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Happy Spring! What? Winter Weather Advisory?

Poor little birdies singing in the trees must be too c.c.cold to sing this morning as the wind whips and the clouds pose the ominous threat of 6 to 10 inches of snow!

As you know, I celebrate winter… It is stunningly beautiful… Sometimes I make myself find the beauty when I am yearning for sunshine. Yearning for the feeling of grass on my bare feet and the laughter from our kids playing outdoors.

I guess you could call the stark, colorless view pretty.


If you are really reaching, you might find the beauty of the snow sifting in the cracks…


You may even find the gently falling snow relaxing… Peaceful… Quiet…

Or you may just find it absolutely and utterly comical! That’s where I am at right now!

It is mid April! I realize that we live in Minnesota… Yes, it is a frozen tundra! However we look forward to our limited days of spring/summer weather. Sunshine and warmth, please come back to visit us!

Despite being chilly and cold, I have been creating!


Flutter By… A necklace that will be perfect with shorts and a tee… Not today tho!


A triangle of texture…


And a funky spoon with vintage rhinestones…

May you feel sunshine on your back today (not snow and wind!). Have a happy day!
🙂 Kris

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Always Hope!

There is always hope! Can you tell how excited I am by the new inspirational elements I have been creating with recently?


It has been kind of heavy lately, life can be hard and sometimes it seems like there is no hope… I have seen a lot of my friends struggle this year… as we have faced many challenges in the past few years.

Hope is so important! Sending lots of love out to my family and friends for continued hope!!

This necklace is available here.

Maybe there is someone in your life that need a special reminder of love and hope! There is also the key to hope necklace I listed the other day, available here.


I have an embarrassing moment that I have to share involving the joys of working at home. One of the fun parts of my work at home is the flexibility. The other day I was excited to get right to creating, postponing my morning workout and therefore postponing my shower. For almost four months, almost every day, I have been working out on my elliptical for five miles (670 calories!) it is not something I enjoy, in fact I curse quietly into head the whole time.

On late afternoon, I had just finished working out, my curls were piled on top of my head with a headband dorkily placed pulling up my bangs that tickle me incessantly while working out. I generally get so sweaty that I wear a fitted tank & leggings (not such a pretty sight on this 47 year old body that had not worked out for 7 years!) Sorry, the graphic description is necessary!

I collapsed in my chair and my breathing was barely back to normal when the kids alert me that someone drove in our driveway!! I threw on a tee shirt & whipped off my dorky headband.

It was a pleasure to see and visit with Uncle John, Aunt Debbie and cousin Grant. Uncle John is doing remarkably well and we had a very fun visit (despite the fact that I apologized to being sweaty & stinky & cringing at what I must look like!).

After they departed, I looked in the mirror appalled at the sight!!! No make up, hair sticking out all over & stuck down on my head where the headband was, and the kicker, my tee shirt was inside out! Ugh! Selfie not forthcoming!! Lol. Thank goodness they are family and entirely gracious although they must have wondered about my state of mind! Ha! Anyway! I thought you might enjoy my little tale! Remember, visit me unannounced at your own risk! Lol

Enjoy the gorgeous day!


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Seek, Fly, Dream, Forever, True Necklaces

Today I am trying a new way to list some of my necklaces on Etsy. It is do time consuming to create a listing and so I included a choice of charms for this necklace set.


You can find them here in my Etsy Shop.


They can be layered or multiple styles can be worn together on a chain!

I am excited by how they turned out! Enjoy!


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Dream with your Eyes Wide Open!

I have been busy creating like a crazy girl! Here are a few newly listed items on Etsy!

I love this quote! I believe it means to keep focused and keep dreaming in detail!

Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open necklace! Just listed! Click here to view on Etsy.


And another newly listed necklace:
The Key to Hope: Click here to view on Etsy.



And here is a peek at some of the necklaces I made yesterday!


I’m going to get back to work! Keep dreaming with your eyes wide open! 🙂 Kris

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