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Junk Bonanza: Treasures

Here are some of my Junk Bonanza treasures.


Some of my purchases are items to enhance my photos…

Love the new architectural pieces.


I forgot to take a pic of my green treasure box… I guess there is always another day!


Love the old film reels…


My funkalicious finds!


More backgrounds.


I scored on drawers!


Feeding my clipboard addiction!


More hockey today! Have a great day!


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Live, Love, Junk Retreat: Register Today!


The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is rapidly approaching… and we would love you to join us!

Here is a glimpse of my blog post from last year that shows you a fantastic glimpse of the shopping and creativity of the vendors.

The Live, Love, Junk Retreat is centered around the Junk Bonanza held semiannually in Central Minnesota. The vintage junk shopping is an incredible experience and the event is filled with dynamic vintage finds and cool creations using junk.

The retreat includes your early bird ticket to shop the event (a must to beat the massive crowds and get first dibs on the best finds.) You will connect, giggle and enjoy the camaraderie of other junking queens, enjoy a Meet and Greet Party, Shuttle to and from the Junk Bonanza, A Funtastic BBQ, and a Restyle Workshop (I have some fun projects for the workshop! Hope you can join us!!)

Your registration also includes a Live, Love, Junk Market Bag with exclusive offers and discounts for the Retreat attendees from the Junk Bonanza attendees. Also enjoy a Friday evening Farewell Round Up Dinner and Bingo!

I am looking forward sharing this experience with all of you!

Remember, Save $20.00 by registering by August 1!!


Click here to register if you love junking, meeting new people, creating and meeting lifelong friends!

I hope you can join us!!
🙂 Kris

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Designs Are Brewing!


I had a blast creating last night…

Sometimes designs just happen without too much thought. That happened for me last night. Love!


It was my first chance to create with treasures from the Live, Love, JUNK retreat and the Junk Bonanza & now I am wishing I had bought more measuring tape! The designs are brewing!

The ribbon was another find from a vendor at the Junk Bonanza…


Oh yes, and the clipboard was a new treasure! I love it! Love it with my old book paper as a background!

Enjoy and have a fabulous Tuesday!

🙂 Kris


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Junk Bonanza Love & Lovin’ Tomatoes


I can’t believe that I still have more Junk Bonanza photos that I have not shared!


Love the mirrors.

The bird was one of my favorite things… 20120920-071822.jpg20120920-092356.jpg


In an effort to share every delectable moment with you, I might have overdone it on the photos!

All these photos make me want to rewind and shop again!


I have been meaning to show you my treasures for days… I finally took a quick snapshot. As you can see, I was successful in trying to refrain from buying large items! 🙂


And to finish off today’s post! Yesterday was the Farmer’s Market in our small town and after yesterday’s blog post, I was craving home grown tomatoes. I only had $10 cash and I asked Sawyer and Kya to buy at least 6 tomatoes & then they could buy whatever else they wanted. There were only a few booths set up because it was a very windy and blustery day. The kind that feels like you are getting hit by a sandblaster!

As I see Sawyer and Kya walking back to the car, I see Sawyer carrying a large flat box.

As they approached, I could see bright red tomatoes… And a Ginormous smile on his face! Apparently they would not split up the tomatoes, so he paid $5 of his own money and bought us 42 of our very own tomatoes…

My children are such a gift! 🙂
We are lovin’ tomatoes today!

Have a fabulous day! 🙂 Kris


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Rising Above


The gorgeous colors of fall have started to appear…
Sumac is one of my favorites. It is really feeling fallish today!

From my heart, I thank you each of you who have reached out in support to me. Your kind thoughts and words are so much appreciated. Throughout this experience, I have done my best to take the high road and be the best person I can be.

I try to look at each day and event in my life and learn from it. Yesterday was a big, painful lesson. I thought it would be helpful to write about the experience have some closure about it. It turned out that it opened Pandora’s box.

Yesterday, I withdrew from a group of online friends I love connecting with because I need peace to heal and move forward. Very few people know the whole story of what happened during that time and it serves no purpose to bear it all. I would really appreciate my friends to trust that I carefully contemplated my actions and have strong justification for ending a friendship I adored.

Someone recently posted, “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

I believe and am listening to my instincts.

I am sorry for dragging down my blog for two days in a row.

Today my message is Rising Above.


At the Junk Bonanza, I promised to share this beautiful art from a sweet vendor we met.


