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A Tad Ominous…

It feels like this weekend is going to whiz past before it starts… The events on our calendar are a tad ominous… Thankfully it starts with an early out today. Here goes: Golf Qualifier, hockey, boys choir, hockey, hockey fundraiser, more hockey, boys choir mass, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse. Sleep? Maybe!

It should be a very fun weekend and before we know it we will be back to Monday!

Last night was the first softball game of the season. Ky totally shocked me because she got a 3 run homerun on her first hit of the season.


Ha! She caught me off guard!


I made quite a few faith related necklaces for some wholesale orders…


I hope you have a relaxing weekend!
Xo, Kris


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Making Memories.

Our Christmas present from my parents was a family vacation to celebrate Christmas in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My Mom winters here… And my Dad visits her.


Yesterday we went off-roading in the desert.

It was so much fun… I took so many great photos.


Sawyer gave me my first ride.



All three of my kids impressed me with their driving skills.


Keegan did not even give me grief for taking photos.



It was a super fun day!


And some amazing memories have been made.

I hope your holidays have been amazing.
Kris 🙂

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Brrrrr… Merry Ch.Ch.CHristmas

There is a chill in the air. With temps of twenty below zero not including windchill, I predict many Minnesotans will be spending the holidays cozy in their homes.


I am grateful for you.

May your days be filled with blessings and happiness! Merry Christmas!




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So Thankful!

Today is our day of thanks!

We have so much to be thankful for! Health and family tops the list. Today I and grateful that my Mom is happy and warm and cancer free… Celebrating with friends in Havasu! I am thankful for my Dad’s health and hoping the Parkinson’s progression is slow, slow, slow.

I am grateful for my family… Three happy, healthy and amazing children… I enjoy continuing to discover their beautiful qualities… Thankful that we had a day of bonding yesterday… Almost no bickering and bonding over cleaning was a true gift!

Window washing, aka Tall Ladder Acrobatics was the photo opp. Only two like to be featured but I did get pics of the third! I am just forbidden from publishing them. I honor his privacy!


I am thankful for the help of my hubby… He is ever selfless and giving. He will climb to the top of the tallest ladder for me. (Smirk!)

We look forward to gathering and having a non traditional thanksgiving dinner today with my Dad, talented sister and family (with exception of my sweet niece Bailey, who returns from a six month mission trip in a few weeks! Miss you Beautiful Bailey!)

Saturday we will celebrate a fantastic traditional Thanksgiving with Tom’s family.


May you fly and celebrate with family and friends on this happy day! Much love to you and I appreciate all of you!


Xoxo, Kris


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Dirty Hands, Happy Heart

I am loving creating with my new tools, but they sure create dirty hands!


I don’t mind, my heart is happy!



I have more custom orders to finish up so I better keep going!

Have a dynamic day!

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Not Again!!

It’s the call you dread… And we are on a roll this year.

I had just arrived at the gym to watch Kya’s volleyball game when my phone rings and it is Keegan and he is hurt. He was at his buddy’s house and they were running inside and he slipped and cut his foot on their buffet. He told me it was at least an inch long.

I rushed to pick him up and knew immediately that I had to bring him in, based on how deep it was and the fact that it was in the web of his toes.

When his Doctor spread his toes apart, I could not believe how deep it was! Five stitches later and he is down for the count again! So far, every high school trimester of phy ed (his favorite class) he has had so far, he has either had a surgery or an injury and cannot participate. Poor kid, he has some bad luck! He is the family record holder with four times for stitches & by far the most surgeries. He is a pretty tough teenager! Hopefully this time it will only be for a few weeks!

Thank goodness for his Xbox! It sure helps to keep his mind off his foot!

I think it’s time that I start making some chains… I might be a little ahead of myself on pendants! I have 65 pendants patiently waiting to be added to chains and tagged! Can you say procrastination? Yup! Me too!


I better get busy!


Hope you have a happy and uneventful day!


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Pure Bliss


Saturday night was the most beautiful sunset… The kids were swinging on the swing set nestled in the water. True Bliss!

Our weekend was filled with hockey…


Hanging with friends… Silly laughable moments like Tom trying on Sawyer’s sweatshirt… Might have been a tad too small.



One more game bright and early this morning and then we will be heading home sweet home.

Have a happy day!
🙂 Kris

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