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Angel Wings

My sister is out of town for a few weeks and I always help her out at her flower and coffee shop when she is gone. Generally (and unfortunately) we are guaranteed a funeral or two while she is gone.

Yesterday I got up early to go create a very special set of arrangements. This family requested angel wings in two of their arrangements… I hope it is ok that I show you the finished arrangements, the wings look better in real life and I thought it was such a beautiful touch for this family.

The first arrangement hangs on an easel… Here is my before photo of the base greened and ready for flowers.


Here is the completed arrangement.


This arrangement includes some of my favorite flowers, hydrangea, lizzy anthus, ranunculus, ginesta, thistle, daisy mums and variegated pitt.

The angel wings don’t photograph well, but here is a side view.


The next arrangement is quite a bit larger and includes tulips, roses, babies breath and alstrameria, no hydrangea though. The wings look better in real life, you can see the crystals that look like sparkling dew glistening.


There is something about creating flowers that will help comfort a family in their saddest moments ever. Bittersweet, yet touching. I am thankful to be a part of the moment and offer my deepest sympathies to a family who has a painful journey ahead of them.

Thanks for allowing me to share… There is beauty in celebrating our loved ones… Better yet, celebrate each moment you have with them and make it your best day ever! 🙂 Kris



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