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Creating Balance…

Gosh, I missed you guys. How have you been?

Life gets so busy and I sure did let time slip away.

I have been busy creating.


Creating centers me… Brings me joy.


I have been creating a long time… In one form or another since I was young. I found this pair of earrings that I created, I was thinking it was the early nineties, but my Roomie remembers me creating similar jewelry in the late 80’s! WOWZERS. That really dates me.

When you look at these earrings, keep in mind the big hair that complemented them oh let’s say about 26 years ago! Ha! I guess that makes them vintage!


I know you want a pair, but I regret to inform you that the eighties bandwagon has passed, COL (Chuckling Out Loud!!).


I also created a necklace and earring set for a special friend with her Great Grandma’s gorgeous set of jewelry.


I had so much to work with… And I am so lucky to be able to create, add balance and bring joy.

I have been creating some super special Mother’s Day gifts, but will have to wait until after the weekend to share!

I hope your day is filled with joy and balance!
🙂 Kris

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Creating Frenzy

Time seems to pass so quickly lately. After Thursdays late start due to more snow….



We are happily enjoying sunshine, melting snow and springlike weather.


I have been on a creative frenzy!



Creating and creating…


I have filled some wholesale orders and done a little destashing.

A lot of my time has been spend with my children racing (and I mean racing) back and forth to activities. My three children are in a total of 7 activities this spring. But truly, I would alway rather be busy than bored!


Enjoy your beautiful day!
Kris 🙂

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Dreaming of… Warmer Temps

We are in the middle of a deep freeze, we do live in Minnesota so you would think we would be prepared for it. The subzero temps have found us much earlier this year… Shivering as we hustle and bustle… To and fro… Preparing for the upcoming holidays.


Racing against time and frostbite… We snuggle in a dream…


Dream of warmer temps… Dream of the summer sun as it warms your heart and soul. Dreaming of sitting on my lawn creating happily as the birds serenade me.

Sweet Dream Necklace available today by emailing me at CherishDesigns@live.com. First come, first serve.

I hope you stay warm and cozy and dream happy dreams! 🙂 Kris

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Creating on the Fly…

Yesterday was a day of running… Kya had a volleyball game in Alex and we dashed to hockey and before we knew it the day was over.

I made a quick stop in Alex at a couple of Antique stores. I am searching for a couple of items and have not found them yet.


At hockey, I had fun creating on the fly… Bundled up in my blankie while the girls skated.


I have orders to fill so I really need to get busy!



I hope you enjoy some sunshine and creativity today!

Xoxo Kris

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Happy Day! I cannot believe today is July 2nd already! Gosh that time flies!

So I promised an update of our craziness around here! I am going to take a moment before rolling out of bed and preparing shipments! My sale is ongoing, so if you have not ordered, feel free to place orders throughout the day. Orders received and paid today, will ship at the latest tomorrow! No duplicates yet! Totally crazy!!

I still cannot believe it, but Keegan turned 15 and passed his permit test. I now have my own chauffeur!


He is working and driving and growing up! He still loves ice cream though!!


This week we have a break from the harried activity schedule. No hockey, softball, boys choir, lacrosse… Hmm what am I missing?

There is time for productivity… And time to relax & create in the sun.


Here are a few photos of my productive works from yesterday…


I had fun jazzing up some keys…


Ha! Didn’t quite finish before I had to roll out of bed! I just didn’t want you to think that I stayed in bed for hours this morning!

Off to my shipments! I hope you have a glorious day! 🙂

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Things are looking up!


We are at Keegan’s post op appointment today. He is hoping to get one of the boots off today. The past few days have been pivotal in his recovery. His strength and stamina have improved and pain has decreased. So Thankful!

We are thinking he should be able to handle a full day of school tomorrow.

Kya’s volleyball team took first place in Gold again. They are so much fun to watch! Last tourney next weekend!

I was able to create quite a few necklaces yesterday, but the light was not great early this morning for photos. Here is a quick peek at a necklace I created yesterday.

More to come!

Hope you have a terrific spring day today! 🙂 Kris

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Happy March!

Twelve inches of snow, is it really March?


Even though it is March, and we should start thinking about Spring… I love snow and I love snow days! Snow can make a frantic world, so peaceful… Even in March!

It slows everyone down… It made children all over the state happy yesterday!


I enjoyed creating at home with my children having a happy day.


Now it’s back to work today. I am almost done with a fantastic custom order necklace. I can’t wait to show it to you!

I hope you have a sense of peace and happiness today!
🙂 Kris

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Morning Quiet Time


I have to admit, that I feel a little neglectful of you lately! Mornings are when I blog and it seems like the harried and hectic life we lead, really puts a damper on my available morning quiet time.

I am working on editing the creative co-op photos… Will try to finish that between carpools tonight! No promises though!

Hope you have an incredible Monday! 🙂

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Five a Day…

I promised myself 5 a day… Despite everything else I have on my plate. I will create five necklaces a day so I have a full booth at Craftstravaganza on the 12th…


I enjoy creating at a higher pace… It is a great feeling to have that accomplishment and satisfaction…


Yesterday I got a little sideswiped by the weather. Keegan had a baseball game and I set up my work area which is a chair and my travel bag of jewelry supplies… I started creating.


It was a beautiful evening, but there were ominous dark clouds on the horizon…

Suddenly there was a downpour! And after a short time the rain let up.

We heard of a few tornados that were spotted about an hour away from us.

Keegan was having an amazing game… But thankfully the game was called. We settled in at home starting to make dinner and the sirens went off… Down to the basement we went.

It didn’t last long though and we were able to resume our evenings activities of homework and completing my Five a day!

