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Wind Up & Wind Down

Well… As the spring sports wind down… Seven activities for three children is a bit much…

We are allowed an opportunity to breathe. Yes! It feels good.

The Wind Up for my show this weekend is added pressure! Fun pressure because I love what I do!

I rarely do shows… Only because our lives are so busy, but I love them! I love connecting with my customers! I love seeing you sport my creations and try them on. You guys are the best! I hope I will see many of you this weekend at the Olde Depot JUNKtion.


I made a fun supply of bracelets for the weekend!


Some pearls and lace…


A little bit of filigree…


A pretty fun variety… All of them adjustable.

I hope you can join us!

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Custom Bracelet


More custom orders complete! It is so much fun to create designs specifically for you. This bracelet started with a fun bright red vintage element… I wired it up and it is ready to ship.


Today we made 7 pans of caramel chex mix for Tom’s family Thanksgiving.

We are off to celebrate!


Hope your day brings you joy!


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Personalized Mommy Bracelet


I made a bracelet similar to this last year and had another request for a personalized Mommy bracelet.


The names are hand stamped. The charms are bent to firm to the wrist and I measure out the links to create a double wrap bracelet. If you would like to custom order one, you can email me at CherishDesigns@live.com.

I still need to create one for myself! One of these days!

This morning I snuck out pretty early to shop for our feast. One of the things I have noticed that I still struggle with from my vertigo is that I seem to get nauseous from crowds. Not sure if it is the movement or people, but I am hoping it goes away soon. It has made me quite the homebody!

Well, I better get movin’, the list is long and the day is short!

Have an amazing day!

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Cuff Me! Please


Ha! Got your attention, lol. I love cuffs. I will wear a cuff or multiples all day long, every day… So I say, CUFF ME, Please!


Only funky wired cuff bracelets please!

Have a FUNtastic day!


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Vintage Luggage Tag Cuff


I love the contrast of the dark vintage luggage tag with the grungy silver cuff. Wire in some funky bling and the result is a fun adjustable cuff that can be worn with a multitude of finishes.


Have a happy day!
πŸ™‚ Kris


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Sunshiny Day & a New Bangle


I have been a little worker bee lately… And yes I have been creating in my PJ’s! Gosh, they are just so comfy!

I created this bangle yesterday. I think I like it. Still need to experiment a little.

Our current temp is 54 degrees!! Finally spring shows her sunshiny smile on us!!

I hope you have the sun streaming in your windows on this gorgeous day!
πŸ™‚ Kris

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Recap: Holiday Open House & ER

I am waking up so thankful for the day, family, friends and life. In the wake of the Nation’s tragedy, my day is a drop in the bucket. My heart is so thankful, grateful while filled with sadness for the pain that so many are hurting.

I think my friend Liv has a fantastic quote:


Liv has a fantastic new opportunity available called The Limelight Letters: Build Your Buzz, Rock Your Brand! Love her outlook!

Yesterday started with me taking the chickadoodle for X-ray’s on her hand from a hockey injury that was not improving. Thankfully there were no broken bones!

I scrambled through the day to finish preparing for my Holiday Open House! I am thankful to my friend Gina for helping me with last minute prep.

It was a joyful stream of awesome friends/customers..


It is so much fun for me to see people try on my jewelry! Such a joy!



During my open house I got a call that Keegan had been hurt and that I should come. He was about a half an hour away, Must say it was the longest drive of my life.

I am so thankful for my friends Sheila, Lori, Shawn & Tonya for allowing me to run out of the house and taking care if my business!!

Keegan’s finger was slammed in a heavy locker room door at the ice arena. They called an ambulance, but thankfully our friend Jessie was there and she is a nurse. It was so incredible to know that Keegan was not with strangers. His finger was pretty bad but they called off the ambulance and allowed me to take him in.

We spent a few long hours in the emergency room and returned home at midnight. His tip of his bone was crushed, finger was lacerated and his fingernail smashed. He was a trooper!

Thankfully he is still able to play Xbox despite the fact that it is his “trigger” finger! So he is happy this morning.

Thank you to all who joined us last night! Let me know if you would like to be added to my Holiday Blast Email sale!


πŸ™‚ Kris


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Finally Creating!


Finally creating again!! It was so much fun to create yesterday, hanging with friends and my hubby!


The necklace and bracelet are for a special friend who has been incredibly patient with me. I truly appreciate her sweet nature and patience!


I am so excited to be sending this off to her on Monday!

πŸ™‚ Have a FUNtastic day! Kris


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Bracelet Love


A little bit of bracelet love this morning…

Running like a crazy girl today…

Hope you have a joy filled day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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Crystals & Wire


Last week I finished a custom order for two bracelets… This is a bracelet that I wear every day… It actually started as a necklace design and can be worn as a necklace or a double wrapped bracelet.


More people stop me to look at this bracelet than any other piece of jewelry I wear. The photo above shows how it dangles when hanging down from a wrist.

I don’t even remember how I decided to wear it as a bracelet, it just kind of happened.


I am thankful that it happened because I never leave home without it! It probably brings me back to the late 80’s, early 90’s when my arm was layered with gold bracelets… And we really don’t need to talk about my age!!

May your day be filled with moments that bring you happiness today! πŸ™‚


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