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Splendid Glory, Simple Joys

I had the pleasure of creating a custom order with some family treasures… Two brooches and a pair of earrings, wish I had taken a before photo. Here are the afters.

An amazingly beautiful vintage pink brooch upcycled into a new trendy necklace.

My clients name starts with an S and amazingly I discovered that the earrings when stacked, create an S, it is even more fitting that she works in a school with children. Can you see the S, it wraps around the focal gems.

20110925-074410.jpg And the final piece in the set, the matching brooch to the earrings, I created a smaller pendant.

The photo above is a photo of a trio of bridesmaid necklaces that I had the honor of creating for a special bride & groom. I realized on the way to deliver them that I forgot to photograph the finished necklaces, 5 in total. So I used one of my favorite canvases of late, the beautiful sky. I love the sun shining through the crystals.

20110925-075329.jpg As I walk out of the roller rink after dropping our daughter off at a birthday party, I see our 13 year old son Keegan, poised on the top of our vehicle begging my husband to drive forward, “I have always wanted to ride up here!” He begged. I convinced Tom to drive forward a few feet (it didn’t take much convincing) and the result was a huge grin from the inside out! Such simple joys.

20110925-075951.jpg And finally, a photo filled with amazing color of the beautiful fall day in Minnesota. Such splendid glory! I hope your day is filled with splendid beauty and simple joys!


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