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It’s A Boy!!!


I made the earrings pictured above as a special order for my friend & flygirl Linda to match the necklace she purchased from me a few months ago! I hope she likes them, I think they will look fabulous on her!

Did you wonder about my title?

It is a boy! He is a boy!

And no, i did not have a baby! Lol!

His name is Bill and he is my grand baby for the weekend!


He is a cute baby!

As an 8th grader at Rocori, every student spends a weekend with the their very own baby. This is Keegan’s weekend.

The baby is programmed to act like a real baby.


He comes with a bottle, extra diaper, blanket, car seat and a wristband that is attached to Keegan’s wrist that he has to swipe, to ensure that he is caring for Bill.

Bill even comes with his own birth certificate.

Every baby is programmed differently, some have colic and some are easy.


He cried about every five minutes for quite a while last night before bedtime, but once he fell asleep last night at 10 pm, he slept until 5 am! Quite unlike my own babies, who were 14 months apart and rarely slept through the night.

I camped in Keegan’s room, not to care for the baby, but because Keegan is such a deep sleeper, I was worried he might panic, or worse, sleep through it.

He did quite well though, and can I tell you how thankful I am he got some good sleep!

He refuses to have his photo taken and insists that he does not want to go out in public with the baby. In fact he was happy to stay at home alone today with the babe, rather than come to Kya’s volleyball tournament Taking into consideration his adversity to public embarrassment, I am hoping it wasn’t bad judgement to let him stay.


Putter, our cat, seems to like to cuddle under the car seat.

Have an enjoyable day! 🙂 Kris


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