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My Hearts Desire


Creating with wire and vintage elements brings so much light into my life. The feeling of selecting elements and working them into a necklace design with the thought of the joy and attention my design brings to the person who wears it is such am amazing feeling!

Thank you for allowing me to create to my hearts desire and always offering such positive comments and support.

Behind the scenes, some fun and life hanging opportunities are happening, I cannot wait to share with you!

Last night Sawyer had a concert with the Drake University choir. Sawyer had a singing and dancing part in a trio and it was so much fun to watch. Here he is, on the left.


The concert was amazing… A great performance by all of the choirs… And my favorite would have to be by Brochal Chords, an a Capella group from Drake. They are on tube here.

Thanks as always for subscribing, liking me on Facebook and your sweet comments! 🙂 Have a FUNtastic day! Kris

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