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Let’s Play Hockey-American Pride

Hosting our home hockey tournament is a doozy of a job but very rewarding. This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting five teams from out of town. They were fun teams and really well matched.

We spent the entire weekend at the arena, from Friday eve until Sunday afternoon. I love our team because they are so eager to help out!

During one of the games yesterday, I walked back into the lobby and I found three boys standing still amidst about five other children in motion. I paused for a moment because it was so unusual. As I paused, I realized that the three of them were standing at attention, hands covering their sweet little hearts, respectfully in a field of motion listening to our National Anthem that was broadcast over the speakers… No American flag in sight. It was the most precious sight ever!


I had to take a photo of these sweet little respectful boys… I blurred it because I don’t know their parents, but I just had to share. It was one of the highlights of my weekend! What amazing American Pride!

One of the other highlights was that my chick-a-doodle got a playmaker award which is three assists in one game… Her line had an amazing game as one of her wings got two assists and her other wing got a hat trick… And the score was three to zero. So two of the goals had double assists! I love team work like that!! So much fun to watch!


I have some hockey mom necklaces left over and available for sale. Email me and I can send you the list to choose from (CherishDesigns@live.com)


And I have only one of the let’s play hockey necklaces!!

Have a fun day!

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