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Nestled Display


The week is slipping away quickly! I have a full plate this week, looking forward to my friend and her son’s arriving Thursday evening! We have been friends since 10th grade and we are joyfully anticipating their arrival!

Last night was a gorgeous night for softball. My Chickadoodle pitched…


…played shortstop and catcher. The team really came together and it was fun to watch.


I have been working on my office/studio space. I have been stacking my display items haphazardly and was pretty unorganized. My space is starting to come together.


My crates nestle into the bottom of the larger crate, my vintage suitcases fit perfectly on the shelf and many of my display items have a perfect home!

Hope you have a happy day!

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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: 2012 Home Decor

I am excited to show you my line in the Creative Co-op Home Decor Catalog.

The Rare Form Angel is one of my favorites. It is amazing to see an idea translated from paper to real life.

This wire angel turned out amazing.

The Yes You Can Angel is always there for encouragement… reminding you that you can do it… Slight little pun on the can, since her skirt is created out of a can.

I wish you could touch and feel the “Off Your Chest Angel”…
The chest includes a little cabinet with hooks to hang your jewelry or other precious items.


And the Life Life Joyfully Angel…

This is one of my favorite sayings… Embrace life, and choose a life of happiness… Life Life Joyfully!

The Double Tier Tire Rack came out so cool. I would like multiples for my jewelry display and one in my bathroom for my personal use.

This sweet vintage grungy panel is the perfect height for a dresser or desk. I love it, right down to the industrial caster wheels. This is great for jewelry display or to use as a magnetic note board.

I created sweet little magnetic hooks to turn any metal into a jewelry display.

I have a few more display items that are still in production so they will hopefully make their debut with the next line.

Enjoy today! 🙂 Kris


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Creative Co-op by Kris Lanae: Dallas


My mind is racing and I have a zillion ideas swirling around in my mind. My eyes opened at 4 am and my excitement and creative energy will not allow me to go back to sleep.

I decide to embrace the moment. Let’s put this creative energy to use!!! I can sleep later! Besides, I got 8 hours of sleep Thursday night which brings my average to five and a half hours, I can survive on that.


My jewelry line looks amazing! My photos are not the best, but I wanted to share some with you… Please forgive the quality!

The embellished jewelry line has an entire line dedicated to it.

This mannequin angel is perched at the entrance…


As you walk into the room, your eyes are drawn to the center table with a focal mirror, dress forms and one of my jewelry displays that I got to design.


The rack is a two tiered display of some old vintage bicycle tires I found… It looks awesome and is a terrific bracelet/necklace display.

The room has gorgeous patina’d grey panels that showcase each grouping of jewelry. Because it is a wholesale company, most of the jewelry is sold in collections of two to three.






I wish you could be here to see the beauty and simplicity of the display boards.



And here is another angel for you, my Yes You Can! Angel… I will get better photos from the catalog when I get home.


I had fun creating in my room last night and this morning. I depart today.

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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An Amazing Whirlwind: Demdaco/Silvestri – Atlanta

I have returned home from Atlanta, it was a whirlwind trip… It felt like a dream and was filled with amazing moments.


I arrived at the Demdaco/Silvestri Showrooms as soon as I got there. I truly cannot tell you how amazingly well they reproduced my jewelry. This was the first time I was able to see the jewelry and gift line in real life other than an earring sample I saw at a visit with Angela in the Minneapolis showrooms. I am totally amazed!


The staff at Demdaco did an incredible job of displaying the products using cool bottles and distressed wood look and burlap similar to the style of my normal displays.


The Christmas tree is the coolest gold color and was a perfect backdrop to the ornaments in the collection. My favorite ornament is the one pictured above… It is glittered around the center with green glass and my wire work at the top. Combine with the other two ornaments and the hanging vase along with some other glass ornaments and silks from the Fantasea line, the tree was fabulous.


This is a close up of the larger ornament and the tree, I love the details, the mesh, and the colors.


The vignette of my jewelry in a distressed lantern was incredible.

The photo above is not the best photo, but shows all three ornaments in the line and the hanging vase.


Here are photos of the displays on the white shelf…

It was such an amazing feeling to see all of my design work in a completed line.



I am so excited about the wine bottle toppers, the detail is amazing and I can just imagine people gifting them as hostess gifts all over the world.


The votives looked great and the mermaid in the collection is so cool. The mermaid artist was not it Atlanta, hopefully I will meet her in Dallas next week.

So a little about my journey to Atlanta…

I was honored to meet some of the most amazing people…

I got a cute photo of Donna who owns Duck Duck Goose Gift Shop in Atlanta.

Here she is sporting one my necklaces… Doesn’t it look amazing on her?



I met buyers from all over the US and the Cayman Islands & Mexico. (the Cayman Islands is one of our favorite vacation spots before we had kids!) We hope to visit them some day in the future!

Another highlight was meeting some of the Demdaco/Silvestri reps. I must tell you that they are so amazing, gracious and hardworking. The show hours are grueling, and they work their tales off from 8 am until 10 pm for many days during the show. Thank you for all of your hard work! Having worked that side of other industries, I understand how challenging your job is! Thanks for all you do!

Special thanks to Ingrid, Angela and their amazing team for doing such a dynamic job with my work!

It was fun to meet some of the other artists as well, but I really have to run right now, so I will share more later!

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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Omaha was OAH-MA-ZING!

More photos from Silver Bella… wish I had taken more that I could show! and more of the vendors… there were so many amazing vendors!

I do have some lovely photos from some very fun Bella’s with my handmade crowns on… really the Queen Bella’s – I was thinking of posting… please email me if you mind, otherwise I think I will post them later in the week. You were all so adorable! Please email me if you would prefer that I don’t post your photo!

We enjoyed shopping and eating in Omaha! Terrific stores and what a beautiful city!

Love the cobblestone streets, warehouse buildings and fun shops…

and the adorable courtyard… not far from where we had some terrific Mexican food.

We had so many giggles… our husbands forgot to tell us the order that the puzzle of our display went into the trailer… Dear Bellman, we are so thankful we could provide you with a half an hour of pure humor as you watched us load, remove and re-load our beautiful (and frustrating) display.

Dear Sweet, Kind Gentleman who was driving the opposite direction from us… We are thankful you stopped to help us when our top of our trailer decided to pop up (similar to pop goes the weasel). It was so sweet of you to stand in the bitter wind, snow and cold while one at a time my sister and friend deserted me for the warm vehicle (it was truly fine, I was the only one with a warm winter coat!)  It was also sweet of you to follow us for at least 10 miles before you turned around and went back on the freeway the opposite direction. It was then that we realized that you were not even going our direction. What a sweet man you are! We are hoping that we can figure out who you were by the license plate… our brains were too frozen to ask you for your contact information! We are so thankful for you!

Thank you to my dear sister who drove so I could create the whole time and to sweet Tracy who rode in the back so I didn’t get carsick! You guys are the best… wonder where our next adventure will lead us?

Hope your day is happy! Kris

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