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Family Love


I am excited to share a custom order I had the pleasure of creating for a special holiday gift.

Via Facebook, I reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen in years. She contacted me to create a meaningful gift for her Mom and her daughters. It had to be personal, special and hip enough to span the generations. It felt important that each of them have a matching necklace showing the family love and uniting them.


We wanted the option to wear it long or to double wrap it and wear it shorter. I created it 34″ long.

The pendant spells LOVE in a funky kind of way. I created a separate pendant with swirls and crystals, it can be worn layered as a double wrap or together hanging long, or individually.


It was so much fun to capture the love of a family that has endured and survived life’s challenges in a unified way.


It made so much sense that Mom, Daughter & Granddaughters have matching necklaces.

I hope they are treasured for many, many years to come. Thanks Lori, for the honor of capturing Family Love!


Have an incredible day!
🙂 Kris

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Silver Bella Preparation…

I feel like this necklace really exudes Silver Bella… It’s Very Grande… It made the sparkle all by itself too!

Wish you could see it in person… the crystals wired around the exterior add a touch of magnificent bling. 

And I have the best husband in the world, he has been making the bases of the bracelets for me… he took a pic and sent it to me to ask me how they were looking. He is truly the best! The will look similar to this when they are complete!

Looking forward to Silver Bella… and thankful for my friends who are taking care of my booth in the Dollars For Scholars Women’s Expo in Cold Spring on the same night!



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It’s An Addiction…

I guess the first step is admitting it, so I have to confess… that I am addicted to

swirly bundles of wire… with funky vintage brooches glittering above them.

I made another pendant last night. This one is extra special because my daughter, Kya picked it out. The vibrant color green of this vintage brooch is to die for… especially if you are addicted to this particular combination, you would do anything.. (okay, sorry for being dramatic!) well almost anything to have it snuggle into this nest of wire and hang from a grungy chunky chain. My fingers made me do it!

As selected by my Chickie…

And another view… I don’t think it shows very well, but the green is fabulous. Can you see why I am addicted?

Have an amazing day!


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Precious Child, great shopper…

My daughter Kya, who is 9 years old traveled with her friend to their cabin last weekend. After the weekend away, my daughter bounces in the door and runs to me excitedly. “MOM, we went garage SALE-ING!!!! And I found you some AWESOME things!!!!” She is such a sweet child to be thinking of me and what I would love when she could have shopped only for herself. And boy did she find some terrific finds… I am going to feature one of my favorites today. I have worn it for two days in a row (that never happens 🙂 ) And I will never be able to sell this one… it is so precious to me.

A precious gift...

 This vintage piece that my precious child found is a vintage brooch with clear rhinestones and is missing a couple of stones which totally adds to its charachter. I wrapped it and created a nest out of wire for it and hung it on a chunky chain. It can be worn doubled around the neck or long.

Thank you Kya for the precious gift. I will hold it dear to my heart.

May your day be filled with precious moment that you can treasure! Kris

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