Hope you have an amazing day! Kris 🙂


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Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program


I am amazed that the holidays have passed so quickly…

The past few weeks were filled with fantastic memories with family, an abundance of cooking, cleaning and even organizing! A much more relaxed schedule and even a nap on New Years Day!


I had some fun creating a series of necklaces with sea glass…


I have always loved inspiring words… They


Inspirational words have always helped me persevere through challenges.


So today we resume our regular schedule… Keegan’s progress has been amazing, he is walking without crutches, still favoring his left leg, but I am amazed at his improvement. I worry about his first day back to school, but he insists that he does not want to take his crutches along even if he gets fatigued. Determination! 🙂

I hope your day is filled with terrific memories of your holidays and you enjoy resuming your life before the hustle and bustle! 🙂 Kris


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You Win Some & You Lose Some

Creative Every Day Month Day 13!!! This is my first month long challenge and I must say, I am enjoying it so much! I love everyone’s comment! I am enjoying being able to explore new blogs daily! And I enjoy the challenge of posting every day! I wonder if there is a December monthly blog challenge?

Yesterday, I gave myself the muffin tin challenge partially because I knew I would be on the road a lot this weekend and also because I wanted to participate in the last one… Here are two of the 8 pieces I created yesterday.

The first piece is a handmade wire flower centered on an amazing vintage rhinestone element. Very happy.


It has been fun to draw from one small container rather than pull from about 4-5 trays.

The second piece kind of replicates a wreath of wire with the most beautiful opalescent pearl oval vintage element. Love.


Both necklaces will be listed in my etsy shop shortly… http://www.cherishdesigns.etsy.com
Perfect for holiday gift giving!

We enjoyed two hockey games yesterday. My daughter Kya was moved up to the next level in hockey because they were low on numbers. She is the youngest on the team. I was amazed by the awesome team work by this group of girls. Kya played a new position & scored 2 goals ( which tied her record of two goals for the whole season last year).

The second game was Keegan’s game and they played a team that dominated them. Totally out skated them. I am proud of my son who had his first Bantam game (which was unnerving because most Bantams have hit their growth spurts and tower over a few of our bantams.) and kept his spirits up after getting crushed 0-9.

Hockey is so much like life, you win some & you lose some… And through it all it is important to keep a great attitude, through both experiences.

I forgot to remind you about my 15% off coupon in my etsy shop so I have extended the coupon through tomorrow. 11/15/11 Just enter the code!


If you would like to follow some of the amazing artists in the AEDM challenge, you can follow them here.

Remember if you enjoy what you see, like, follow or subscribe! Thanks so much for visiting today. 🙂 Kris


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Haste Makes Waste

Growing up, my Grandparents owned a hardware store and as children we were fascinated with spending time there. I must say, we learned many lessons about life from my Grandfather, even though at the time we had no idea!

This is going to date me, but one of the highlights was going to the five and dime! And things actually were five and ten cents!

I often remember my grandfather saying, “Haste Makes Waste” (I am not sure if he just said it often to me because I ran everywhere I went, or if it was a common quote he used…) But last night, that message resonated with me. I agree whole heartedly.

Let me tell you what happened… I was bidding on eBay on some vintage jewelry and I really wanted this small lot of earrings. I generally wait until there are only a few minutes left when I place my bid. The item was under $12, and I bid up to $15.50. Apparently I was not the only one who really wanted the vintage earrings because with 23 seconds left I was outbid. I hastily typed in $19.23 and confirmed my bid, thinking I am going to lose the earrings. 23 seconds passes quickly while you are trying to place a bid! Check out my photo!!!


OH MY FLIPPING GOODNESS, did you see what I typed??? Check out my Maximum Bid!!! I cannot tell you how thankful I am that eBay uses the current system of stepping up the bids rather than using the actual bid! Can you believe I forgot the decimal point??? And boy am I thankful that the person did not really want the earrings that badly! Did you notice that I would not have won them with the bid I intended on typing! Lol

This is a fantastic lesson for me, because it is true, haste does make waste… Thanks Grandpa!

Yesterday we enjoyed watching my daughter’s volleyball tournament.

Bought a new hockey helmet for my son. Here he is adjusting it… He loves when I take pics of him (or not) 🙂


Made steak, fettuccine alfredo and a salad. (Remembered another lesson originally taught by my Mom…you get what you pay for!) did you know that $2 steaks taste like $2 steaks… Even if they are filet! 🙂 Hee hee!

And I enjoyed creating…



Feeling thankful today that I did not spend $2000 on some earrings! Whew! I hope your day is filled with lessons that are not as painful as they could be!!! Have a wonderful day! Kris


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Seeing RED… and orange?

Well, it sounds like I am crabby, but I am not… REALLY! It was just a fitting title for my blog post today.













This ensemble of vintage red and orange beads is such a fun look. They bring out the tones and highlights of the beautiful fall colors we say this year. I had a lot of fun wrapping this one, it is amazing how much more challenging it is without a thumb, but I am happy with its final look. I think the whimsical use of wire really complements this teardrop shape pendant. ($89)  Hope you like it!

I have a Dr. appointment today. Hoping I can lose the splint! My husband said that he thinks that the Dr. should completely immobilize my right hand because he thinks my thumb would heal faster that way. He says I am overdoing it. WWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt? Sorry honey, you are silly. My production is wayyyyy down…you better not call the Dr. and tattle on me! I have been really good about keeping my thumb in the sling my dear husband! And resting it… well, while I sleep anyway!

Well, I am off and running! I might see red if I don’t get to lose the splint! Got that Mr. Dr.???? I have jewelry to make!

Have a fabulous day! Kris


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