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So Much Candy, So Little Time…


It was a productive trip to camp yesterday… I made six necklaces while visiting with my friend Chris, who was sweet enough to drive so I could work.

It was so much fun to pick up the kids.


Here are the kids posing at a popular tourist spot on the way to the candy store!


Here they are in the candy store, so much candy, so little time.


Someone wanted to take JB home, but I told her she is much too young for him.

I was so happy my friend Chris pulled over to snap some quick pics in the sunflower field… I broke my favorite flip flop, but it was so worth it!


I only wish all three of my kids were with.


I am off to the Minneapolis Gift Mart today. I am excited to be doing an event with the awesome staff at Priorities2, the Creative Co-op regional representatives.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!
🙂 Kris


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A Big Latte or Teeny Candy?

Today is Day 9 of Art Every Day of the Month. This has been such a fun challenge! I keep forgetting to link back to Leah’s site if you would like to stop in and see what the other participants are doing. It sure is an amazing group of artists!

We are off to the cities for a full check up for my son who has non-malignant bone tumors (MHE). I am a bit anxious as it has been a while since he has had a thorough exam and we are off to a new hospital today, I am so grateful.


I have my bag of supplies all packed and ready to create on the way… I better get running tho, departure time is 6:00 am.

A quick question… Is it a big Latte or tiny candy?


Answer: both. Lol a Venti by teeny tiny candy… From a meeting the other day, it just looks out of proportion! Lol

I hope your day is filled with Peace and Joy.


🙂 Kris


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