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Perfect Summer Accessory


Wouldn’t this necklace be a perfect summer accessory?

Perfect with a tee, great with a summer maxi dress & flipflops.

Now if only we had the sunshine!

Have a great day!

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Fun, Funky, Flower

One week! I cannot believe that I will be leaving for the Tucson Gem Show in one week!

This trip has been on my wish list for years and it is about to become a reality! I am so crazy excited to meet my friend Patti and her friend Liz and to shop till we drop!

I have been compiling my list of supplies needed, going through containers to take stock of my beads.


In the meantime, there is so much to do to prepare & get my ducks in a row at home.

The necklace featured on my blog today has been added to my etsy shop already!! This might be one of my favorites!!


You can shop for it here…


I love it for layering! Long, neutral and funky.



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I Love It!!!


Yesterday may have been my quickest blog post ever! Sorry!

The line was way shorter than I thought it would be. And my Mom got me a little special treatment and a Twinkie (which I just realized must be squished in my purse… Yuk!)

I am incredibly excited to be blogging from my iPhone 5!!! Yay! Yay!

The anticipation while he applied my protective screen!!!


And the joy after two years of waiting!!


So you and I were practicing taking photos last night…



Another beautiful day with my family!


🙂 Have a great weekend! Kris


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Pop of Red: Flower


This necklace has an incredible pop of red… The original vintage element is well made and gorgeous. Each element within has a beautiful shine that I was not able to capture on the photo. ($72)

We had a great shopping day yesterday at the outlet mall. I love to save money and share with Tom how much I saved, but after 19 years of savings, he prefers me to cut to the chase and tell him what I spent. 😦 He is always a good sport about it though. There were savings to be had yesterday… We saved in every store!

Last night as I was relaxing I noticed this beautiful photo in my feed.


Then I realized one of my children was tagged in the photo… And so it begins. I must admit I am impressed by the creativity and the sweetness. And it was all I could do not to comment.

Forgot to tell you that I wore all three of my children out at the outlet mall…

One specifically does not enjoy me taking photos of him unless he is on his four wheeler. Two out of three isn’t bad!


Pretty proud of my endurance! 🙂

Hope you have a terrific Saturday!
🙂 Kris

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Vintage Delight

If you are looking for my bead soup reveal, click here. if you are looking for my Giving Back, Giving Flight Blog Hop & Giveaway, please click here.


I finally had the chance to create something with my friend Linda K’s incredulous gift of vintage delight… Don’tcha love the fluorescent orange of the vintage flower??


I have a few more necklaces to show later after I photograph them… I had a two minute, makeshift photo session, by the light of the hotel window with the incredible vintage sheet music I got yesterday with my friend Linda B.


I have so much more to share from the weekend.. Have to sign off for today. I am favoring my shoulder… I seem to have done something to it that is making it challenging to create.


Have an amazing day!
Kris 🙂


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Vintage Serving Tray Flower Necklace


Yesterday was a day of self imposed endurance… The battle to avoid our laundry from overtaking our home and the race to get the jewelry designs flashing around in my mind created before they slipped away, never to return!


I am proud to say that I won both races momentarily.

The necklace above is such a great necklace because you can wear it short or long. The element is one of my favorite s… The flower was made by my friend Cathy out of old vintage serving trays.

I hope you are winning your races today!
🙂 Kris


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Spring Showers & May Flowers


An abundance of spring showers…


… Should bring a gaggle of May flowers.

(I know it is a gaggle of geese, but my sleepy brain would not deliver a replacement word, lol and I just had to roll with it.)

The flower necklace above is one of the elements that used to be an old file cabinet… The flower was cut out, painted and drilled. I created a small wire flower to layer over the top. The colors are tangerine tango and pink. A forever May flower.

Yesterday was a very productive day. it was a thirteen necklace day, along with restocking my packaging supplies, and trying to get my ducks in a row for the coming weekend. I am going to try continue my minimum 5 a day pace through the week.

My daughter Kya joined my chain gang last night. She told me that she felt like twisting and turning, so I was very happy to show her how to make chains for me. It was fun to have her help.

As you look forward to the week, I hope you have a chance to smell the May flowers and sing in the rain. Have a FUNtastic day! 🙂 Kris


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Forever Flowers


A trio of forever flowers, wired into a pendant… Created on the fly watching volleyball yesterday. This is my favorite…


20120318-121252.jpg the above photo of the girls is their cheer, they lay in a circle on the ground pounding their hands on the gym floor. Pretty cute.

They had an awesome day yesterday. They played up a level and for their first tournament, they split two matches, lost one. In playoffs they beat the Team from our town that is a year older to move onto the championship game. Then they lost in three games to take second. Fun stuff.

An update on baby Bill… I can hear him cooing as I blog. He woke up seven times between 11 and 5 this morning. Finally Keegan said, I am waiting FOREVER to have a baby. I guess it’s working!

Got to run to a flea market this morning for a little while…


My treasures…


It was a great start to a Sunday.

Have marvelous week! Kris


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A Holiday Tour of Bloom


Welcome to Bloom! (my favorite coffee shop owned by my sister!)

A unique coffee & flower shop located in Paynesville, MN with WIFI, comfy atmosphere, amazing coffee, & fabulous decor!

