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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: Fall 2012 ~ Part 2

Today is Part Two, of a three part review of my fall jewelry release with Creative Co-op.

Click here to view Part 1.

As you probably know, I love Patina, the more the better! So it seemed fitting to name this collection:


Celebrating Patina… In a bracelet, earrings & necklace.




The Earrings above are Dangle Me Happy! I am all about spreading happiness!


I named this necklace, Dearest Pink. Kind of speaks for itself.


This necklace, one of my signature key necklaces is titled Faithfully Chic. So happy with how this necklace turned out!


I am happy to show you The Key to Fabulous.


The chain on this necklace is one of my favorite finds, tons of layered delicate pink pearls, Pretty in Pink.

And finally…


Ribbons and Pearls… One of my favorites!

More to come in a few days! Hope you have an incredible day!

Kris 🙂


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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op: Fall 2012


I am so excited about sharing the first items from my fall release of Creative Co-op jewelry!

20121106-074823.jpg This necklace is called Blooming Buttons.


On the left we have Buckle Me Happy and on the right we have Gotta Handle on It { see the handle, the drawer pull?}. Naming my jewelry is always fun & you have to know my silly sense of humor!


This set of bracelets turned out super cool! Simply Divine in four colors! I wish you could try one on, they are lightweight, adjust to many wrist sizes and look divine!


I am super thrilled about my new cuff bracelets! The photo above is the Crushin’ on Numbers cuff set. It was designed after vintage surveyors tape and I am loving the look of it!


This next set of cuffs is designed after vintage measuring tape and is titled Measure Me Happy!


The above necklace is The Key To Sparkle Necklace created with sparkling crystals and the contrast of a cool chunky key. Everyone deserves the right to sparkle!


This necklace is named Vintage Soul Necklace… I am so happy with the multiple dark chains balancing the elegant pendant.

That wraps up the first grouping of new jewelry and it should be in stores near you soon, perfect timing for holiday gift giving!

Thanks for stopping by! More Kris Lanae by Creative Co-op photos to come soon! I am so excited for you to see everything!

Have a fantabulous day! 🙂 Kris


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Kris Lanae by Creative Co-Op


I am happily writing to you today to share my excitement about a new licensing agreement. It’s Official! My line with Creative Co-op debuts in June!!!

The line includes vintage inspired jewelry with my funky wired twist on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings… some amazing jewelry displays and angels… I cannot wait for you to see the products!

Here is the story of how it happened:
When I was in Dallas for the Artist Mingle with Demdaco, I had the opportunity to wander around the show while waiting to meet up with my friend Debbie Saviano…

I wandered past a showroom that I desperately wanted to walk into, but was hesitant to do so. I have bought dress forms and other items from this company in the past and I love their work. I wandered around the outside of their showroom craning my neck trying to see if they offered jewelry in their line. (You may not know this about me, but I am incredibly shy at times, to a fault… I am not the best person to sell myself.) I did not see any jewelry.
I then met up with my friend to go look at my Demdaco/Silvestri collection. As we were walking out, she asked me about my jewelry line with Demdaco/Silvestri and the seashells… I told her the story of how Angela from Demdaco/Silvestri found me at a show… She created a concept board with my jewelry. Later on she asked if I would create a line with sea shells. Throughout the year and a half, through processes and changes of the line, it was determined that the seashell line was the line that made it to production. As you know… debuted at the shows in January. It has been a joyful experience working with the fantastic staff at Demdaco.

In Dallas, my friend Debbie told me that she had someone I needed to meet that would be a perfect fit for my authentic jewelry style! Would you believe that she walked me right up to the Creative Co-op showroom and introduced me to the owner of the Creative Co-op. She told the owner, “This is my friend Kris and you really need to sell her jewelry.”
And yes, my jaw hit the floor! Flabbergasted is the only word I can find to describe my reaction! LOL
He took a look at the jewelry I was wearing and invited me to meet with his Vice President of Product Development. He also asked me if I had a portfolio? Ummm, no! (What was i thinking?) I use my iphone to take all of my photos, so I had quite a selection of jewelry photos on my phone. I quickly created an album to show them my jewelry.

It turns out that they are debuting a new line of jewelry in June (I remind you this was January). If you recall, I had 11 days to create approx. 98 pieces to meet their first deadline… It was quite a whirlwind. They are so creative and I am super excited for you to see my line with them. They worked so hard to sneak my line into their quick timeline!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to my friend Debbie… She was swamped when I was there, but she (and her sweet husband) took the time to meet me. I am inspired by her bravery and her willingness to connect me with a company, despite the fact that she had nothing to gain from it. She went above and beyond by connecting me with a company that was such an amazing fit for me. I hope you have the opportunity to meet or work with Debbie!


Here is an image of my tag design with Creative Co-Op.

I am so excited to share this news with you and look forward to sharing photos and more details in the future!

Thanks so much for always being there for me, my friends, clients and faithful readers! I always appreciate you!

🙂 Kris


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