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A Snapshot of Earrings

A Snapshot of earrings that will be available at the Olde Depot JUNKtion show this weekend.





Have a terrific sunny day!
🙂 Kris


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InSide Out?


This funky pair of earrings started with blue crystals wired with hammered copper diamond link and dangles on a cool cooper hoop earring. So much fun to wear!

Since I have been working from home full time, often in my pj’s, I have been catching up on mounds of laundry. I realized I have been spending ALOT of time turning my kids clothing right side out. It seems like such a small thing and I really do not enjoy nagging so rather than nag, I decided to just fold their cloths inside out. I was kind of prepared for some questions/feedback/complaints.

Today marks two weeks, can you believe that I have not had one single comment from my children? I am kind of amazed! Not one of them has started the day with an inside out shirt either.

Something that irked me has really turned into a funny situation! Do you have any idea how much time it saves me? In four loads, only three of their items were right side out.

Now I need to determine my next plan of action… Inside out does not bother them one bit! It sure saves time, but maybe I need to give a “how to remove your clothing and keep it right side out lesson!” Only my silly kids would not be bothered by stacks of inside out clothing! {they crack me up!}

I listed a scaled down version of yesterday’s trio of necklaces in my Etsy shop here.


Hope you enjoy your day!
Kris 🙂

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Earring Extravaganza: Ears to You Blog Hop

I am so excited to be a part of the “Ears to You” Blog Hop.

Ears To You® is a 501 non-profit corporation and its mission is to provide earrings to lift the spirits of women undergoing chemotherapy for any type of cancer.

These earrings:

~brighten a woman’s day when she needs a little lift.

~create a distraction from the IV’s, worries and fears and allow her to do something fun.

~help a woman feel more “normal” and beautiful at a time when she’s adjusting to her hair loss.

~provide hope about her situation and help her think positively.

~give encouragement from someone who has been there.

~are provided at no cost to the patient and donated WHILE she is receiving her chemo treatment.

It is such a cool organization! It makes my heart smile!

Click here for more info.

Here are some of the earrings I created in the past week… I am trying to decide what to send! As you can see, I went a little crazy!










We can send 3-5 pairs of earrings… I am excited to send at least five.

{Thank you for subscribing to my blog, liking my Facebook page or following me on Twitter.}

I would like to thank our host: Amy Freeland of Copper Diem for hosting this blog hop. It is such an amazing idea! I love paying it forward and am so thankful for being a part of this hop. I have to post a little early, since I have a trunk show tomorrow.

I would also like to encourage you to leave a little comment love on my fellow hopper’s blogs! (I will be hopping, but after the trunk show is over!)

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Enjoy hopping and have a FUNtastic day!
🙂 Kris


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Dangling Key Earrings


I made this pair of earrings this morning for an upcoming hop…

I am quite amazed that I slept until 8 am this morning. I cannot remember the last time I slept in. Even when i can sleep in, I wake up between 5:30 & 6… Feels so good! The boys got an amazing amount of sleep too. Sawyer crashed at 6pm last night and got 14 hours of sleep! And Keegan got more than 11! It is nice to have everyone rested!

We are off and running again! More earrings coming soon!

I am very excited about my upcoming trunk show next Saturday in Buffalo, MN. Hope you can join us! 🙂

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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Got a Little Wild!


I know this is going to shock you, but I Got a Little Wild in my color choices for this pair of earrings!

I realize it is pushing my boundaries and sometimes that is fun! Yesterday it was a blast!

Kinda “funky”delic aren’t they?

I am creating inventory for a store… And they requested earrings. I worked all day in my PJ’s, multi tasking, cresting, attacking the piles and piles of laundry that was about to overtake our laundry room… And creating some more. I lost track of time & had to run to the school to pick up my kids in my PJ’s too! I promise I didn’t get out of the vehicle!

It got a little sketchy when I was waiting for Sawyer to return from his field trip. His cell phone battery died. I was worried he wouldn’t find me in the mass of vehicles… As I sunk further into my seat as parents were getting out to let their kids know where they were.

Thankfully he spotted me right away! Catastrophe averted! Whew! Note to self: get dressed before picking your kids up from a field trip!


And I am super excited about my new bangles!


I bought a lot of them. {I know, I couldn’t help myself!} I am creating them in sets of three.


Well, back to creating! Have an incredible Saturday! 🙂 Kris


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Earring Love


This pair of earrings was created by special request from a customer that bought an oval nested necklace with a vintage sparkly button and crystals. I created the earrings on the go while watching Kya’s softball game last night!


The urge to snap a photo of the gorgeous sky was too much to resist.

Please stop by tomorrow for the Messy workshop blog hop hosted by Brenda of B’Sue Boutiques!

Have a great day! 🙂 Kris

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Big Not Heavy


This pair of earrings was created for a customer who purchased a necklace from me. I created the earrings to complement the necklace. She wanted them big. Sometimes it is a challenge to create them big but not heavy. I hope she enjoys them!

Super excited that my Mom and Dad and Miss Chick-a-doodle come home today…

Have a fantastic day!:-)

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I’ve Got Ears That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle


Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and it just will not go away? I’ve got that going on this morning!

It started as, “I’ve got spurs that Jingle, jangle, jingle.” and turned into Ears when I started uploading my earring photos. Corny, I know, I am very Corny, but I guess that’s how I roll!


I created the two earrings as a custom order for a client who has quite a few of my pieces. It was fun to create for her!

Have a fun day!

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Sunshine & Shawn

A long, long, long time ago… I had the best job ever! I was a lifeguard. It was a joyful time for me because I got paid to be at the beach, teach swimming lessons and look cool twirling a whistle while sitting in the life guard chair. I basically got paid to tan.

I have so many great memories from that time… One of them is when this trio of sunshine came to visit… I really enjoyed when Shawn and her sweet sisters came to the beach. They loved to be at the beach and giggled, swam, played in the sand and asked me questions. I don’t recall them ever fighting, just enjoying their time at the beach.

I ran into Shawn about 9 years ago and she has not changed, she is still sweet, bubbly and friendly! Recently, she saw a pair of earrings I was wearing and said, “I have to have them!” then she asked me to design a necklace for her with a key and cute doo dad’s on it. I happily obliged.

A Cherish Designs Creation for Shawn

I created the pendant with wire, working it into a circle and I then wired each “doo dad” individually for Shawn… It has a little bling, a cute charm with a crystal (it totally reminded me of the sun at the beach and Shawn’s sunshiny attitude) some fabulous crystals, a vintage key replica and a large oval vintage piece of art. I finished it by adding a long chunky chain. 

I am excited for Shawn, she is starting her own party planning business called Celebrations by Shawn. She doesn’t have a website yet, but if you would like her contact info, feel free to email me (cherishdesigns@live.com) and I will happily connect you! With her sunshiny attitude, I am certain that she is going to have amazing success!

I hope you have a sunshiny day!



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