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An Artful Weekend

What an incredible weekend…

We have been treasuring time with family this weekend! Two Thanksgivings, plenty of fantastic food, shopping, some artful creating…


A visit to Grandpa Art’s brought out the artist in Sawyer & Kya on Grandpa Art’s chalkboard.


We had a fantastically beautiful snowfall…


And the traditional “barefoot on snow” lap to the road by Keegan.

Catching snow flakes and introducing Putter to snowfall!

We had more art on the disposable table cloth at Thanksgiving…


All in all, it was a fantastic weekend with family.


I hope you have an amazing Sunday! 馃檪 Kris

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Live, Love, JUNK! Excitement!


I am getting so excited for Live, Love, JUNK! & the Junk Bonanza! We are only a few weeks away and finalizing some fun details!

It is going to be filled with fun junking, shopping, creating & connecting.

Best of all, Linda has mixed it up and offered passes for those who are unable to attend for the entire time!

You can now register for the CLASS PASS!

THE CLASS PASS INCLUDES: the opportunity to create with a fun group of women! Have fun creating with your junking finds, tips, tricks, wire work and mixed media. We are so excited to offer this option! Click here to register for the Class Pass.

The full retreat includes:
路 Early Bird Ticket to the Junk Bonanza
路 Reserved block of rooms at AmericInn right next to Caterbury Park at only $85 per night
路 COMPLIMENTARY shuttle service to and from the Bonanza every day
路 Meet & Greet with Wine and Appetizers Thursday evening
路 Complimentary breakfast each day provided by AmericInn
路 Show & Tell your Treasures and Live, Love, JUNK class taught Friday evening by yours truly)
路 Dinner and field trip to a mystery local shop via Limo!
路 Shipping store resources to get your goods home safely.
& Free Live, Love, JUNK! canvas tote to the first 20 people that register. There are a few more spots available for the full retreat, click here to register!



Junk Bonanza admission ticket for Friday and Saturday
Private shuttle to and from the Bonanza Friday and Saturday
Friday night Live, Love, JUNK!
Saturday Mystery Shopping and Dinner via Limo! Click here to join us!

We hope you can join us for some or part of the retreat!

Good news on my shoulder yesterday! It’s only a sprain! So thankful that I have not done permanent damage! 馃檪

Hope you have a happy day!
馃檪 Kris


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Giving Flight, Giving Back.

I am ecstatic to share with you this amazing blog hop we are having.

{I created this necklace with this theme in mind… The pendant is a wing, prepared for flight. The chain includes the key to fly, I hope you soar!}

Giving Flight, Giving Back.

We are celebrating our one year anniversary. This group of incredible, giving, creative women have connected like fly sisters. We all signed up to take Kelly Rae Robert鈥檚 Flying Lessons Ecourse last summer. We became fast friends鈥 My friend Linda, suggested that we do something to celebrate our anniversary. To celebrate becoming, possibilitarians, fly sisters, creative, connected, supportive, caring and most of all GIVING.

We are delighted to share that the group of women decided to show our gratitude by contributing to donate money for a giveaway鈥 We intended on collecting enough money to give away a free spot in Kelly鈥檚 Flying Lesson鈥檚 ecourse. Kelly offered to match our donations dollar for dollar!

We had no idea that we would collect an amazing, incredible, dynamic amount of money (enough for 8 spots in the giveaway), and with the matching goodness of Kelly Rae, we are thrilled to announce that we are giving away 16 spots in her Flying Lesson鈥檚 Course! Isn鈥檛 that AMAZING???


Follow Your Dreams

So if you are starting a creative business, own a creative business and need a little nudge to take flight, this is the course for you! Believe in You and spread your wings!

You can find out more about the course on Kelly Rae鈥檚 site here.


We are doing a blog hop to celebrate our anniversary and announce the giveaway. You can only enter the giveaway in one location, and this site will be live tonight at midnight, central!
Believe in you and click here to enter the giveaway!


Flying Lessons was such a terrific asset to my business, despite the fact that I have a strong business background, there were certain areas that I needed to finesse鈥 especially my social presence: I had a blog already, but I started consistently blogging and I now blog almost daily. I created a facebook page, I signed up for twitter. I cleaned up my etsy site (although I am not a very good etsy lister, I sell more jewelry through my blog and my occasional Private Virtual Sale emails (send me an email if you would like to be added to my list: cherishdesigns@live.com) and I have had a lot of fun on Pinterest.

My business has really taken off in the past year, I am so filled with gratitude. I have enjoyed selling wholesale to a great group of boutiques locally. In January I had a line of jewelry launch with Demdaco, and in June my jewelry line launched with Creative Co-op (both companies are nationwide and sell wholesale to the gift industry.)

I love to find out that you have spotted my jewelry in a retail store, so feel free to send me an email or let me know on my facebook page! It is such an amazing thrill!

GIVING BACK is important to me. Over the years, I have received so many gifts and I am a true believer in paying it forward. My jewelry has been such a great tool for giving back. I love to offer random giveaways occasionally to my readers, I donate my jewelry to special causes that touch my heart… I have friends who are doing amazing things in Haiti, you can find out about it here. I have donated to local silent auctions to raise money for schools, boys choir and hockey fundraisers. It always feels so good to give. This giveaway feels amazing, because it is less about the actual gift, but more about the amazing opportunity that is being given! I am so thankful to be a part of this giveaway!


I encourage you to hop along on our blog hop, leave some comment love for them because each one of these amazing peeps donated money to help deserving people become possibilitarians too! In fact, you may have so much fun hopping when you see the beautiful art they create, that you are going to like their facebook pages, subscribe to their blogs and become lifetime fans! The blog hop officially starts at midnight tonight.

