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Heavy Duty Crown

Hello! If you are looking for my Live! Love! JUNK! -Dreamin’ of the Junk Bonanza giveaway, please click here.


I was browsing through my photos… Fresh out of new creations to show you…

When I realized that I had not shown you this crown…


It’s heavier duty than other crowns I have made – for those moments that require a heavy duty crown {laughing at myself!}. Well, ya just never know when you are going to need a HD crown! I was a girl scout after all, so “be prepared” still rings true!

It’s pretty quiet at home… I have to admit, even though it is still years away, I do not think I will transition to an empty nester very gracefully. Kya and Sawyer are still at camp and Keegan left yesterday for the weekend at his friend’s cabin.

I truly love spending alone time with my husband, we have not had two days with just the two of us in fourteen years! But inside I have this deep longing to hug my kids… Do you think I am in trouble?


Speaking of kids… Got postcards today from the chick-a-doodle… She cracks me up. She always tells us that she doesn’t have time to miss us at Elk’s camp, because they are too busy! (I love that!)

So on the post card she writes (and you have to know her sense of humor!) Having fun at camp. Miss you, Not!

And then she sent Grandma & Grandpa a card to our address and wrote:
Miss you more that I miss my parents, ha ha!


It totally cracked me up! Little goofball!

Super excited to pick them up tomorrow morning!

Well, I better get some work done! I hope you have an incredible day!
🙂 Kris


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Demdaco: Gift Line from Kris Lanae Designs

I am so excited to share with you the debut of my gift line with Demdaco/Silvestri. This line debuts in Atlanta next week and I have been authorized to give you a sneak peek!

I am excited to share with you today some of the items from my gift line with Demdaco/ Silvestri. The coastal theme continues with a collection of wine bottle stoppers.


I continue to be amazed by how well they have reproduced my work.


Won’t they make a perfect hostess gift?


I can just picture the candle holders flickering with the glow of candlelight.


And the hanging vase with some sweet flowers fresh from your garden…


And because everyone deserves a crown, a choice of two crowns handmade especially for you… For those moments when you need just a tad bit of extra courage, prop it on and give yourself a pep talk…


After all, you deserve to be treated like royalty my friend! Please don’t ever forget that!

Have a royally amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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The Queens of Silver Bella

It was a joy to meet all of you…

You are DIVINE!

You celebrate FRIENDSHIP!

You are KIND.

You celebrate ART.

You exude HAPPINESS!

You are not afraid to be YOU!

And you are WINNERS!!!!

And how cool is it that I have a picture of my blog giveaway winner, Gina in one of my crowns at Silver Bella! Congratulations Gina!

It was a joy meeting all of you and everyone else I met, but didn’t get a photo of! The crown photo’s kind of happened, I wish we would have started it at the beginning of the evening!

Hope you all celebrate each day as though you are a Queen!


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And The Winner Is……

Gina Wins The Crown!!!


And the winner is Gina!!! Congratulations Gina! You are the winner of my blog giveaway!

You won the Silver Bella Crown that I hand wired! I am so excited for you!  Please send me an email with your shipping address to cherishdesigns@live.com.


Submitted on 2010/11/15 at 1:40 pm

I met you at the Bella Market in Omaha. You have beautiful items!! And thank you for taking my picture with the beautiful crown on.

Thanks for your compliments! I am excited to send you the crown!!!
Thank you everyone for entering and blogging and sharing my info! I appreciate it!
I am excited about the Make and Take Pendant Class I am teaching tonight at Bloom! Hopefully the Minnesota Weather will be kind to us… Don’t mind a little snow, but please, please, please take the freezing rain away!
Hope you are all treated like a Queen today!

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Omaha was OAH-MA-ZING!

More photos from Silver Bella… wish I had taken more that I could show! and more of the vendors… there were so many amazing vendors!

I do have some lovely photos from some very fun Bella’s with my handmade crowns on… really the Queen Bella’s – I was thinking of posting… please email me if you mind, otherwise I think I will post them later in the week. You were all so adorable! Please email me if you would prefer that I don’t post your photo!

We enjoyed shopping and eating in Omaha! Terrific stores and what a beautiful city!

Love the cobblestone streets, warehouse buildings and fun shops…

and the adorable courtyard… not far from where we had some terrific Mexican food.

We had so many giggles… our husbands forgot to tell us the order that the puzzle of our display went into the trailer… Dear Bellman, we are so thankful we could provide you with a half an hour of pure humor as you watched us load, remove and re-load our beautiful (and frustrating) display.

Dear Sweet, Kind Gentleman who was driving the opposite direction from us… We are thankful you stopped to help us when our top of our trailer decided to pop up (similar to pop goes the weasel). It was so sweet of you to stand in the bitter wind, snow and cold while one at a time my sister and friend deserted me for the warm vehicle (it was truly fine, I was the only one with a warm winter coat!)  It was also sweet of you to follow us for at least 10 miles before you turned around and went back on the freeway the opposite direction. It was then that we realized that you were not even going our direction. What a sweet man you are! We are hoping that we can figure out who you were by the license plate… our brains were too frozen to ask you for your contact information! We are so thankful for you!

Thank you to my dear sister who drove so I could create the whole time and to sweet Tracy who rode in the back so I didn’t get carsick! You guys are the best… wonder where our next adventure will lead us?

Hope your day is happy! Kris

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www.cherishdesigns.wordpress.com Blog Give Away!!!

Here are the details on the blog giveaway!!!

And here is the prize!

A hand wired crown with vintage pearls and vintage elements. This crown took hours to make… I hope you love it!

Have a fabulous Day!



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Silver Bella Preparation…

I feel like this necklace really exudes Silver Bella… It’s Very Grande… It made the sparkle all by itself too!

Wish you could see it in person… the crystals wired around the exterior add a touch of magnificent bling. 

And I have the best husband in the world, he has been making the bases of the bracelets for me… he took a pic and sent it to me to ask me how they were looking. He is truly the best! The will look similar to this when they are complete!

Looking forward to Silver Bella… and thankful for my friends who are taking care of my booth in the Dollars For Scholars Women’s Expo in Cold Spring on the same night!



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If the Crown Fits… Treasury

I am very honored to be added the the etsy treasury by serendipitychild .

Thank you for adding my If the Crown Fits necklace to your treasury. What a fun selection of Queeny Moments and quotes… Love them.


Hope you have a day filled with Princess Moments! Kris

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