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Sneak Peek

I really need to get motivated to sort through the awesome treasures I bought at my Grandparents estate sale… I starting to get my energy back after the fun filled weekend.


This necklace is pictured on a old book given to my Grandma’s namesake four years before she was born and one hundred years ago. It is kind of crazy really. I treasure books like this that have a link to the past and I regret not listening more carefully and documenting my Grandparents stories. Super thankful to have it though!


Here is the sneak peek I promised. I was playing around yesterday with a custom order. I am not done yet, but I thought I would show you a sneak peek!

Hope you have a fantabulous day!


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Oh My Poor iPhone…

Hello Friends…

Yesterday, my companion for 21 months had an accident…

Don’t be too alarmed, it was my iphone…

This baby went everywhere with me… stuck by my side…

woke me up,

kept me on schedule,

allowed me to check email,

and respond,

find my kids,


find my way in the dark,

work when I couldn’t sleep,

take photos,

manage my photos,

save money,

find my car,

search for anything online,

follow blogs,

access facebook,

list on etsy,


the only thing it didn’t help me do is clean my house!

In an artistic way, the swirls of broken glass are kind of pretty.

It still lights us and works, but you can’t read the texts or messages… My brother in law has offered to fix the screen. I have been coveting my upgrade for the 5 that is supposed to be released soon.

So, my photo taking skills will be limited in the next few days, I have photos for a few blog posts… So the race is on!

In the end, it is only a materialistic item, but one that makes my life so much easier!

Hope you have a great day! Kris 🙂


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Swirly White Vintage Glass Necklace


I am excited to share my Mother’s Day surprise…


An Ollo Clip for my iPhone… My friend Hilary told me about it a few weeks ago… And my little Chick-a-doodle wrote it down and diligently started looking online (with the help of her Dad, of course)… It was a bit of a challenge to find one… I heard all about it on Mother’s Day. It was super sweet that they worked so hard to find one!

What is an Ollo Clip you ask? It is a lens attachment for my iPhone. It included three lenses, a fisheye, wide angle and a macro lens. It is the macro that I will use most often when taking pics of my jewelry.


This is one of the first pics I took with it. I was quite surprised by the blue hue… It turns out I must have done something to the settings… So I closed out of the camera and it came back up without the blue! 🙂

Here is the fisheye lens. Kya was experimenting for me.


I can’t remember if this is the wide angle lens, but it is one of my fav’s… Do you know why?

20120515-064215.jpg Yes! You are right, because you can see her cute little toesies in the bottom of the photo! Love it!


She does have a pretty creative style of photography!


Love the grass in this one!

I took a pic of some keys I was clear coating. I got a new app called grunge pic and boy is it fun!!


Love the textures!


I forgot to mention that the first pic was taken with my Ollo Clip and the second was taken last week without it. Hopefully my photos will have more clarity!

The necklace pictured has some of my favorite vintage glass beads. They look like milk glass and are so beautiful. I swirled and twirled them into a necklace. I love picturing them with a summer tee or a long sun dress.

🙂 Have a funtastic day! 🙂 Kris


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Got A Handle On It? Well At Least I Have a Grip On It!

Okay, I don’t have a handle on everything… My house is never perfect, our dirty clothing pile is NEVER empty, It is not uncommon to trip over shoes or toys… but my kids are happy and pretty well-adjusted. 😉 

I would rather have a happy family than a perfectly coiffed house, and believe me, our home is far from perfectly coiffed!  I love how my husband, Tom started working with our kids recently though. He always has such a great perspective or unique way to view things. His most recent brilliant vocab word is IMPACT. 

Okay kids, pick up your impact items. Every item that you drop has an impact on our entire family. If you reduce your impact, our home will stay cleaner and we will all be happier! 

I love him. He is such a great Dad! I would never have thought to describe it that way. 

Got A Handle On ItNecklace with Vintage Glass Door Handle

The first necklace that I created with a vintage glass door handle was about 2 years ago… I sold it right away and never took a photo of it. I finally started to make them again. The glass sparkles, I added some crystals and really worked the wire to balance the vintage piece. Hope you like it!
Hope you at least have a grip on everything you need to, and I would love to know that you let go of the rest to have a happy life!
Have a fabulous day!

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