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Omaha was OAH-MA-ZING!

More photos from Silver Bella… wish I had taken more that I could show! and more of the vendors… there were so many amazing vendors!

I do have some lovely photos from some very fun Bella’s with my handmade crowns on… really the Queen Bella’s – I was thinking of posting… please email me if you mind, otherwise I think I will post them later in the week. You were all so adorable! Please email me if you would prefer that I don’t post your photo!

We enjoyed shopping and eating in Omaha! Terrific stores and what a beautiful city!

Love the cobblestone streets, warehouse buildings and fun shops…

and the adorable courtyard… not far from where we had some terrific Mexican food.

We had so many giggles… our husbands forgot to tell us the order that the puzzle of our display went into the trailer… Dear Bellman, we are so thankful we could provide you with a half an hour of pure humor as you watched us load, remove and re-load our beautiful (and frustrating) display.

Dear Sweet, Kind Gentleman who was driving the opposite direction from us… We are thankful you stopped to help us when our top of our trailer decided to pop up (similar to pop goes the weasel). It was so sweet of you to stand in the bitter wind, snow and cold while one at a time my sister and friend deserted me for the warm vehicle (it was truly fine, I was the only one with a warm winter coat!)  It was also sweet of you to follow us for at least 10 miles before you turned around and went back on the freeway the opposite direction. It was then that we realized that you were not even going our direction. What a sweet man you are! We are hoping that we can figure out who you were by the license plate… our brains were too frozen to ask you for your contact information! We are so thankful for you!

Thank you to my dear sister who drove so I could create the whole time and to sweet Tracy who rode in the back so I didn’t get carsick! You guys are the best… wonder where our next adventure will lead us?

Hope your day is happy! Kris

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November Mornings…

Don’tcha just want to snuggle up for an extra hour or two on mornings like this?

Shut the alarm off

Ignore the school buses

Ignore the deadlines

Forget the garbage man

unplug the phone

and sleeeeeeeeeeeeepp!

I didn’t, I dragged myself out of bed… I even showered so as not to offend any of my co-workers! I know, right?

                             It is a




                                                                  fall day.

                                              I am glad I didn’t miss it!

I made this pendant at the craft show I was at the other day… It has some really fun elements. Vintage lace, bling, grunge, buttons, vintage pearls, and a beautiful carved rose.

And here is part of my display from the show.

You might recognize one of the elements from the top pendant from this post. The photo from my original post is terrible, but it is one of the first things I have made from this collection of items. I will highlight the items with closeups soon!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful fall day.


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