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Creating Keepsakes

It was a joy to create a very special custom order for a close friend of mine.


This order was for matching necklaces for her and her dear friend from college days. They have been through so much together, so I knew it needed to be special. I got to create with some fabulous vintage rhinestone buttons that she inherited from her Godmother. The necklaces were to match, but one was slightly more delicate.


For me, the pressure to create a perfect design adds to the challenge… It is so rewarding to get the feedback that “SHE LOVED IT!” Yipeeeee! That means I can breathe a sigh of relief.

It is an honor to be asked to create a keepsake for such a dear friend! So grateful!

🙂 Happy Sunday!
Have an amazing day!

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Buttons, Love Buttons


I have a thing for buttons… I know I have shared this before… They just make me happy because they come in such an amazing range of styles, colors, textures and looks…


Tip of the day…

Don’t put HOT Popcorn into a Ziplock bag! LOL


Even when you are in a major rush and your daughter might be late for school! 🙂


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Vintage Button Love


There is a happy sensory feeling about putting your hand in a jar of vintage buttons, collected one by one over the years by a loving mother of a large family doing her part conserving for her family. Often there will be shreds of thread or even swatches of fabric attached… If only the buttons could share the stories of the sweet children playing by the stream or Grandmas loving hands baking bread.

As I create with vintage joy, I often wonder about the story of each element that I create with.


This necklace includes vintage buttons, a crystal, pearl and beautiful rose carved bead swirled with wire and finished with a remnant of ribbon.

Do you have special mementos from your family history that you treasure?

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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The Handmade Market at The Creative Connection Event

I am really getting excited about being a vendor at The Handmade Market and meeting everyone from The Creative Connection Event! Super Psyched and working like crazy to increase my inventory. Wish I knew how much jewelry to have on hand,  I totally would rather have way too much as opposed to selling out!

Would love your opinion on my banner. I do not think I am done with it, so I will post it… please feel free to comment. Am I missing anything? Is it dorky?

I think I need to take a step away and look at it objectively.

It's okay to change

It’s funny, this was a bracelet… but I didn’t love it. I know, someone else might have liked it as a bracelet, but I didn’t love it. Now I love it as a necklace. Trying to decide if I can sell it!

Add a little sparkle to your day!

I hope you are having  a fabulous day! Hope to see you at The Handmade Market!



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