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Live To Inspire.

I have been working on this custom order for some time and something kept hanging me up. I knew I didn’t have the exact elements needed to make it perfect.


Finally the other day, I discovered a vintage watch face that completed my search!!
I finished the set today!


I am showing the necklaces individually but they are meant to be worn layered too.



And finally, one of my favorites… Live to Inspire.

I love the message and my sweet friend perfectly matches the inspired message!

I hope she likes them!!
Have an incredible day!

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Seek, Fly, Dream, Forever, True Necklaces

Today I am trying a new way to list some of my necklaces on Etsy. It is do time consuming to create a listing and so I included a choice of charms for this necklace set.


You can find them here in my Etsy Shop.


They can be layered or multiple styles can be worn together on a chain!

I am excited by how they turned out! Enjoy!


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Angel Wings & Etsy Updating


This necklace I made for my friend who really needed it yesterday. I bought the charm last weekend not really knowing why I bought it. Now I know, she needed the angel wings… Sending love today!

Sawyer and I were making one of our summer favorites yesterday… Tomato sandwiches. Yum!! Sawyer was cutting the tomatoes when he said, look Mom! Hearts!! I love that he finds beauty in everyday moments!


I am working on my neglected Etsy shop today…

I have been reviewing and relisting items…


Here is the link to this necklace.


Click here to buy the necklace above.


Click here for the link to the Believe in yourself necklace.

More to come! Have a great day!
🙂 Kris

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