickly…

And some of my photos too… went by in a bit of a blur! Especially this photo of Keegan and I!

Quite blurry, but I think I look younger that way! Who knew blurring your photos and applying age techniques would subtract years from your age! I would have done that a long time ago had I know!

It was a joyful holiday, filled with fun family, terrific food and fun for all!

Some enjoyed snowmobiling in the abundance of snow. We enjoyed some great family times, shopping, watching movies and did I mention eating amazing food?

I even got some terrific play time with my new jewelry cutter I have been wanting. It is super heavy-duty and cuts wire like a breeze! My other cutter had only one spot where I could cut through wire, the other areas of the blade were ruined!!! I browsed in the holiday decor shops like never before… just taking it all in and imagining my line in a store in the future! I brainstormed on some gift items, too! I am looking forward to receiving the contract information soon.

And I promised to show you a picture of our tree, up in our home… Of course I took the photo after all of the presents were distributed. The kids decorated the tree one night while I was finishing Christmas Orders. It is our most precious tree ever. I love how high they got the lights before we ran out. I love how they could only get ornaments so far up… We never did get the tree topper or more ornaments on the top, but I must say, it is our most precious tree ever!

I am quite amazed at how far they did get the lights up on the tree! What amazing kids! (I know, I am biased…)

I am totally shocked that today’s post is number 101!! Wow, that went fast… I love blogging! And I love browsing blogs.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and got to spend some “me” time in your own way, creating or reading or enjoying yourself!

Happy Holidays… have a fabulous day!


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