If you grew up on a lake or have happy childhood memories, you would remember the orange life vest she painted. It is beautiful and painted on wood.


Love her fresh summer tomato too! One of my favorite summer treats!


Suzanne is having a studio show and sale… We hope you can join her!


I hope you can take a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

🙂 Kris


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Gorgeous Fall Day

Running a little late today!


Live, Love, JUNK and the Junk Bonanza was amazing. The friendships cultivated were meaningful and the lessons learned will last a lifetime.


I have so many more photos to share with you! Will share soon!

Happy Gorgeous fall day!

🙂 Kris


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Live, Love, JUNKIN’ Queens


Once again, the Junk Bonanza exceeded my expectations! Many in our group attended for the first time and it brought me such joy to see the sheer awe in their faces!

We intentionally arrived a few minutes after the doors opened to avoid the long lines and major rush into the building!

The morning could not have been more beautiful!


The creativity was amazing! Inspiring!



We felt so welcomed…


And loved!


We saw these strands of buttons that brought me back to a creative project my Mom made when I was a child… She had a button collection and she strung thousands of buttons and hung them in the doorway. The strands looked just like hers! My friend Janet bought a strand! Super cool!


Each booth had such variety!


One of my favorite art finds of the day was this booth…


Love their work…


A sweet fish…



This might have been my favorite!



And a super sweet picture of my sister and my brother in law Robin… He was a dream making trips to the car!

And if only you could see the piles of loot that the live, love, JUNKIN’ queens brought home! You would be amazed!
More tomorrow! Have a great day! Wish you were here with us! 😦

🙂 Kris


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Scary Fun With Crazy Friends!


Oh what a day! A joyful morning preparing for school with my kids…

On to a couple of quick junking stops in Buffalo…

Fast forwarding to a relatively quick stop at the Mall of America… I breezed over to our hotel to meet up with Linda and then a great dinner.


There were many photos to be had…

It took three tries, but I finally got both of us in the frame.

<a href=”https://cherishdesigns.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/20120913-054834.jpg”>

So much fun!

Always Love, love, love the Buffalo Nickle…


Including the floor!



Scary Fun!
There was no time to rest… We had to keep moving!


Today is the first day of Live, Love, JUNK! Will share more later!

I hope you have Scary Fun with your Crazy Friends!! 🙂 Kris


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ALERT: Junkin’ Journey Ahead


Preparing for Live, Love, Junk!

Every day is going to be such a gift this week… I am so excited to be seeing dear friends and meeting new ones as we embark on this junkin’ journey!

I promise to try to continue to blog this week and share in our junking’ journey and tales from the Junk Bonanza. We sure wish you could join us! it is not too late if your plans have changed!!

🙂 Kris


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Nose to the Grindstone…


Live, Love, JUNK is rapidly approaching and I am so excited. Excited about spending fantastic time with friends, meeting new friends, shopping the Junk Bonanza and creating with junk in our class.

Today will be nose to the grindstone prepping, packing and getting all of my ducks in a row.

It’s not too late to join us! 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂 Kris

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Oronoco: or Bust…

We woke up before the crack of dawn to journey to Oronoco, Minnesota. My eyes opened at 3am and refused to close, I think I was too jazzed up to sleep.

We hit the road a little past five and pulled into Oronoco shortly after 8.

I took a lot of photos this year… I was thinking of you and wishing you could join us…


This was the view that greeted us… It relates to the feeling of unopened packages at Christmas. I was giddy with excitement.

I am going to start by showing you some of my favorite finds…


These amazing letters are made out of vintage ceiling tin… Can you tell what they spell?

Yes! They spell JUNK BONANZA! This amazing vendor is also at the Junk Bonanza! (a quick plug for the Live, Love, JUNK retreat, we are going to have so much fun shopping, creating and connecting! I am excited to announce that there are now options for those who cannot stay the full three days! Click here for more info!)


The vendor is Faulkenberry Antiques & Designs and they make awesome items out of vintage ceiling tile & super cool lights out of metal and burlap…


Love the mirror!


And for my Chickie…


My next favorite find was this cabinet… I am deeply in like!


It is still for sale by the North Entrance for $500, tell them I sent ya!

And give it a hug for me! I promised myself that I was sticking to supplies this year and I am proud of myself for sticking to my guns despite the incredible visual assault.


Architectural elements are scattered throughout the town.


