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Cookie Confessions

It’s day 6 of the AEDM challenge. There are days when I totally surprise myself.



I’ve been experimenting with the heavier gauge wire… And the designs flowed today.

I created 3 necklaces
and a cuff.


This is an inside shot of the cuff, I was having a hard time photographing the flow of the cuff.


Yesterday was the annual bake sale for the St. Johns Boys Choir. Sawyer and I headed to St. Johns on a beautiful fall day,


The sun was glistening off the lake..,


There was a Johnies football game so parking was distant… But we enjoyed a beautiful walk through the woods to the great hall.


What did I bake you ask? Welllllllll, I might have cheated a tad… We brought 10 dozen Cookies from Subway… I must say that there was no fine print in the request for baked goods that they should be homemade! So that’s my cookie confession of the day! We must do what we can with what we have!


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I hope you have an amazing day today! 🙂 Kris


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