When you peek in the windows, it looks a lot like Christmas…


Even the streets are decked out and welcoming…


As you stroll through the door… You are welcomed by a flocked Christmas tree…


The happy aroma of coffee and unique decor….


Beautiful displays…


Happy Vignette’s…



Some Seriously cool art…


My sister created this fabulous art on the wall in the photo above. I know, she’s amazing!

Some great decor…


Adorable signs…


And of course some pretty cool jewelry. 🙂



And some fun classes! Last night I really enjoyed teaching a wire cuff class and I am so disappointed that I forgot to take photos! Ugh!

Thank you all for taking my class, you did an amazing job with your cuffs! Karlene has some other fun classes coming up including a sock monkey class by Jennifer. Check out her Facebook page,  Bloom Coffee & Floral… Like her page to get upcoming class info!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway by 6pm today… HERE!

And thanks so much for liking, following & subscribing!

I am joining Blog Hop Friday, you can follow the other hoppers here.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend! 🙂 Kris


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That’s a lot of Therapy

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, sorry. As I write, I rarely have a topic in mind, I just start writing.


As you can see, all of the jewelry pictured was made either at the doctors offices or on the two hour ride home.


Now you might think, that’s alot of jewelry.


Clearly, I needed A LOT of Creative Therapy!


When I have feelings of that are hard to deal with and out of my control, it helps so much to do something constructive.



I was creating with intention as well because a store just placed an order for a number of my wire flower necklaces.



Our son Sawyer came home from Art Club after school yesterday with the most awesome grin in his face and his work of art in his hands.


It’s a candle holder! I love it. He made it out of clay.

The detail amazes me for a 12 year old. We forgot to take a photo with the roof on, because we had the candle lit, but his roof was perfectly made with detailed shingles.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and comments for my son. I am sorry I did not share what MHE is, it is called Multiple Hereditary Exostosis… Which basically means multiple bone tumors that are hereditary. We did not realize it, but when we discovered his first one, we went through detailed testing and found that I have it, I have never noticed, but I have them in my toes.

They are non malignant and grow as he grows. It is a genetic defect that when the bone grows, it will grow a tumor at his growth plate. This causes some of his bones to grow at different rates and sometimes they bow. He has pain daily, especially in the morning, but he has a very high pain tolerance.

The big deal with the surgery is that
1. Needles are overwhelming to him because if all of the poking and prodding over 11 years. I mean really overwhelming.
2. Two surgeries ago he was supposed to be in the hospital overnight and had an infection that caused his hand to swell like I have never seen. They could not control his pain for a couple of days, it would spike out of control and he remembers it clearly. He was hospitalized for a week, and out of school for almost 6 weeks with a cast & no physical activity for 3 months. It makes it hard as a parent to reassure him that everything will be fine. 🙂
3. He got a snowmobile for his birthday in June and he has been waiting patiently to ride it and he knows that a surgery will interfere with the number of days on his sled.
4. And then there’s hockey… he lives for hockey.

Okay, here I am being heavy again… I only intended on sharing what MHE is. Sorry.

I must say that each day our spirits are rising and we will face this with a great attitude and lots and lots of creative therapy!

Have a terrific day! 🙂 Kris


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Funky Floral Love

What a gorgeous fall day we had in Minnesota yesterday! As we travelled through our day celebrating the birth of my middle son Sawyer, I was able to create on the go.

Love the contrast of the shiny texture on the petals with the matt finish of the wire that cradles the flower. You can’t see it from the photo, but the flower is intentionally asymmetric in it’s placement.


This vintage brooch is dynamic on its own, but really needed to be nudged into the current era… I created a light and airy wire flower to support the brooch and celebrate it’s splendor.


This necklace was a work in progress for days… It took me some time to find the materials to complement this vintage happy brooch.


This vintage piece was screeching for some floral goodness to celebrate it’s sassy style.


The pendant pictured above is so much more vibrant in real life. The dynamic vintage element rests beautifully on the wire wreath and gives off a floral essence.

And I am off to create more Funky Floral Love that I will showcase later! Have an amazing day! Kris Lanae

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Flower Power

So I seem to be inspired by flowers lately…

It could be the fact that last week we had traditional Minnesota weather of multiple days of below zero degree weather…

-23 below

                  was the lowest

                                 I captured on

                                          my phone… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

There are thoughts of spring…

                                                     twinges of hope…

                                                                              I do love winter….

but I might have spring fever!!!

This Funky Flower Power Necklace ($59) is inspired by spring…

                                                         can you feel the heat of the sunshine?

Mmmm, even a little humidity would be joyful right now.

Enjoy today! Kris 🙂


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Vintage Floral Chic…

I fell in love with this vintagy flower brooch and had to have it. I started playing with the wire, wrapping, looping and the flower background became a fun and funky frame for the amazing brooch.

I paired it with the funky chunky chain that I love so much and wear almost daily!

Now if only we could have a bit of spring flowers with the vintage chic!

This vintage love is a flower cut from a vintage serving tray… I wish the photo wasn’t so blurry, but as my Grandfather always said, “Haste makes Waste” and I wasted a great opportunity to photograph this necklace in my haste to run from one event to another yesterday!

It is a bit challenging to see the detail…  so sorry Charlie!

Hope you can see the vision I was going for with my vintage floral chic theme.

Have a fantabulous day! Kris

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