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Live To Inspire.

I have been working on this custom order for some time and something kept hanging me up. I knew I didn’t have the exact elements needed to make it perfect.


Finally the other day, I discovered a vintage watch face that completed my search!!
I finished the set today!


I am showing the necklaces individually but they are meant to be worn layered too.



And finally, one of my favorites… Live to Inspire.

I love the message and my sweet friend perfectly matches the inspired message!

I hope she likes them!!
Have an incredible day!

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Muffin Tin: Self Challenge

As I was browsing through my containers the other day, I started sorting fun and brightly colored elements into my vintage muffin tin. I lean toward creating neutral colored jewelry and I have received feedback requesting more bright colors.

I decided to hold my own little muffin tin challenge to inspire me to create more brightly colored jewelry.


I decided to hold my own little muffin tin challenge to inspire me to create more brightly colored jewelry.

I will be showing you more photos over the next few days.


It is so easy to create this way because it takes less time sorting through my containers to find similar colors.


Have a FUNtastic day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program


I am amazed that the holidays have passed so quickly…

The past few weeks were filled with fantastic memories with family, an abundance of cooking, cleaning and even organizing! A much more relaxed schedule and even a nap on New Years Day!


I had some fun creating a series of necklaces with sea glass…


I have always loved inspiring words… They


Inspirational words have always helped me persevere through challenges.


So today we resume our regular schedule… Keegan’s progress has been amazing, he is walking without crutches, still favoring his left leg, but I am amazed at his improvement. I worry about his first day back to school, but he insists that he does not want to take his crutches along even if he gets fatigued. Determination! πŸ™‚

I hope your day is filled with terrific memories of your holidays and you enjoy resuming your life before the hustle and bustle! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Inspired To Create

I hope today finds you with joy in your heart as the seasons gently change from summer to fall.

Our weekend included a birthday celebration…

20110906-092437.jpg. Sawyer is now 12 years old and we celebrated with an ice-cream cake! Mmmmmmmm, Delish! I cannot believe that my kids are about to be 11, 12 & 13! Where has that time gone?

I had a creatively productive weekend as I pushed myself to meet my quota!

I have been humbled by your requests to purchase necklaces that I have shared with you… Thank you so much. I will list prices by my new jewelry that is for sale, just in case you are inspired to own one of my originals. πŸ™‚ I am grateful.

The necklace pictured above has amazing color tones from the vintage flower, I used other similar toned vintage beads to create a unique and funky necklace. ($89)


This necklace embodies sweetness and presents a beautiful presence of ribbon & pearls. ($79)


Oh my word, this necklace is a new favorite… The joy of ribbons, pearls, unique vintage beads, elements and wire… Reminds me of lilies of the valley, one of my favorite flowers. ($98)


This bird in a nest necklace is a lighter version of my nest using two different gauges of wire for a more textured look. The birdie is made out of a vintage serving tray. Crystals are embedded in the nest…You Can Fly! ($68)

Thanks for stopping by! Many more photos of new creations to come! Have a fabulous day! Kris

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