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Prisms of Color & A Private Virtual Sale

Gosh the days are breezing by quickly…

We had some fun family time celebrating the most recent snow day Friday…

Keegan left for snowmobiling in Yellowstone with his Grandpa and cousin. He is currently 814 miles away from me… I know he is having a trip of a lifetime snowmobiling in Montana. My traditional goodbye since my kids were little was to kiss them goodnight and good morning for every day I would be gone. It used to help them to know how many mornings and nights I would be gone and as a Mom, I always wanted to get my daily kisses in.

As we left the house (I was considerate and attempted the tradition in the privacy of our home!) I started kissing his cheek goodnight-good morning. I only made it two and a half days when I started getting the Mooom resistance! I expected this from my almost 16 year old… The wrestling match ensued. I can still take him! At least I think I can, but amid laughter and a good tumble, I backed off. At least he know I tried.

District Hockey playoffs are finished. Yesterday morning the girls lost 2-3 in the Championship game to take second seed to Regional playoffs. The girls were disappointed but they played so hard this year. Sometimes loosing prepares you for your next game and we are hoping this loss makes them stronger when they take the ice Friday for Regionals.

I have created quite a bit this past week.


A super sweet and special client wanted some colored crystals for layering and so I made quite a selection for her.


They turned into some kind of cool color combinations.


She got up early and met me at the hockey arena to select her favorites.


I have quite a lot of work to do in four short days this week. Just for fun I am throwing in a quick Private Virtual Sale at noon central tomorrow. You can sign up by emailing me at CherishDesigns@live.com. If you have previously added yourself, you are still on the list.

Thanks and have a great day!



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We Have Spent More Time Cleaning than Playing!

The past few days have been a rush!

We celebrated my best friend and amazing husband’s birthday… Mainly be running from one activity to another.

Sawyer had his first swim meet.


He took 5th in the meet for diving in varsity. You can see how much he improved in strength over the past year.

Sawyer also had three boys choir concerts… Tis the season!

Keegan is itching to go snowmobiling on the new fresh snow!

Kya had hockey practices and a game. At practice Friday night she was selected captain by the coach. He shared with me that he respected Kya for being pulled up early to higher teams forfeiting her opportunity to be a leader on her age appropriate team. He said Kya earned captain by her quiet leadership style, helping and teaching the others on her team. So proud of her!!

They celebrated yesterday’s win by having three friends over… They got a little crazy with the whipped cream.

Two of the girls high fived with hands full of whipped cream.


Can you see it flying through the air? Believe me, I was not in the room.


It’s easy to spot in my kitchen. And there is nothing sweeter…


than watching four adorable girls clean your kitchen from top to bottom!


I over heard comments like “We sure are making some fun hockey memories!”

And “We spent more time cleaning than playing!”

Ha! Some pretty good life lessons right there! The bonus is that my cabinets got a much needed scrub!

I am working on some necklaces for a hockey fundraiser for our team tournament.



We have had a few days of sub zero temps and it sounds like we are to get more snow flurries! There is nothing better than a white Christmas!

I hope you spend more time playing than cleaning this weekend!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Gearing Up!


Today I am gearing up for the rest of the week, it is going to go quickly!

It is a hockey weekend! Fun times ahead, but lots of prep to take care of!

We just picked our sweet baby from the vet…

His neuter procedure went well, poor baby.

Well, I better run, loads to do.
Have a fantastic day!

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And the Games Continue


With valiant effort the girls were tied two ~ two in the third period. Two minutes before the end of the game our team gets a crippling penalty. With one minute remaining in the game, Kya finds herself one on two and is forced to make choice… She committed and was burned by the other player with a game ending score on us. The game ends 2-3 and we find our path on the lower bracket battling for second seed to Regional playoffs.

The girls should be proud for how they played. I believe they played this team 5 times this season and lost each game. The scores continued to get closer and they thought they had them this time.

Life is challenging that way. We are on our way to resume the battle, our third game of the weekend and three more games to win to move on to regionals! One more loss and our season is over.


The rest of the story tomorrow! Have a great day.
πŸ™‚ Kris

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FUNtastic Hockey Mom ~ Necklace


Happy Sunday!

I created a custom Hockey Mom necklace as a custom order for my friend and fellow hockey Mom based on a necklace I created for myself this year with old coins and hand stamped words.


It started with the main focal that I hand stamped Hockey Mom on. The four holes were pre-drilled, so I added some funky swirls and a copper heart that I stamped the word LOVE on. I also hammered texture into the two pieces for added dimension.

I sourced three pre drilled old coins and stamped her children’s hockey jersey numbers on each coin.


I then added RIVER LAKES STARS onto a long bar and wired a star at the bottom.


Each element hangs individually so they can be worn all together or layered or worn individually. New charms can be added in the future as jersey numbers change through the years.


It was a fun necklace to create for a FUNtastic friend.

Have an amazing day!! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Another Crazy Day!


Happy Friday!

It is another crazy day in the Binsfeld household. Practice for Sawyer for his role in Amahl, and the first hockey game of the season tonight followed by a birthday celebration for Kya and my Dad. Lots of fun!


Hope you have an amazing day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Spirits Restored


The patina on this vintage christmas tree candle holder is so amazing. The bluesy metal tones matched perfectly with the blueish metallic crystal that I wired and swirled into the design.

Yesterday our girls lost their game 3-4 in double overtime in the Regional Playoffs ending their hockey season. They played so well and fought hard. It was a joy to watch them work as team and hard to watch them come off the ice, emotion on their sleeves, and for some, tears streaming. As sad as I am for them, and as much as I wanted them to go to state, there is a sense of relief that hockey is over for the year and our normal life will resume!

Their spirits were restored after swimming in the pool and spending time as friends hanging at the hotel!

Today is a new day, filled with possibility. We are thankful for the experiences of yesterday and grateful for the fun ahead!

Enjoy your day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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