Gold Rush Days takes over the entire town of Oronoco, every crook and cranny is used for vendor spaces, food vendors and parking.


Here is a peeker… And a peek at a fabulously patina’d set of furniture.



The same booth had an incredible pergola…

Not an antique, but dynamic none the less.

I found these buckets… Really wish I had bought one for my sister.


This little vignette was photo worthy…


Some vendors have everything organized in containers and you can tell they do it for a living. Some vendors have a mishmash of boxes and you dig… Some just lay it all out there. I love the mishmash and the digging!


The weather could not have been more perfect… Sunny, a light breeze and 70 degrees. The first and only break I took was for a stir fry filled pita and a short rest on a shaded patch of grass.


I can’t say enough about my amazing helpers… Patient, helpful, supportive and my Chickie is the BEST finder… She knows exactly what I will like and she found most of the best finds of the day! At one time, Tom patiently waited for an hour while Kya and I filled a ziplock bag full of buttons, one at a time out of four incredible bins. I could have filled another one, but I didn’t think they were up for another hour!


A cute set of drawers.

Have luggage, must travel?


Random Vintage Love…


Love the bottles… Can you see them as pendant lights? But look at the awesome time worn & paint spilled finish of the table!


I swooned over this funky wired plant stand.


Love the vintage branding!


Nine plus hours of endurance shopping makes a chick-a-doodle tired.



And a dynamic sunset on our way home… Exhausted. Happy. Itching to create.

I’ll show you my loot tomorrow!
🙂 Kris


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And The Winner Is…

Today is the day!!!

Yippeeeeee Skipppeeeee! I am so excited to announce the giveaway winner!

The winner has won a selection of my jewelry from my line: Kris Lanae by Creative Coop.




But before I spill the beans… I decided to have a surprise sale today!! So if you are not on my email list, email me at cherishdesigns@live.com to be added.

I am super excited to announce the winner of my Giveaway…


Comment Number 8!!!


Congratulations Valarie!!!! Please email me your address and your goodies will be mailed to you.

Thank you everyone for your incredibly sweet comments! I wish everyone could win!

I love giveaways… So keep stopping by to find out the next one!



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Cherish Designs by Kris Lanae: Nina Designs Blog Partner

A few weeks ago, I received some awesomeness from Nina Designs as a part of their blog partnership.


I remember discovering Nina Designs at the Bead and Button Show a few years ago… I spent a lot of time in their booth selecting my purchases. It was before I had a blog and unfortunately do not have pics of my loot… But you must know how excited I was to be invited to be a new blog partner.


I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the package. It was so much fun to open and discover the delectable finds. Here is a photo of the beautiful goodness that arrived. Photos do not show the intricate work and refined finish of the goodies.

Most of you know that I am a wire artist that loves to incorporate vintage finds in my work. It was important for me to incorporate my authentic design with the beautiful elements from Nina Designs.


The first piece I created with was the Bronze Small Leaf Tumble Marquis Pendant. I found a gorgeous small rhinestone vintage element and wired it to the bottom of the center leaf on the pendant. I found bronze crystals and hand wired them in a link chain along with the Bronze Extra Small Circle Link. The Satin Silk Olive Ribbon finished the necklace off beautifully.


A close up of the Bronze Extra Small Circle Link, so delicate!


The twist is that I created this to work as either a necklace or a bracelet. Here you see a photo of the bracelet over a vintage bottle… I love versatility!


I gravitated to the sweet Bronze Lotus Blossom Charms… so delicate. I knew they had to be earrings. They were screaming to be earrings. I created teardrops of wire as a frame for the Lotus Blossoms and attached them to the Bronze Small Lotus Petal Earrings. I wish you could see the sweet charms dangle and catch the light.


I’m loving the Bronze Small Lotus Petal Earrings and was wishing that I had multiple pairs… when I realized, I didn’t need multiple pairs. One of my favorite features of the earring is that they are also versatile… wear them alone as a hoop or create multiple looks with the same earring. That is what I did here. I simply used the base earring multiple times.

The next look I created using the Bronze Three Teardrop Link. It is a beautiful series of teardrops… The third teardrop offered a fantastic place to add a pop of color in a small crystal. It easily slides onto the petal earring for a new look using the same earring finding.

I also made a simple drop charm with a crystal and the matching Bronze headpins, but I forgot to take a photo for you.