Remember, if you know someone who might benefit from Flying lessons, we hope you recommend the giveaway!

I would like to introduce you to my flysisters:


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Wild Inspiration

Feelin’ a little bit of wild inspiration today!!!


Must capitalize on this creative energy! Have an amazing Friday! 馃檪 Kris

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Messy Workshop Blog Hop!

Okay, can you believe I am doing this? I am very excited to be a part of Brenda’s Messy Workshop Blog Hop…

I am a bit nervous about sharing my messes with you!Celebrate Vintage Love Class by Kris Lanae at Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood

More in a moment, but I am also excited to share one of the four classes that I will be teaching at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat. More class info coming soon!

This class is called Celebrate Vintage Love.

Celebrate the vintage past by learning
to combine vintage elements with
annealed steel wire to re-trend them into
new and funky statement pieces.

In this class you will learn the unique style and technique of Kris Lanae
Binsfeld, licensed designer with Creative Co-op & Demdaco and lover of all
things wire, vintage and lace. This self-taught designer will teach you how
to create this unique necklace design, to create a wire base for your design
and build upon the base. She will share the joy of incorporating vintage
elements and teach you how to swirl and twirl until your heart鈥檚 content.

Registration opens May 1 at Live, Laugh, Love Retreats. The retreat will be held April 17-19, 2013 in Geneva, Wisconsin. I truly hope you can join us. You will find a variety of excellent classes by fabulous instructors on current artistic medias.

From Live, Laugh, Love retreats:

If your heart skips a beat when you come across new, creative ideas and projects?

If you love to sit with a good magazine and soak in all of the colorful beauty and inspiration?

If you appreciate the process and meaning behind a well-constructed, handmade gift or product?

If you enjoy opening your mind and exploring different forms of inspiration?

We provide an opportunity for you to share all of this yumminess with others just like you!


It is a little intimidating letting you see some of the messes I create…

I have never been good at being neat…

You know… Creativity is Messy

and I am

veeeeeery creative! LOL


Confession number one: a majority of my time creating is propped up with 4-5 pillows on my bed. I know, it sounds strange but it is the most comfortable place for me. The photo above is from my chain making session about a week ago. See my wrinkled sheets? That’s because I probably pulled the corner if the sheet off and didn’t want to move everything to fix it! Yup Messy!


Oh yeah… I forgot I started the process on the kitchen counter and then hopped to the bedroom! Lol


I actually did organize my chain afterward though! I could use a few more little wooden shelves like this though!


The above photo was after a particularly creative day… Whew, that’s a mess! I have to admit it is kind of normal!


Sometimes I have a great helper… This is Putter, holding my bead container…

Confession Number Two: So you ask, Where DO Women Create?


Are you sure you want to know?

Well, in the past years I have created in some pretty unique places… In bed, at baseball, softball and hockey games, at swim meets, in the car, at the beach, at the state fair, in a hospital room, in the yard, in hotel rooms, by the pool, at a coffee shop, at the doctor’s office, on an airplane, at craft shows and sometimes when my roomies are sleeping, quietly in a hotel bathroom! I am so thankful that I have craft & will travel!


This is me creating at the state fair while my kids rode the rides! Boy was that a beautiful hot summer day!


My husband Tom even helps me, he’s my chain gang!

20120425-194454.jpgConfession Number Three: I left the room dark while I took this photo so you don’t see toooooo much mess! Sorry, I just couldn’t bare my entire soul! I truly did think about sharing my raging dust bunnies and my failure to keep an impeccable house! Ha! But it was only for a moment, because I subscribe to the thought that I would rather be a fantastic Mom than a fantastic housekeeper! And seeing as I am constantly running from work, to school, to activities, and then creating in every spare moment, my house is the first to go!

Thanks so much for hopping with us! Feel free to Like my Facebook page, Subscribe to my blog, or Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.


Here are the Messy Workshop Blog Hop Links:

Our Fabulous Host: Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B’sue Boutiques (Thank You Brenda!)


Robin Delargy, LooLoo’s Box


Kim at CianciBlue


Jennifer Jazwick-Smith, Hudathots


Mary Shannon Hicks


Tracy Swartz


Jacqueline Marchant


Lynnea Perry Bennett


Terry Matusyk


Laurel Steven


Dr. Brassy Steamington


Pamela Takeshige


Kris Lanae Binsfeld


Outre Art


Linzi Alford


Deb Davis


Tamara Jones


Harry Wood


Gerry Nickerson


Elizabeth Owens-Dwy


Georgene Lockwood


Charisa Sloper


Jennifer Justman




Mary Deis


Cheri Reed


Sondra Kolner


Sonya Ingersoll-Stille


Lori Anderson


Sandra McGriff


Shelly Joyce


Joan Williams


Kashmira Patel


Deb Beechy


Ginger Bishop


Kelli Jacobson


Natalie McKenna


Andrew Thornton


Mary Govaars


Kate Mulligan


Lisa Lodge


Tami Luchini


Monique Lula


Lee Koopman


Jayne Capps


Susan Lloyd


Cynthia Wainscott


Stephanie Amanti


Alicia Marinache


Sam Hamp


Lennis Carrier


I have been feeling a little guilty for not showing more of my mess, so I am adding a couple of messier photos!

This is my messiest shelf, right above my stacks of containers is my dumping pile…


I think someone would have a hay day sorting through it, but I never get to it, I just keep adding to it.

This is another tray right beside it on the same shelf…


I was also going to line up my “to go” bags and take a picture of them. I have supplies in about 5 or 6 bags or purses… Ready to grab, I just have a pouch with my main tools in to add to it… A little excessive and it often causes me to search for a particular item, that I know I have!


Thanks so much for hopping with us! Kris 馃檪


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