The final earrings I created was with the Bronze Hook Earring with Hammer Finish. I combined the earring finding, the extra small circle link and some matt black chain and crystals matching the necklace/bracelet combo. They were quick and easy to make.


I enjoy creating with Nina Designs elements. They are a fantastic quality and fun to incorporate.

A few things before I say goodbye.


Remember to comment on my GIVEAWAY blog post “Dreaming’ of the Junk Bonanza” for a chance to win some of my jewelry line from Creative Co-op. Share the giveaway post for more chances to win. You can find the post here. The giveaway will be August 14th!

We were excited to have the Junk Bonanza feature us in their blog yesterday. The Live, Love, Junk retreat is going to be so much fun, we hope you can join us! Check out their blog here.

And thanks as always for subscribing to my blog and liking my Facebook page!

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris

The materials above were provided as part of the Nina Designs blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.

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Dreamin’ of the Junk Bonanza & A GIVEAWAY!!

Today I am dreaming’ of the junk bonanza… I can feel the excitement building… The sheer joy of junking in three HUGE protected buildings at Canterbury Downs… The incredible talent and inspiration on display… The unexpected and extraordinary!

I am so excited… That I think it’s time for a giveaway!!! Please keep reading for more details!! (I’m sorry! Thanks for all of the amazing comments, the giveaway is over!) The winner is posted here.

Is it your dream to attend Junk Bonanza? What is your hesitation? Do the early bird tickets give you that wishful longing feeling? Have you wanted to attend a dynamic junking event in the past, but it just hasn’t worked out yet?

Are these questions racing through your mind? I desperately want to, but I don’t have anyone to attend with. I am not sure where to go, what to do? I live out of state and want to shop but, but I know I can’t fit my items in my carryon?

Well, my friend Linda can provide you with a DREAM experience to Junk Bonanza & solve all of your concerns!


Linda has created a retreat out of attending Junk Bonanza called Live, Love, Junk! Where junking meets art, retreat style!

The event is 6 weeks away and I would like to help spread the word! We want to help every person who has a dream to attend, be a part of the retreat!


We would love you to join us… And the dynamic people that have already registered! ( I have to tell you, if you have never attended a retreat, I strongly encourage you to attend… There is no better way to make lifelong friends!) Hurry, before it’s too late!

This early bird ticket could be yours!
Click here to learn more about Live, Love, Junk and to register!

(Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I will be teaching a class at this retreat!! So we are going to have a blast repurposing our treasures!)

For the giveaway, all you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment on this blog post!

To earn extra chances to win, we would love for you to share this giveaway and info about Live, Love Junk. You can mention with a link, share, reblog, pin & tweet!! But please be sure to leave an additional comment (on this blog post only) for every share! The winner will be chosen using the random number generator! (btw, I will not reply to comments on this post because it skews the numbers for the giveaway.)

What can you win??? Well, the other day, the FedEx man delivered my entire jewelry collection with Creative Co-op and I am sooooooo excited to share some of it with you!!

I am giving away two necklaces (’cause I am all about layering!), a pair of earrings and a ring to one of you, my awesome lucky friends!

Here are pics of the necklaces:


And the earrings & ring!


I will be announcing the winner two weeks from today on August 14th, 2012!!

Remember to subscribe via email to my blog for the quickest delivery of my blog posts (to see if you won!)! Or like my page in Facebook, and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!

I cannot complete this post without telling my husband Tom, Happy 19th Anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 19 years with such an amazing, selfless, incredible husband and father! We are going on a rare date tonight and I can’t wait!

Have an amazing day!
🙂 Kris


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Live, Love, Junk!

I am so excited to announce a very incredible event taking place September 13-15, 2012 in Shakopee, MN. This event will ramp up your Junk Bonanza experience by providing you with meals, shuttle service, entertainment, the opportunity to meet other Junk Lovin’ gals and take a Live, Live, Junk Class with me! there will also be shipping services available to you, dinner and a fabulous shopping trip in addition to early bird passes to the Junk Bonanza. Free Live, Love, Junk tote to the first 20 that register.

My friend Linda runs Live, Laugh, Love Retreats and she has some amazing experiences in store!


I copied her blog post here about the event.


Registration information is here.

We are going to provide guidelines for you to shop for your own junky finds and have a blast turning them into fun and funky keepsakes!

I hope you can join us!
🙂 Kris


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A Snippet of the Junk Bonanza







Need I say more?


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